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It's Old Coots Night again, but this time we mix it up with music and radio theater. Rev. Priest has a very catchy new song, "I'm a SubGenius Preacher;" Morgan Gutentag has a song with a gimmick; The Psycho Skeletons have a new instrumental from Beyond; and we hear a classic Bleepo Abernathy Earworm, "On and Off the Road with "Bob." Bleepo whips out a Firesign Theatre-influenced "radio bit" he did in 1979 with The Duke of Madness, a Boston DJ at the time, and premieres a new Bleepo Earworm. Philo, Bleepo and Stang have all been doing radio literally for decades, and yet they still ramble on. We hear true tales of losing and gaining family farms to Snidely Whiplash and Jasper Johns. Philo has skeletons on his farm. Philo has new albums coming and runs potential album names by us. Church Secrets are revealed (yawn) and old survivors bemoan our younger friends who were untimely snatch'd from this Vale of Tears and Yuks.The Firesign Theatre and other weird radio theater comedy is discussed. There is a break for Dr. Onan Canobite's latest "Advice to Rev. Funnyname" epistle! Local horror hosts and kiddie show hosts are bragged on. Cripes, these three codgers might as well be sitting on a bench outside the old courthouse, whittlin', spittin', and bullshittin'. N' diddlin' chickens n' guit-fiddlin'.


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