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Hour of Slack #1566 - Stang Ranch Special

Our first show recorded and mixed at the Dokstok Mountain studios in the 9th MegaFisTemple Lodge at Stang Ranch, Stangsville, Stang County, Texas. In fact, all of this show except for the credits -- and the music -- was recorded outdoors. The music is all new: a fresh and topical "Bob" hymn by Dr. Morgan Gutentag, two truly horrifying cover songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project (from the new CD "Sunshine Supershits"), two from Rev. Jimmy Ryan and a wild instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. The ranch location recordings feature fossil discoveries, bone wars, and the debuts of the Stang Ranch Goats and the StangDoe grandchildren.

Stang Ranch drone video #

Stang Ranch and environs "normal" photos

Stang Ranch panorama shots


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