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Soothing and jarring music from many Doktors bracket two new rants (by Rev. Absent (read by Stang) and Rev. Watt deFalk, and a half hour of onstage radio Slack from 22X-Day Drill featuring Dr. Hal, Rev. Angry Larry and Rev. Ivan Stang... on July 5, after another disappointing failure of the world to end. The Spouters activate a toy robot that turned out to be dangerous, sing the praises of Rev. Susie the Floozie, Creationism vs. Destructionism, and the slogans and aphorisms of "Bob" that can put you in the hospital. Also addressed are Stang's allergies to things like ghosts and aliens, and Rev, Angry Larry's anger.

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We start with Part 2 of Rev. Xister's rather sober collage "Ship of State." Uncle Onan Canobite presents two Cautionary Tales of the SubGenius (from 21X-Day), and we get a brand new somewhat sardonic song from Bob Walkenhorst from his new Patreon outlet (just a tease, as it's a subscription and you haven't subscribed yet). There's also a new RSP instrumental and a pretty old prank call from "Melba" to Bob Larson's Christian-cartoon talk show. At Tarzan's Radio Station, StangDoe tell Lonesome Cowboy Dave of some new mind control apps just to scare him. By the way, he had a car wreck last week, and never actually did have a horse, and could use help, so please check his fundraiser page if you have ANY spare change!


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This episode (rerun of #1341, from 2011) is all one fantastic old-school media barrage by the hard-working and very talented Rev. Xister, previously heard weekly on a fellow SubGenius show, The Ministry of Slack. It’s a collage about The Conspiracy, using what would be to him older movies and music, and harkens back to the carefully-arranged media barrages that we used to splice together on reel-to-reel tape back in the 1980s before Hour of Slack was born. “Bob” and SubGenius are not mentioned at all, but it is PURE SubGenius. It’s 90 minutes long too, so this is only Part One of SHIP OF STATE by Rev. Xister.

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This is the first episode in about 20 years to use what we might call "Famous Commercial Bands Signed to Major Labels" instead of new original work by relative unknowns and unknown relatives. It's basically Rev. Stang's favorite rock songs about religion, philosophy, and everything from his high school and early college years, ~1968 to 1975 or so... songs by well-known bands that nonetheless weren't widely heard on rock hit radio, because, well, obvious reasons: the touchy subject matter. And, nightmarishly, these old timey ditties are possibly MORE relevant today than they were even then. A horrifying thought! Still, this particular episode, in ways that no previous episodes ever has, ROX, MAN!! IT FUKKIN ROX DUDE! The original title of this episode was "You Should Probably Frop for This One." Don't worry, kids, we probably won't do it again. But we bet that Boomerian Subs on their veritable deathbeds may well be brought back to rampaging life by this collection.

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