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Hour of Slack 1471 - Rerun of #882 - WAR Vs. X-Day

We're posting this early because the world ends next week, and we don't want to have to stop right in the middle of the Apocolypse just to mess with distributing this show.

 This 2003 episode was one listener's intro to the Church of the SubGenius, and he recently drew our attention to it because he was looking for a copy. We're glad he did because neither the war nor X-Day have changed much, and our 2003 description  remains almost valid: "This is The Greatest Hour of Slack Ever. I know I often say that, but this time it's true for sure. The live ESO shows of the last 3 weeks have been WAR TALK and X-Day Hankerin'. The best in those veins that wasn't TOTALLY stupid, yet was still gut-blowingly hilarious - yet horrifying, considering the subject matter - those clips went into this one. Also, Mister F. Le Mur cranked out noise like he previously cranked out art. I guess Le Mur is now the Slack man's Terry Gilliam to the Slack man's Monty Python, in that he does a lot of the show, yet he's never heard. This show furthermore contains an Artemia Salina chop-up which should get lots of future replay as it's copied and bounced around audio sarcasm collectors. And, the newly Hour of Slacked Hank Flloyd and the Swerving Headlights presents yet ANOTHER great alien abduction C&W ballad." The live parts were recorded at WCSB, Cleveland, for the late Chas Smith's show ESO Swamp Radio. Chas is heard along with Lonesome Cowboy dave, Preincess Wei R. Doe and Rev. Stang.  

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Hour of Slack #1470 - Nate Eagle, Carny Talker

First part: some Starwood Stangrant, some St. Andrew the Impales X-Day, Papa Joe rant, GGG rant, and clips of antique carny talker NATE EAGLE, thanks to precious recordings relocted by Rev. Taylor Jessen in The Firesign Theatre's vaults! After that, it's a no-holds barred, any-throw take-down with lip wrestlers Stang, Wei and Lonecow. Spock vs. Darth Vader. Stang and Doe's story of Obama's psy-ops, spying on us and Mr. Sister using Google Earth vans, staged accidents, bugs implanted in bugs, robot bird drones. Stop snoring, Sleeple! Invaders from Canadia. Schizophrenic? What's the dif? Abduble Personality. That cult of Isis worshippors in the Mideast -- DAVE DISAPPEARS! Obama cut him off! Fudd 'em if they can't take a joke. 

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Hour of Slack #1469 -- Praying Is For Sissies

We're using up some of the nifty but heretofore unplayed location recordings made at 16X-Day and Starwood last year. There are parts of Rev. Stang's Starwood 34 sermon -- mostly the parts where he read rants by others (such as Onan Canobite), and some "documentary" material recorded at the giant bonfire. Some funny on-and-offstage moments prompted by the rainstorms of 16X-Day are played, even though they might help keep attendance down. We hear two rants by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, three Amino Acids tunes and one Psycho "Skeletoon." Then, Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, and you can probably guess what happens. IF YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL, THAT IS! 

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Hour of Slack #1469.5 XXX - Internet-Only XXX-Day Special

NOT SAFE FOR WORK! This one WON'T be on the actual broadcast radio stations. Some rants and songs just don't work when censored, and these are the raw, cuss-filled tracks we've stockpiled from last year's festivals: 16 X-Day, Starwood, and the Pittsburgh devival. Included are bits from the live Hours of Slack recorded at 16X-Day as well as some improv jams by Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie (Pisces on vocals). There's also educational information on Face Fucking Bats and the Giant Dick Eating Spiders of Wisteria. The Rudy Schwartz Project song "Some Heroin Up Your Butt" has been saved just for this episode, along with many clips and collages. You'll enjoy singing along with St. Andrew The Impaled's "Fuck is All You Need." At the end of this 74-minute hour we offer the very weird-sounding complete performances at the Pittsburgh show of both Eric Singer and his Slime-a-tron, and  St. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE in his first SubGenius performance since the old, old, old days! 

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Hour of Slack #1468 - Connie's Funny Noise Show on Dave's Ark

 This episode starts with a colossal Connie collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie, done back in the old days before people got so suspicious of Mrs. Dobbs. That's 20 minutes of song and dance, and a little killing. The show ends with the end of Susie's "Bob"/Connie show. In between, Stang, Doe & Dave the Lonesome Cowboy go at it. The word "tattoon" is coined. The Koch Brothers and Africanized Killer Deer are discussed, but not together. Dave recounts his punk rock years. We prove that the Duck Dynasty guys are Muslims. There is a very detailed review of the movie "Dead Man." And, there are funny noises!

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Hour of Slack #1467 - Rants for Handling Panhandlers

First part is a fine new collection of clips and original songs by The Large, interspersed with Lemur's PR Gnus and Papa Joe Mama's classic sermon on the SubGenius diet. The live part of the show after Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in is unusually live. Stang, Doe & Dave share various past responses to panhandlers at length (some of which might be helpful advice) but then the yabbering morphs through several other rant-subjects and builds up to some pretty good mini-rants. One might say that this episode features more interesting visuals than most. The background music is from Rudy Schwartz Project, The Psycho Skeletons, and our old buddy, Bootleg Jimi Hendrix.

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