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Hour of Slack #1137 -- Live 1-27-08: You Can't Block "Bob's" Spam Live show with much on-air preaching, plus music by amazing newly-discovered prehistoric bands like Mose Gicanticus. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in broken, but he is somewhat repaired during the course of the show. All attempts to introduce serious pertinent discussion about current affairs are effectively rebuffed.
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Hour of Slack #1136 -- Mongoloidapalooza We journey to Darkest San Francisco for not only the Mongoloidapalooza SubGenius/DEVOtional Devival (at 12 Galaxies club), but also John Hell's Season in Hell Show from Pirate Cat Radio and, of course, the Puzzling Evidence Show. With Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Puzzling Evidence, Mongoloid, Bishop Joey, Rev. Leslie, Gary G'broagfran... and Palmer Vreedeez in a great KPFA subclip from 1982.
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Hour of Slack #1135 -- The Butt of the Conspiracy Heavy on the artful media barrages by (respectively) LeMur and Norel Pref, specifically dealing with The Conspiracy, with new music and bits of various devivals and radio shows from the end of 2007: Puzzling Evidence radio, preaching from the Baltimore SubGenius devival, some old ESO Swamp Radio, John Hell's show with SubGeniuses, from Pirate Cat Radio in SF, and Radio Synaesthesia.
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Hour of Slack #1134 - Amsterdam SubGenius Devival 2007 Pt 1 We're standing under the Overtoom, in a subterranean pirate radio basement station in Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Hal is here, and Princess Wei, Pope Black, and Governor Rocknar, and a number of humans or SubGeniuses wearing Dobbsheads masks, making the whole scene look like some kind of warped, twisted Fellini movie. Yes, it's like living in a foreign film. Everything is there except the subtitles; and oh, how I miss the subtitles, which might explain to me what the hell is really going on here. But, of that I remain ignorant, as perhaps you too the listener. All we can do is have faith, yes faith in that FACE of JR Bob Dobbs. That endless, bedotted, half-tone -- oh, sometimes high contrast -- FACE. If we can but seize upon that as the FOCUS of our attention, our LOVE and our thoughts, perhaps we can be safely guided back to a place of COOL music, and cool speech, talking and so forth. But in the meantime, we're trapped, here in this clammy basement with the Church of the SubGenius.
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Hour of Slack #1133 - Live 2008-01-06 - Son of The Conspiracy First, the Puzzling Evidence Show attempts to hijack our precious Hour of Slack. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to save the day, and spouts bravely amidst recordings of live sermons from Baltimore and Amsterdam devivals, and collages about the nature of The Conspiracy of the Normals as well as the various Major Lesser Conspiracies.
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