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Hour of Slack #1538 - Special Guest Philo Drummond @ X-Day

"My destiny was to be like Igor, throwing rocks down on people and leading monsters around." Philo Drummond, Ivan Stang, and Dr. Hal rant together, recorded at 18X-Day in one fell take on Friday, July 3, "2015." It's like a glimpse backstage inside the uncircumcised minds of the uncircumscribed SubGenius forefathers and their foreskins circa 1983. Oddly, these mighty forefathers probably sound more like nerds than gods, but hey. We didn't call it Church of the Genius, now did we? As always, see the radio area - - for extremely detailed logs of each show's content, ulterior links, alternate high-resolution formats, subscription information, syndication, and the other fine SubGenius radio programs like Puzzling Evidence, Ask Dr. Hal, "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse (Rev. Susie the Floozie), National Cynical, and more. Plus: etc.!

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Hour of Slack #1537.5 XXX - 18X-Day Internet-Only Special

The X-Rated Internet-Only shows are always the best. They're certainly the easiest to censor, anyway. And if they're way longer than one hour, SO WHAT? This one has many of our very favorite moments from 18X-Day. NOT SAFE FOR TWERPS! Starts with Rachel Weirdagain's X-Day song, some Kaosmic BobKat tomfuckery, a throat-ripping rant by Pisces about ADVERTISING, TWO count 'em TWO more filthy old timey songs by Wei and WeiMawMaw, ""Bob" Is All Up In You" rant-jam with DJ Gravity & the Fuck Peas Band. Then: Andrew the Impaled's new song, "Fuck It," Pisces on pooping and fuckery, Lord Angry Larry's new dance craze tune "Do the Hairball," Pisces and the jammers jamming it up the Con's ass, some trivia about The Shitty Beatles ("Bob's" early Wotan band with Ronald Reagan), a comparison between the new live version of Drs. 4 Wotan's "Split the Anus of a Moonie Now" and the 1980 original, more Kaosmic fuksinging, and finally Exmortus crooning "Kill the Pinks" and the Baby Bear/Pisces Audience Hate Song. You'll "lak ta shit!"

Photos from 18X-Day and Starwood

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Hour of Slack #1537 - Doktor Bands and Pants

We have here 18X-Day Cross Section #2. It climaxes with Evolution Control Committee's world premiere performance of a 20-minute one-of-a-kind collage-concert on the subject of... pants. Because let's face it -- pants are funny. Building up to that are all-new rants and music, including St. Andrew the Impaled's new song "Happy Stick," a great Rev. Fidd Chewley rant, an incredible rant-jam with DJ Gravity, "Sweet Home on the Saucers," some more Drs. 4 Wotan reunion with the StangDoe Drummond-Kaosmic families, and Pisces' GREAT "Eager Puppy Bobbies" sermon. The music is mostly 6-Fisted Tails of Connie, the X-Day jam band -- including Rev. Angry Larry of The Amino Acids, Bishop Stick, Rev. Rock God, Rev. Hazel of the Windmills, Rev. Fidd Chewley, Trademark G from Evolution Control Committee, Rev. Sinphaltimus Exmortus, Rev. Shover, Rev 80, Lord Ferg, Rev. Suds Pshaw, Dr. Philo Drummond OVERMAN, and on vocals Pisces, Fidd Chewley and DJ Gravity.  Praise "Bob."

Photos from 18X-Day and Starwood 

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Hour of Slack #1536 - 18X-Day Cross Section #1

This is an unusually exciting and variegated episode because it is the first of the X-Day Cross Section shows -- that is, a "best of" the many ranters and musicians who went on stage at 18X-Day. There are sermons by Rev. Fidd Chewley, Grill Ninja, Bishop Stick, Pisces and others; a NEW song by Andrew the Impaled, and a great "oldie" by Rev. Andrew Genus; lots of 6-Fisted Tales jamming, including one jam with a rap song by DJ Gravity ("Don't 'Frop with "Bob""), and, most horrible of all, "If I Can't Whup It I'll Go Down" by the reunited Drs. 4 Wotan (starring the Stang-Drummond-Wei-BobKat families). If only we'd had Ed Sullivan to introduce the acts. It's quite the variety show. NOTE: The digit formerly known as "The Pinky" is henceforth to be called "The Digger."

 Photos from 18X-Day and Starwood


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Hour of Slack #1535 - Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie the Floozie

This features Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie the Floozie, recorded July 2nd at the X-day Drill of this year that THEY call 2015. It's a lively discussion of everything nerdly and cool, although the highlight of it is a truly incredible duet sung by Princess Wei and her 85-year-old Mom ("weiMawMaw") of very naughty song! For a week now, however, I, Stang, have been working with the OTHER kinds of audio from X-Day, the bands and ranters and, er, spontaneous happenings and shenanigans. Praise "Bob," there are four main nights' worth of such entertainment, and MOST of it, I can now confidently report, sounds GREAT. By that I mean the content is good and there is a decent recording. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 choices of different ways a given song was recorded, so there's a lot of comparing and selecting, and it makes my ears and file-naming fingers tired, but hopefully next week we can start playing the crazy rants and drivin' 3-note jams, having sweetened them up and made them palatable. At least half of the best stuff will have to be used on special Internet-only shows, because there's just no way it could work on broadcast radio in the USA. We would all go to jail unless we died laughing first. At the end of tonight's show, Dr. Hal lists all of the acts and actlessnesses in question, so, you'll see what I mean. We had us one action-packed X-Day Drill. Tonight's particular hour however was all recorded in one swell frop and is relatively laid back. Praise "Bob."

Photos from 18X-Day and Starwood

DEVOtional 2015 photos

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