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Music by Drs. 4 Wotan, Mutant Mountain Boys, Max Slack, The Psycho Skeletons, Munky Hyv, and Rev. Phineas Narco. Crazy talk by Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei "R." Doe, Dr. Howll, and Dr. Philo Drummond. The boys were feeling frisky this evening. Includes a shout-out to rev. peas. Stang also reads some Neal Stephenson and some Bobliographon. 

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This starts with SubGenius shout-outs by Timothy Leary, the Firesign Theatre, and Penn Jillette, which we put at the beginning for those who wanted to hear the old clips without having to listen to Hours of Slack. Then it's another cross section of best unreleased SubG DoktorMusic of the last few years -- but it's intercut with 1981 recordings of Stang's spontaneous hate rants, recorded in a car while driving to and from crappy jobs in the sweltering Dallas heat. This is the way Stang talked when not being restrained from saying anything that might offend dipshits. The original collection of rants was on a cassette tape entitled "The Hate of the Stang Brain." The great songs are by Munky Hyv, 6 Fisted Tails of Connie (misidentified in the credits by Stang on the show, who was rendered feeble-minded by anger that night), Andrew the Impaled with his uberclassic "Saucer Built for One," The Mutant Mountain Boys, and Rev. G. Don Trubey. 

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Whooo-doggies, this one should hopefully piss somebody off. It was Easter and SubGeniuses had been writing and posting some pretty hot rants on the Scrubgenius forum, and Stang got to reading them on the air, including "Slack Is" by Rev. Dr. Shoggoth and "Easter is Freedom Day" by Rev. Biggerstaff. The first half is "New Old Bobsongs Best-Of, continued" with music by The El Queso All Stars, Max Slack, The Large, Jere Faison, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, The Mutant Mountain Boys, Phat ManDee and Rev. Du8. Once Dave calls in and it goes live, Stang, who had become somewhat irritable during the week due to reading the news nonstop, releases the Crazy Preacher Kraken against "Tealiban" Christians who have lately been playing the Oppressed Victim Card with the help of the most popular "news" networks. It's so sad that ignorant fat white Christian right-wing poebucker macho men are such an oppressed minority these days. Let's all weep for 'em. 

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First half: a sampling of the best SubGenius-made Bobsongs and hymns that we're compiling for a series of albums spanning Church music from 2008 to the present. Contributors include The Mutant Mountain Boys, Lost Souls Inc., Christian Blatter, The Swinging Love Corpses, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Heart Ignition, Brainleak, Chas Smith, LeMur, Poo Water Towel and the great Rev. Bill T. Miller, King of Slack. Second half: SMOTE BE IT, BABY; If Ya Got 'Em, Smote 'Em. Lonesome Cowboy Dave and his babysitters, Stang and Doe, tackle the most profound problems facing humanity and SubGeniusdom today, such as baldness. 

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Lots of new music in this (Bern Brijis, Steev Inglish, Amoeba Knievel, Joe Zeziorski, Psycho Skeletons) and a truly gut-splitting sermon about Excremeditation by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, but mostly it is some "Best of Puzzling Evidence" as selected by Rev. Baby Bear and Rev. Stang. The main spouters are Dr. Hal and Dr. Philo Drummond, and they do some killer verbal riffs about Church doctrine as well as a science lesson that you'll never forget, especially if you google the images they suggest! 

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The WCSB studio phones were broken this night -- and so was the whole studio! Yet we broadcast anyway. The first half of the show features one song each by the bands that will perform at the March 21 Winterstar Ball in Cleveland: Rev. Phat ManDee, Muruga Booker and the Cosmic Hoedown band, Steev Inglish, Brian Henke, Mayan Ruins and Sister Melodious Chops (the band Wei is in). (The Ball is a benefit for ACE/Starwood and the late Jeff Rosenbaum.) The second half is Stang reading rants by Phineas Narco and The Good Rev. Roger, and twenty solid minutes of uncut Puzzling Evidence Show with Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal, with a very interesting discussion of the ins and outs of managing a sperm bank.





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Body Image and Daylight Savings Time: Space Control Vs. Time Control

We were feeling frisky this time, possibly because of the Daylight Savings Time change that happened the night before. The opening 15 minutes includes some collages by a new contributor, Rev. Carlton, and a classic Father Joe Mama rant. "The LUV of "Bob." Also, the Wolfman gets counselling in a clip from THE HOUSE OF DRACULA. But then we go live, and Dave calls in, and it gets pretty darned cosmical and Time-Control-y. Stang reads a short rant on DST by Rev. Zafod. The marvels of Creationism are discussed at length. Dave reveals that he has the DNA of Jesus in him, which leads to a discussion of possibly isolating that God gene, cloning God, then sending Him back in time to stop the Big Bang from happening and thus allowing PURE Slack to continue forever. Or something. Oh and TUROK, SON OF STONE is fully analyzed. Yet another British hard rock version of THE BRAG OF THE SUBGENIUS is played. 

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We took a break to play this pre-recorded episode of somebody else's show! It was their idea, too. Last week Rev. Stang was interviewed for a podcast called PROJECT ARCHIVIST ( Since it isn't a SubGenius show, Stang actually EXPLAINS the Church of the SubGenius, "Bob" Dobbs, and everything else important. It's completely different from the "normal" Hour of Slack in that in this one, Stang barks almost the whole time, WITHOUT DAVE! There's some Lemurian collagery first, and then 48 minutes of the Project Archivist show. A song by Popess Pantiara and a Steaming Sack of Slack close the show.

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At first it's a fairly "normal" show (by Hour of Slack standards anyway). Then, seemingly out of desperation, Stang starts reading ONAN CANOBITE'S DECEMBER 2014 SERMON. For 20 minutes, the show alternates between Stang reading chunks of the great ONAN SERMON and Dave doing his patented surrealist extemporaneizing -- altogether, an excellent combo of clever writing and pure Spouting. At the climax, the worst "Bob" song in the world is played! We apologize for NOTHING! 

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"Things haven't really gotten any worse -- just YOU!" That was one of the cheery things that was said during the live part. For the first 22 minutes, however, it's a 35-track collage of everything from mean one-liners denouncing Stang to mind-blowing fake commercials by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. (As always, see the track list at's Radio section for the endless details.) Lots of bits by LeMur, The Large, Norel pref (from the olden days) and there's even a song by Stang & Wei's grandsons! It would all be charming were it not so sick. Come to think of it, the live part delves into some pretty darned sick subjects indeed. This is one of those shows where you hear Wei say "Gross!" a lot. 

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