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Hour of Slack #1362 - More ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang, Zero Boy

In February, 2012, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and I, Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first broadcast -- and three Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn about other Hours of Slack, along with collages, songs and location reports, with more of all that to come when we regain our Time Control. However, this legend-shrouded second Hal show, just excavated from a layer of the archives, has not been chopped up and categorized, and, best of all, with only a few edits wass Hour-of-Slack-ready. Also, a guest on this show was an entity known as Zero Boy, an advanced expermental improv robot. I cannot wait to hear the next model.

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Hour of Slack #1361 - The ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang & Zero Boy

As X-Day looms, Sacred Scribe Rev. Stang has less time to put into complex mixes. One option in such cramped periods is to use uncut, or slightly cut, live other SubGenius shows recorded elsewhere. Last February, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first one -- and 3 live Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn among other Hours of Slack, along with our usual unusual collages, music and vacation reports, with more to come when we again achieve Time Control. However, the second Ask Dr. Hal show, just re-discovered, was Hour-of-Slack-ready and then some. About halfway into the show, a creature known as Zero Boy arrived. We suspect his machine-like vocal sound effects will blow your mind as they blew ours.

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Hour of Slack #1360 - THE THING? / Great Rest Stops of the Great Southwest

I fret that our current spate of "SubGenius Travelogue" episodes is self-indulgent. Don't worry, they end at the point where The Rock That Wants You to Sprain Your Ankle finally got to me, and I sprained my ankle. That's coming soon, in an entire show about breaking rules and ankles. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to intersperse the educational-sounding travel and historical anecdotes with weird and good music, and clips from the other SubGenius shows that we invaded during our travels. The travel narration this time is from Chiricahua National Monument near Willcox, Arizona. The entire first ten minutes of the show is a The Large collage which, for some reason, includes an actual pretty song. The other music is from Einstein's Secrety Orchestra (live in 2000) and a weird old song by a "Janet Green" confusing Communism with Fascism (they are technically more like opposites, although both often lead to totalitarianism). Some very old LeMur collages and new Rev. Royal DeCapitator collages are included, and new PR Nooz. Special thanks to The Puzzling Evidence Show, The Ask Dr. Hal Show, Radio Synaesthesia, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Oh, and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe.

StangDoe Photos of Chiricahua National Monument and Environs

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Hour of Slack #1359 - National Parks: Referees in the Pinks Vs. Nature SemiFinals

This episode features even more location recordings than do other recent ones of Stang & Doe describing various aspects of their winter travels through the Southwestern deserts. Despite these motormouth recordings being edited down to about 5% of their original lengths, it's still a large percentage of utterly unscripted ramblings, even for The Hour of Slack -- although they do build into rants near the end. We have therefore attempted to provide relief and variety in the form of strange and wondrous music by Carlo Serafino, a horrible Unknown English Lady, The Psycho Skeletons, and The Swinging Love Corpses. We also continue to mine The Ask Dr. Hal Shows and Puzzling Evidence of last winter, and The Firesign Theatre from a winter 42 years ago. ((Can that really be possible?!?))

The New Mexico State Parks described in this episode are City of Rocks and Rockhound State Park, both near Deming, New Mexico. Our edited (and Photoshopped!) photos of City of Rocks and Rockhound State Parks


We suggest reading "The Suggestions."

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Nature lovers will love this show, and nature haters will love it too. We keep telling ourselves that, BECAUSE it is true. In the beginning, after mind-butting collages by Rev. Cozmik Debris, Rev. deCapitator, Ministry of Slack, The Large and others, we hear Stang and Wei on location, griping bitterly about vacation disappointments in West Texas, followed by fabulous discoveries MADE POSSIBLE by those very disappointments. A classic Texas "GILF" is discussed in a sexist way, despite our respect for her as an artist. We restart our bi-annual SWINGING LOVE CORPSES salute, and wallow in audio collages by the aforementioned arteests. Some extremely rare Firesign Theatre is unearthed, as well as more Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr, Hal, plus the Ask Dr. Hal podcast. "Al Swearengen" from the show Deadwood -- Stang's latest ShorDurPerSav -- is also excerpted at length in His Wisdom. Try to imagine how the censored versions of these brutal rants sound on the paying for-real broadcast stations. Can't be done, but we did it. During this show, we referred to photographs that would soon be available on SubSITE, and they now are.


 Try to notice and follow the instructions!

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