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Rev. Susie the Floozy and Rev. Faux join Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang for the first of two shows recorded at Wisteria on Thursday, July 2nd. Subjects discussed include the many activities that a Tyrannosaurus cannot do because of his tiny arms. (It's sad, really.) Other topics include weaponized war goats, self-aware cussing parrots, Sarah Palin and remote viewing, "Bob" suppositories, porn faucets of the Internet (amateur vs. pro), and The Conspiracy. Possible faults with SubGenius paths to success and riches are cautiously broached. Also, we hear a thankfully brief live clip of the third song ever performed by the band Poo Water Towel -- a cover of The Doktorz 4 "Bob" Theme.

Photos from 18X-Day are now at

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The great bulldada band Rural War Room came from Little Rock to Cleveland to perform at the 2015 DEVOtional. One of the members of Rural War Room is our old (and we do mean old) pal, St. Byron Werner, a very long-time SubGenius contributor of graphics, music, audio collage, you name it. He's also the originator of the musical genre term, "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music." After the devival we had him in the WCSB studio to rant and spin some whacky tunes by Rural War Room (incuding two "songs" recorded at the DEVOtional the night before) as well as other material from his very bizarre collection.

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 Listen, my children, and you shall hear

SubGenius broadcasts from "old Wisteer',"

In July summer, "2015."

Nary a Pink was on the scene

When these words were spoken, at the camp canteen.

-- Dr. Hal

 Total nerd-out. Old nostalgic monster fans will love this one. Special Bonus: scroll to the bottom of this page for the entire first issue of KONA MONARCH OF MONSTER ISLE:

 We're still hard at work organizing and editing the recordings of ranters and bands, but those will be forthcoming in good time.

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This is the first Hour of Slack recorded on the second day of the 2015 X-Day Drill, with Rev. Susie the Floozy taking Slot 3 of our "studio" on a picnic table in an outdoor café at Wisteria Community campground. Sadists will enjoy Stang's struggles to make the primitive studio work. The Hitler Testicle Song's rare Verse 2 is recited. Classic and unclassic badfilms are discussed by experts Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie. At one point, Rev. 80 presents Stang with a package of 40 original art pieces, which so surprise the three hosts that they briefly describe each and every one of them. Luckily, this episode is interactive! While listening, you can view the amazing BULLDADA EYE CANDY - 40 Pieces of Visual Deprogramming by REV. 80 on the web at:

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We record two live Hours of Slack each day at the X-Day Drills, and this is the second one from the first day, with Rev. Baby Bear taking Slot 3 of the 3-slot Tarzan's Radio Station "studio" -- which is on a picnic table in an outdoor café at Wisteria Community campground. This particular episode sounds more like normal radio because we were deliberately being stupid with "jock radio sound effects" like whistles and squeak-dildoes. Baby Bear and Hal try to be upbeat despite Stang's constant dour doomsayings and criticisms; nonetheless, it is a real nerd-out, with endless asides about old TV shows, comic books, and gaming. The discussion occasionally rises to lofty peaks, only to be immediately dragged down into the mud repeatedly. TYPICAL! One saving grace of this episode is that it has really gorgeous background music, from the coolest of sources. We're still hard at work organizing and editing the recordings of ranters and bands, but those will be forthcoming in good time.

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Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, the Lonesome Cowboy, and a mess of callers continue as guests on the second part of Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia from June 28, just before 18X-Day. The list of subject matters covered (on the text log at is a couple of pages long, but as you might guess, both dinosaurs and low budget old sci fi movies are covered, along with eternal verities, inspirational real-life anecdotes, and a lot of smart-assery. The Paleo Diet and flying saucer sightings also get the treatment. And Rev. Ivan Stang once again reverts to his alter ego, the shriekingly angry teabucker redneck Yahoo-commenter inside him. 

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Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang, joined by Priestess Pisces and then Rev. Baby Bear, batten down the hatches and face the weather for this year's first show before the live SubGenius audience at Wisteria Community campground, at the beginning of 18 X-Day, which turned out to be the 20th X-Day Drill. WE DID NOT KNOW THAT AT THE TIME, however. To us it was but a scant few days before the end of the world for all humans, and the beginning of the Beginning of the New World for all SubGeniuses. So we were pretty excited! Technically, this show was recorded June 30th, "2015," starting at 2 p.m. As always, a detailed log of the discussion can be found at the Hour of Slack section of

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 "Pull the Pork Over Your Own Eyes." We returned, alive, from both the X-Day Drill and Starwood Festival, with 20-some-odd hours of recordings. The sorting and editing of all that audio will take some time, so for this episode we're taking the easy way out by stealing Dr. Sinister's show on WCSB Cleveland, Radio Synaesthesia, from June 28, "2015." Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave were all guests, along with a type of creature that The Hour of Slack rarely attempts to domesticate: CALLERS. And this is only the first half of Dr. Sinister's two-hour show!

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Sorry. 18X-Day turned out to be the 20th X-Day Drill. Life goes on, darn it. This episode is from July 5, "2015," when Rev. Stang and Dr. Hal made it back to the Cleveland radio station of WCSB just in time after driving in from the Ohio Outback. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and is given a rough account of the events of that tumultuous week of SubGenius events building up to our seemingly annual anticlimax. It was an exciting week indeed, during which we recorded many great jams and rants, as well as nine "live" Hours of Slack -- all of which will trickle out weekly as we edit the footage down using the secret techniques of Time Control. 

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The late Prof. Chas Smith talks to us from his Escape Vessel; the X-Day Rock Song Montage; and Dr. Hal joins StangDoe and the lonesome cowboy in the WCSB studio to say farewell to Earth Farm One and its unsaved inhabitants. Hal keeps trying to do nice, fancy talk; Stang keeps going all redneck on him. Hal reads from old Sub rants (reprinted in Lee Cipher's dissertation) but Stang keeps reverting to chimp instinct imitations of peckerwoods he reads in the Yahoo news comments.

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