The SubGenius Hour of Slack Podcast
The Church of the SubGenius Weekly Radio Ministry

Interspersed with classic collages about X-Day by Rev. Susie the Floozie, Dr. Hal, Stang, Wei, and Dr. Philo Drummond open 22X-Day with this July 2 "live" "broadcast" before an audience of up to six! Sample topics: Hal and Stang on the Planet of the Apes. The Lunch Menu at X-Day. Stang now severely allergic to Earth atmosphere. GTA with the Friction set at zero. Eating babies like at Trump rallies. The Shrieking Ghost has overdosed. THEM KIND PILS! -- pil instruction and history of Roberto de la Rosa. Rev. Fnord comes to inhale some allergies. Xists are Rupturing us one part at a time -- hair, memory, morals -- and taken some people, depleting our numbers, leaving us with THESE people: listeners! Philo coughs! Bull-busting Philo. Scary baby Jesus paintings of Europe. We have to put the cusswords back in for the Internet version. SubGenius funny names. Human fat as medicine. (Great Grandma rant by Dr. Hal!) Our clubhouse in the old fridge. Stang Vs. Drummond's drumming. The Church of the SubGenius, clear as mud. The tweet bird. Dog language. The Urgent Whines of Claudia Collage. Audience cheers when show is over!

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