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Hour of Slack #1155 - Bleepo's SexHurt LoveFun Just your average all-round sex-obsessed collection from all SubGenius radio and Internet outlets. Includes the full 'transporntainment' rant from Winterstar 2008 by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, and an unusually naughty spread with Norel Pref showing "Pink."
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Hour of Slack #1154 - SubHistory -- "It's All Done With Computers, Even the Puppet Strings" During the many SubGenius radio shows on various stations recently, we reminisced about old times and the most horrifying moments of the real-life SubGenius adventure. We saved those bits for this show, which ties in with Stang's SubGenius History / Cult Management online course at Maybe Logic Academy ( Ironically, brand new mindfuckery ends the show.
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Hour of Slack #1153 -- Live 5-11-08 - "Bob," Dave, and the Naked Guy in the Ditch Mostly improvisational religious trance spouting, live in the studio with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang, punctuated by collages and PSAs from LeMur, Pref and a possible "Bob" recording found by iDRMRSR. Just John background music is abused, Stang reads Unclaimed Mysteries, Wei reads part of a new Onan Canobite pamphlet, Superior Mutants. The majority of this particular episode is completely insane -- and yet it won new converts while it was first being aired. Go figure.
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Hour of Slack #1152 -- A Splurt of TISM (Hate Special) Our friend Onan Canobite turned us on to this Australian Mystery Band, TISM, and so they're splattered all over the show. Also, an unusual number of collages pulled from movie soundtracks. Priestess Pisces, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and others guest on Radio Synaesthesia clips, and everybody indulges their Divine Hate-Squared.
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Hour of Slack #1151 - Rerun of #82 from 1987 This was an especially good episode from early 1987, with early Puzzling Evidence (with LIES!), Nenslo, DK Jones, Brother Cleve, Sister Krys, The Swinging Love Corpses, Dr. Hal, Don Trubey, Ken Nordine, and Stang's "Bitter Money Sermon"
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