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This is one of those hodge-podge episodes that was Frankensteined together from several different SubGenius shows and podcasts, with weird old-timey pop music (and one modern Al Mothersbaugh song) admixed in with LeMurian media barrages. The spouting duo of Dr. Brujaja and Overlord Anna Maul is represented (Austin, Texas); Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang lose their screens and checks at 22X-Day Drill (Deepest Ohio); StangDoe and Lonesome Phone Boy Dave have a convulute-versation via Tarzan's Radio Station (Glen Rose, Texas). Don't worry; although a lot of this was recorded in Texas, only Stang and Drummond sound that way.

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It's half a Lonecow Dave/StangDoe "live" SubGenius show from 11-17-"2019," with Dave in an especially surreal mood, and half Trump-bashing: hilariously stupid collections of our President's actual words (!), songs about the idiot monster including a Rudy Schwartz Project one right at the start, and pertinent collages, some of unknown origin, some from Puzzling Evidence. This Internet version has about five extra minutes added on, including a mash-up called "Grab 'Em By the Pussy." Hey, he said it, not us. Or, if we did, it was to make fun of Pink jerks like him.

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HOUR OF SLACK past episodes, logs 

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Peppered with LeMurian seasonings and thinned out with some very old Drs. 4 Wotan stew, this is mostly Dr. Howll, Dr. Stang, Dr. Drummond, doktoring it up at 22X-Day, second day, second show. third of July. Of these three stooges, Stang is the Moe, Philo is the Curly, and Hal is the Hal. (He doesn't really fit into that original stooge trio formula like he does in this SubGenius one.) When not ball-busting each other figuratively, subjects tackled include: How would we change X-Day, if we could? The Near-Sighted Caveman, R. Crumb, and the origins of art and religion. What scrapple is made of. Pagans vs. SubGeniuses Vs. Boy Scouts. Absurd animals as monsters in monster movies, real and suggested. The unique turds of the wombat. The conspiracy theories of an old friend. The Luck Plane, Slack and bad monster movies. Frop.

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Opens with an INCREDIBLE brand new trumpdumping song by Rev. Jimmy Ryan, "Sociopathic Liar" (lyrics are on the log at and includes new rants by Uncle Onan, Rev. Watt deFalk, and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. Other music includes Liberty Tubes, new contributor RadLab, Rev. Richard Negative, and The Slot Rods. Also: the fourth show from the first day of 22 X-Day Drill, with Philo Drummond, Dr. Howll, and new guy Rev. "X." And, the ear emetics of LeMur.


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