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Hour of Slack #1250 - Communications Theory Special - Live March 28, 2010

Much ground is fertilized by the droppings from this live show. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Wei, and Stang signify on: Communication theory; New Age military and The Men Who Stare at Goats; Church confusion and the scraping-off of Skull Barnacles; the death of the oceans; the horror of reading Yahoo News comments; locust plagues; the magic urinal; Southpark; subliminimal messages imbedded in the novel FLICKER; media thoery; The Ded Dave Show; wikipedia, and the nature of Slack. New songs and collages by: The Rudy Schwartz Project, LeMur, Amit Lissack, The Lone Star Tall Boys, Rev. Bozowolf, Mr. Rection, The El Queso All Stars.

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Hour of Slack #1249 - Rerun of #775 (2001 ESO, Puzzling Evidence, Winterstar)

Your host and prayer partner Rev. Stang is immersed in finishing up Stage Two of a big SubGenius project, so we're falling back on selected, well-aged shows from The Day. This particular one, stored in an oaken keg for 9 years, is the New Year/Last Show (of Y2K) from Puzzling Evidence, Phineas Narco and Dr. Philo Drummond, mixed with a post-Winterstar Swamp Radio from Prof. Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang, as well as live Winterstar devival and ESO song recordings. Also: media barrages by Jupiter Research and Rev. Nu-Monet (who we just learned is still alive and well, but in a radically changed clone version since two X-Days ago). A very strange song by Skip & The Elite is also included.

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Hour of Slack #1248 - Puzzling Evidence Remix

Best bits from a good all-purpose Puzzling Evidence show from Feb. 26 (on KPFA-Berkeley) form the skeleton of this episode. The "meat" draped onto the skeleton is composed of collages by Mr. F. LeMur (with a smattering fore and aft by The Large) and new songs by Amos Robinson, The Billy Nayer Show (Stingray Sam soundtrack), and Jonathan Coulton. A highlight is Dr. Philo Drummond's rant about what qualities go into making a real asshole; another is Dr. Hal sermonizing re: Slack. We also include two more clips of Jeremy Davies playing Charley Manson, and two poignant phone messages from Frequent Caller Bernard.

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Hour of Slack #1247 - Live Feb. 28, 2010 - Special 'Free Charley' Hour of Slather

Partly due to the recordings running in the background, this live show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave is one of the most INSANE episodes ever. While listening, we recommend headphones, a bike helmet and a bullet-proof vest.

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Hour of Slack #1246 - All-"Bob" Hymns & Songs Special

A sneak preview of the seventh CD collection of songs, hymns, and horrible noise experiments dedicated to "Bob," X-Day, or the Church of the SubGenius in general. Contributors include: Drs. 4 "Bob," Rev. Phineas Narco, Rev. Ouroborus Rex, Rev. Norel Pref, Fernandinande LeMur, The Psycho Skeletons, Poo Water Towel, Rev. Selfs Layer, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Artemia Salina, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Da Binci, Rev. Edfred, Rev. Raymond Lafferty, with many others woven in.

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