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Hour of Slack #1498 - THE EVILS OF PSEX

We're on our annual Krampusmas SubGenius Winter Trip, so until we return it's reruns all the way down. In fact it's five consecutive shows from October-November 2005. This particular disgusting rerun is tainted by stretches of Dr. Philo Drummond and Pope Sternodox in a frank discussion about Face Fucking Bats from an even more ancient Hour of Slack. It's also especially Norelian and Preffish. Thanks to Rev. Jacques Petee for the movie clips.

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Hour of Slack #1497 - SubGenius Ultimate Xistlessnessmess Mix Rerun Special


What are the holidays without reruns? This is the hoary old annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of #867 (and 921 and 1026, 1077, 1129, 1236, 1338, etc.), which was itself a condensation of some ancient year's 3-show "Best of Xmas Sickness" compilation, which were themselves the concentrated best-of from 15 years' worth of previous Xmas SubGenius and other Xmas weirdo collections. Includes over 66 separate tracks/songs/bits! And no, not one bit has been changed in all these years. We are ON XISTLESSNESSMESS VACATION from Hour of Slack!


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Hour of Slack #1496 - Stang's Complete Sermon at Starwood Festival 2014

Starwood Festival lets Rev. Ivan Stang motormouth for an hour straight every year, and this time we didn't chop up the recording. Aside from the LeMur titles it's all Stang's voice, so consider yourself forewarned. First, for the newbs, "SubGenius 101" is delivered (and most can just fast-forward through that). Then Stang reads Rev. Baby Bear's written rant, "PAY ATTENTION," before rattling on off the top of his head about The Conspiracy, stupid racist rednecks, things that were invented by Africans (such as walking upright and tool using), and climate change. Staunch conservatives may want to skip past this section also. The Sacred Scribe then delivers a short tribute to Starwood and its late and truly great co-founder Jeff Rosenbaum (St. Stymie deBergerac to Subs). Stang brags to the pagans about how he tricked the SubGeniuses into getting off their butts and entering the Wisteria woods at X-Day, then bellows out yet another rant originally written by Rev. Baby Bear. The sermon ends in the very nick of time.

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Hour of Slack #1495 - Ask Dr. Hal (17X-day)

Aside from the LeMur featurettes, this is all one big uncut recording of the live Ask Dr. Hal Show held at Wisteria's Caffeina's Café during 17X-Day (later on July 5, the day the world was supposed to end, #$#@%@Q&&^!!). The mighty uberbrain of Dr. Hal provided answers to many questions burning in the hearts of the attendees, including: How much Ku could a Ku Klux Kan? Does Godzilla poop in the woods? Is that 'Frop in that Pipe? What do SubGeniuses find attractive in other SubGenii? Is there a Dorian Gray "Bob" picture? Where did Time go? Why are Terror Birds gone? Could this be "IT?" Can one recycle a placenta? Can digital videos be called "films"? Dr. Hal also recites (from memory!) two poems, including "Lament" by Dylan Thomas. 

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Hour of Slack #1494.5 XXX - More Internet-Only XXX at 17X-Day

These aren't all foul and filthy like the previous XXX release; some of these aren't suitable for broadcast radio simply because they are TRUE. Or, just simply too weird. Rev. Max Darqcpaw, Pisces, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, and Rev. Spike (all from 17X-Day), Sin music by Reagan's Polyp, a pee break narrated by Rev. Angry Larry (on guitar), clips previously censored from Stang's 2013 Starwood sermon, involving Face Fucking Bats; songs by 6 Fisted Tales and Munky Hyv, and finally Rev. "Suds" delivers a pretty darned serious rant. 

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Hour of Slack #1494 - Roach Crap Steaks (Live 2014-11-30)

A regular ol' show recorded Nov. 30 at the WCSB station. The first half is a mixed bag of nuts, with new LeMur collages plus a new ear-rattling segment from Rev. Du8, "Steaming Sack of Slack;" fine rants by Papa Joe Mama and G. Gordon Gordon; a mixdown of the movie Jesus Camp, by cuttlefish; carny barker Nate Eagle, and music by The Large (who SINGS!), ESO and Andrew the Impaled. Then it's Lonesome Cowboy Dave and StangDoe all the way down, and down, and down. (Stangor does not appear this time.) The subject matter is all over the place. Stang gets pissed off at the 98 percenters and the prophecy regarding bugs as food is explored, as is the mysterious New Yet Older PHOTO Dobbshead. Strange letters from The Large are read. Background music is new from The Psycho Skeletons and The Large. 

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Hour of Slack #1493.5 XXX - Internet-Only XXX at 17X-Day

Safe for Work -- if you work in a whorehouse, on a ship or at The SubGenius Foundation. Otherwise, NSFW! Every few months we stack up enough truly FOUL rants and songs to fill an hour that can NEVER be played on broadcast radio. Most of this one comes from ranters and bands at 17X-Day: 6-Fisted Tails, Rev. Teeters La Verge, Rev. McFachfas (read by Stang), Priestess Pisces, Rev. Eggplant, Rev. Rachel Wierdagain, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Evolution Control Committee, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and more -- with THREE Brags of Various SubGeniuses in it, including the original. Also: Several rank songs by the great band Reagan's Polyp, which has re-released their greatest "hits." Plus: Phineas Narco as Elvis! Lemur's least palatable collages are also included as seasoning. Coming soon: #1494.5 XXX with even more of this childishly naughty material -- "THE KIND U LIKE!"

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Hour of Slack #1493 - MONSTER HUNT 17X-Day

This episode will blow the top off the SubGenius Church. The suspenseful hunt for the mysterious "Monster of Wisteria" climaxes in a revelation that may be too much for the staunchest SubGenius to accept. Where will the Church go from here? How can we just pretend it didn't happen? What would "Bob" do? You won't believe your ears, yet this explosive documentary (weeks in the editing) will shake you to your very core! The biggest question: Who, or WHAT, is now in control of the Church of the SubGenius?

 HA HA! STANGOR HERE! Now you hear how Stangor TRICK Little Weak Glasses Man Stang into hunting monster in woods -- Stangor even trick him into tricking all OTHER soft white fat SubGenius boys and girls into hunting monster in woods TOO -- wearing silly fake hunter armor! HA HA! Stangor play YOUR world and world of Bob Pipe Man like GAME! -- like silly game. 


Costume Ball and Monster Hunt Photos


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