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"Having listened back to this episode, closely, for the first time in decades, I must say that we must in fact have been TOTALLY AND UTTERLY TRIPPING BALLS THE WHOLE TIME." -- Rev. Ivan Stang, October 2020

Be that as it may, this early episode exploited Dr. G. Gordon Gordon and a great deal of the SubGenius album called Media Barrage 10, an editing tour-de-force thanks to St. Byron Werner, Puzzling Evidence, Hellpope Huey, DEVO, Dr. Philo Drummond, and others. There are two suites by The Swinging Love Corpses near the end that are just jaw-dropping if not jaw-amputating.

Remember, there are detailed "lyrics sheets" and logs of show content for each episode on our website in the Radio/HoS area. Just click on a show title for a close look at its innards.

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