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Hour of Slack #1276 - Reality Cross-Section (13X-Day Special #5)

From which direction will the Conspiracy attack? How did SubGeniuses cause so many major wars to be lost? How does an amoeba feel when Rev. Stang is poking it with a needle while watching through a microscope? Will "Bob" Dobbs ALWAYS have customers? Should rich assholes be shown any mercy? All of these questions are answered in live stage radio shows from 13 X-Day Drill. Also: a blazing sermon by Rev. Frotis Pshaw (of Munky Hyv) and cookin' SubGenius hymns from The Mutant Mountain Boys, Many Fisted Tales of Connie, The Devos, and Rev. Tommy Amoeba, the Lowest Form of Life. LeMur and The Large independently handle the collage requirements.


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Hour of Slack #1275 - 13X-Day Special #4: Mutants Vs. Normals

This episode sports 46 separate tracks, many of them from a live stage Hour of Slack at 13X-Day with Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Pope David Lee Black and Rev. Ivan Stang, and some from the best live music of 13X-Day, including a firey Munky Hyv segment. We also proudly premiere a moving new bluegrass "Bob" hymn by The Mutant Mountain Boys, a disturbing song by the son of Stang, and a fistful of collages by The Large, Fernandinande LeMur, Heart Ignition and others. But the real headline act of this episode is author Rev. Ramona Back It On Up 13 reading one of her famous Fairy Tale Friday stories. SubGeniuses go head over heels for her naughty but heady metaphorical parables.

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Hour of Slack #1274 - 9-11 & The Raging Yahoos of (live)

Many of the Pinks who post comments after the news articles on News are so dense and agitated as to make SubGeniuses look like even-tempered geniuses. For the week building up to 9-11, Rev. Stang copied the dumbest, craziest and angriest from that raging peanut gallery into a giant text file. For this show, he and Princess Wei read aloud from the best-worst of these yahoos of Yahoo, in various character voices, phonetically (to capture the amazing spelling of modern Americans). NONE OF THE COMMENTS ARE INVENTED. All are real. Lonesome Cowboy Dave comments on the comments; collages by LeMur, Pref, Heart Ignition, The Large and Hazel of the Windmills bracket the live section. This show was originally broadcast on WCSB (Cleveland) on September 12, 2010.

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Hour of Slack #1273 - Rerun of #787 from 2001 - Good ESO Radio & Devival

We're rerunning an especially good oldie this week. There's plenty of new material to edit from last X-Day Drill, the DEVOtional and beyond, but we suffered a small hard drive malfunction at the Slackermansion studios -- nothing too terrible, but it prompted us to embark on a long-overdue and time-consuming Operation Back-Up. This 2001 rerun features recordings from the Golden Age of Hour of Slack/Einstein's Secret Orchestra collaborations (before Prof. Chas Smith died), including a Cleveland devival with classic ESO songs and a Swamp Radio show. There's also some great music by Little Fyodor, The Morning 40 Federation and the now-defunct SubGenius techno band, St. N and Helena Handbasket. It starts out raunchy and dumbly funny with our first airplay of Fat Harry White, then turns gradually more seriously Con-hating.


The week this show was assembled, I, Stang and Princess Wei got married and moved into the Slackermansion.



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Hour of Slack #1272 -- XXX-Rated Girls-Only Sex Advice Special

Boy howdy, do we have something DIFFERENT this time. At the 13X-Day Drill, there suddenly evolved an  All-UberFemme Live Hour of Slack Panel. Yes, it is an Hour of Slack featuring ONLY female voices. Well, for the first couple of minutes you'll hear the shift from all-testosterone voices to all-sexy, naughty girl voices. The main Connietite panelists were: Rev. Enshrina (Ministry of Slack), Priestess Pisces, Rev. Pockets (also Ministry of Slack), Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Popess Pantiara Evokavitch. And Pisces sings of Connie at the end, with the band 6-Fisted Tales of Connie. ((Editor's Note: The broadcast radio version of this show required more 'bleeping' of profanity than has any other episode in the history of the Hour of Slack.))

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