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Dr. Hal, Dr. Drummond and Rev. Stang have been doing live SubGenius radio for so long that they could do it in their sleep, and this recording from July 3, "2019," at the 22X-Day Drill, may well prove it, even though the three old pros seem to be fighting constantly and perhaps fighting sleep as well. (In fact all three are stone deaf and talking in their sleep.) Highlights include a tour of The Salton Sea and a thorough dissertation on suggested SubGenius Weird Tourist Destinations, such as the California desert shooting locations of thousands of movies, and fabulously bulldada roadside attractions -- the specialty of many cross-country California and Texas Old Radio Doktors. The biggest problem with fighting The Conspiracy is addressed fearlessly, as is what it's like to be the lone Spock on a spaceship full of Zap Brannigans. The Hunt for The Killer "Bob" Dobbs at a previous Drill is re-lived vividly. The end comes suddenly.

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Starts with cuts from Rev. Richard Negative's new album WELCOME TO DOBBS.TOWN. There's also music from John Shirley, The Slot Robs, The Swinging Love Corpses, and The Liberty Tubes, plus ear-rippers by LeMur and Rev. Watt de Falk. Interspersed are conversations between Stang, Drummond and Dr. Howll from the 22X-Day Drill (July "2019") and between Overlord Anna Maul and Dr. Brujaja. All the problems of this old world are addressed, among other trivia.



GoFundMe for Lonesome Cowboy Dave


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After weeks of turmoil, finishing the strenuous final evacuation of the Cleveland Slackermansion in Ohio and the panicky exodus to Stang Ranch in Texas, we were finally able to do a good old new-fashioned all-talk new show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. In fact, that's all this episode is: one hour-long conversation (plus Internet-only end plugs and propaganda). Revelations include the Church's face-eating chimp on Prozak (Professor Yeti), what it's like to be peein' mad while standing on the third rail, the oui wee Wei wee-wee-way, and how, if you act like a jerk, you're only satirizing other jerks, so it's okay.

And, seriously, our Cleveland house is officially on the market and would be a killer deal for a young family, or an old art bum, with modern electrical needs and walking distance to everything necessary.

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This episode is another of those legendary "lost" radio hours from the 2017 20 X-Day Drill that neither Stang nor the Robo-Stang had heard until this week. (Long sordid story.) It starts off a bit lackadaisically but after about the halfway point Dr. Argus Faux raises the ante and gets things pretty fired up. "Cast" includes Dr. Hal, Rev. Fanboy, Rev. Peas, Rev. Eggplant, Dr. Faux, and Dr, Shoggoth. Listening to this recording two years after it was recorded made old Rev. Stang very proud indeed of his future replacements. And a bit jealous.

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"What wrestling is to violence, and what pornography is to sex, The Church of the SubGenius is to religion." -- Onan. This is one of those rare episodes that proves that smart SubGeniuses actually exist, or at least SubGenii who SEEM very smart. That's because it's mostly Uncle Onan Canobite and Dr. Hal, although Stang and Rev. Fanboy have important bit parts. The discussion is much loftier than listeners might be used to. This "talk show" part was recorded in 2017 at the 22nd X-Day Drill, known as "20 X-Day." (The SubGenius Event Numbering System can be challenging to beginners and geniuses.) At the head and tail of the brainy discussion are brand new experimental (or just plain mental) earhole-kissing songs by The Liberty Tubes, Fat Little Bastard and Superhornet.

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