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The late Prof. Chas Smith talks to us from his Escape Vessel; the X-Day Rock Song Montage; and Dr. Hal joins StangDoe and the lonesome cowboy in the WCSB studio to say farewell to Earth Farm One and its unsaved inhabitants. Hal keeps trying to do nice, fancy talk; Stang keeps going all redneck on him. Hal reads from old Sub rants (reprinted in Lee Cipher's dissertation) but Stang keeps reverting to chimp instinct imitations of peckerwoods he reads in the Yahoo news comments.

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This episode of The Hour of Slack is dedicated to the late Saint Phil Austin of the Firesign Theatre, who boarded his escape saucer June 18, 2015. Featured are some Austin-centric clips from one Feb., 1970 Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour, followed by a sometimes touching discussion of how critical The Firesign Theatre was to the Church of the SubGenius. Stang, Dave and Doe also relect upon the influences of other great inspirators of SubGeniusdom, like the underground comics, Zappa, Harryhausen etc. The scandalous question of just how much pot has been smoked on the air over the years is addressed. Also, we are very excited about X-Day and Starwood.

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Readings from THE BOBLIOGRAPHON, new collages by new contributors, a song by Charleston Okafor, some Puzzling Evidence, and a whole mess of signifying. Not a small mess, but a very large and prolonged mess of signifying. Inspired by doodles on a napkin, Rev. Ivan Stang single-handedly invents an entirely new science and technology from scratch. May be over the heads of non-scientists and poebuckers. It was certainly over Stang's head. 

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According to THE BOBLIOGRAPHON (which Stang reads from briefly), "Bob" put it in Ayn Rand! -- the quest for Slack, that is. But she didn't appreciate it. The rest of this episode is completely censored!

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This time Stang picks on hipsters. However, many SubGenii may be upset at the way Stang defines "hipsters," because it probably includes them. It starts with readings from the Hip Wimps section in The Bobliographon (the rare 2006 SubGenius book) and then when Dave calls in, it gets even worse. A learned discussion of Malthusianism ensues as well as the hitting-on of other topics such as the nature of thought, dumb-ass rednecks, the movie Kung Fury, and hateful old Christian nuts. Luckily there's also music and collage by LeMur, The El Queso All-Stars, Artemia Salina, Rev. Bern Brijis, and Rev. Max Slack, plus 15 minutes of compressed Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Hal and Dr. Drummond. The background music during live bits is all by "ANNIAS," a recent contribution. Unfortunately Annias is occasionally joined by a band that was tuning up in the recording studio next door to the radio studio.

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After some Puzzling Evidence, Stang reads three (very) short stories about SubGeniuses, written with the help of The most recent five or six unarmed-blacks-shot-by-Cleveland-cops verdicts and subsequent non-riots are discussed. Lonesome Cowboy Dave unveils a new song, and the new secret Starwood Festival Special Deal for SubGenii is revealed. Drunken incoherent callers to The SubGenius Foundation phone message machine are discussed. Excess apostrophe adders are cursed. The discussion then veers off into Anti-VaxxerLand and Stang explains his research into astrology as a cause for autism. A general rant about New Age medical quacks follows, and the show closes with a short sermon about the ways that Business Pinks "wryly" express their racism. 

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Stangless! Daveless! UnWeied!! Most of this show is excerpted carefully from The Puzzling Evidence Show (KPFA Berkeley, every Friday morning), with guest hosts Dr. Hal and Dr. Philo Drummond, from April 10 2015. It involves detailed cogitations on and known facts related to the relationships between modern humans, SubGeniuses, and Neanderthals. The Denisovans get a little air-time too, for once. It's highly educational! But don't be afraid. There's also music by LeMur, The Bishop, Psycho Skeletons, Max Slack and Rev. Edfred.

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Stang lets his Texas accent go hogwild in this one, riding a bucking bronco of Texanism while reading a funny piece by James Moore about Jade Helm 15. Stang also reads a rant by Rev. Fidd Chewley, "What's Gonna Happen to the Church in the Future? (Humbug!)" We hear a new song, "Uberman," by Hombres del Mar, an adaptation of The Brag of the SubGenius. We hear a 10 minute rant-n-blues jam by Einstein's Secret Orchestra with Dave and Stang from 1,000 shows ago, in 1996. Stang reads sex advice to the romantic SubGenius Monster Hunter regarding Mounting. Then, Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Among the issue's discussed: our friend Rev. Onan Canobite's art that was displayed in the infamous Texas Muslim-Hater's Cartoon Show and Botched Terror Attack. Did you know that detailed logs of everything discussed on shows like this are stored in the Hour of Slack section of Well they are. Just click on any show title and there you'll find painfully detailed notes of each show. 

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It's COOL HAND CHRIS, not "CHRIS HAND LUKE." That's who did the background music. Stang strangely miscredited it. Other music is by The Mutant Mountain Boys, Max Slack, and Ft. Christopher Tung of VideoGameRapBattles. We're replaying choice bits from Puzzling Evidence Shows these days, starting now. In the live section, Stang reads more from Rev. Lee Cypher's PhD dissertation book about the Church of the SubGenius, plus a poem about "Bob" paraphrased by Ann Glen from THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS. Report on Princess Wei's visit to a NORML rally and other current national news ridiculousness. Much should-have-been-kept-secret Church history and gossip. Someone should put a stop to all this. 

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rap Song

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Something new! Stang describes and reads from Rev. Lee Cipher's new SubGenius book: his PHD dissertation "Rhetorical Ripples: The Church of the SubGenius, Kenneth Burke, and Comic Symbolic Tinkering." It's wild! A serious academic look at the Church! Full of big words, but also lots of keen illustrations, with much rare stuff from Stang's online SubG History course at Maybe Logic Academy. After Lonecow Dave calls in, the conversation alters somewhat in nature, as has been known to happen, and becomes a Theological Hotline. Some of it is in reprehensible taste. The show ends with a pretty spectacular new, er, "song" by Rev. Bern Brijis. You would never know from listening to this that Rev. Stang had to repair three different malfunctioning station machines just before this show started.

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