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Hour of Slack 1271 - Ground Zero Mostel, Live 8/22/10

A live broadcast from WCSB Cleveland in which we dare to tackle the misconstrusions about what happens when "Bob" is "that way," "Down there." The first 20 minutes are brand new collages and songs by Fernandinande LeMur, Rev. Hazel of the Windmills, SlanderBob, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Rev. Norel Pref and Morgan Gutendag. Then (with background music by The Rudy Schwartz Project, The Psycho Skeletons and The Large) Princess Wei R. Doe, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Ivan Stang cover the key issues of our age, such as racism, class division and the controversey over the upcoming NYC devival being held near Ground Zero in a temporary SubGenius Mosque. The show ended with Wei dancing topless around a big bonfire built by her fans in the station parking lot. This was appropriate because August 22 was Go Topless Day.

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Hour of Slack #1270 - SubGenius Old Pro Show - Dr. Hal, Dave, Susie, Philo, Stang

13X-Day Drill, July 3, Conspiracy Year 2010 - we recorded an Hour of Slack show on stage before a live audience with Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Dr. Philo Drummond, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Ivan Stang. Except for Puzzling Evidence, these are the SubGenii to blame for the three hoary SubGenius radio shows that have been on the air for decades -- up to three decades, in fact. That show is intercut with new collages by Rev. Heart Ignition, sermons from 13 X-Day by Rev. D. Lister and Rev. Richard Skull, and a jam/song by 6 Fisted Tails of Connie (Philo, Pisces, Rev. Angry Larry, Rev. Suds Pshaw, Rev. Phil, Rev. Bunny Day on this particular line-up). Upcoming events are also predicted - The NYC Devival (Oct. 9) and the DEVOtional (Aug. 28).

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This episode assembled itself from various dope-related contributions by our best collagiasts (including LeMur, The Large and the newly-returned Heart Ignition), mixed with semi-appropriate cuts from the 13 X-Day live events: music, rants, and other mischief. It is a joyous celebration indeed. Munky Hyv, Rev. Jannus, Phat ManDee (three songs!), Tommy Amoeba, Jere Faison and Rev. Crazy Jim Jones are represented. We also hear, despite the taint of slight popularity, somewhat-commercialy-recorded music by DEVO and Jonathan Coulton.


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Hour of Slack #1268 - 13X-Day Pt. 2 - QUESTIONS! - Ask Dr. Hal

We are chronologically walking ourselves through the recordings from the 13X-Day Drill, along with the strange clips and mixes that are submitted to from hermetic ascended secret masters through so many various avenues. This epsode focuses on the first of the Ask Dr. Hal oracularations at 13X-Day, intercut with songs and collages from DEVO, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Fernandinande LeMur, The Large, Heart Ignition, GoDrex. This especial Ask Dr. Hal show is M.C.ed by Dr. Philo Drummond himself, the First OverMan, chosen tool and principal spokesyetinsyn for J. R. "Bob" Dobbs on this Xistless Version 3 Earth plane.

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