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Lonesome Cowboy Dave joined us for a whole hour -- from his hospital bed! And we thought he sounded more lively and snappy than before he got sick! LeMur did the titles but after that it's talk, talk, talk! Subject matters: The devil in your swimming pool. Dave's "home" in this sick, sick world. Buddy gets baked. Buddy's O.D. Can't Leave the Room. Spanish Fly Flu. Real world now like Neighborworld but with Zooming instead of Luming. Ask Dr. Hal on Zoom. Charlie Chaplin and the Red Scare. Repuiblicans now believe the Russian propaganda that says Democrats are Bad Commies. (Russians being white after all.) Plastic toy scuba divers then and now. Melting the whole bag of Army men. Gilbert's Chemistry Set experiments in invisibility. 1950s American "ladies." Mom's underpants and the mystery objects in parents' bathroom. Stang's parents were celibate. Crimes of pigmentation in Louisiana. Fake Antifa ads. Our escape routes for when the Black Helicopters come to take us to Trumpstop. Stang's Victory Garden and the tabasco pepper accident. The Norwegian Subs complained that they had no cod and we don't even have water. Skinjobs are people too. Dustin Hoffman doesn't need make-up any more to play Littl Big Man! Dick Smith, Doug Smith, Dick Titley, Fonda Dix, Fonda Peter. Ren-Faire don't care. Been distancing our whole lives, and wearing mask -- of normality. Masks and women. The Miami Vice Stubble. Dave's tracker-phone. Firesign Theatre nice guys and when Dave met Al Pacino. Stang's Italian DNA surprise. Walkers of every kind. Sudden show End.


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