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Hour of Slack #1324 - Pink Rage SubMusic for SubMisfits (14X-Day 7: A Little of Everything)

One of the funniest Dr. Hal lectures in history (on Superman) is imbedded amidst some of our favorite songs by various bands from 14X-Day, as well as some killer rants ("killer" possibly meant literally in these cases) and some mind-rip collage by The Large. Songs include originals, parodies, mash-ups, experimental, and just plain Mental. Performers include Priestess Pisces, Evolution Control Committee, The Duke of Uke with Rev. Bunny Day, Popess Pantiara Evokavitch (SINGING!), Boron Nuzzle, Dr. Hal, Papa Joe Mama, St. Andrew the Impaled, Dr. Sinister, Rev. Jannus Blackseed, Phat ManDee and the award-winning heckler, Dr. Dark.

Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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Hour of Slack #1323 - Secrets of the Church (14X-Day 6: Dr. Hal, Father Joe Mama, Ivan Stang, live 7-1-11)

We pick up exactly where we left off last week, continuing a detailed discussion by Dr. Hal, Father Joe Mama and Rev. Ivan Stang of the porta-potties or chem-toilets at Wisteria Campground Community in Southern Ohio, where the Church of the SubGenius held the 14th (actually 16th) X-Day Drill.  The discussion meanders all over the place, from that fearlessly detailed discussion of the campground toilet facilities to the nature of consciousness, quantum mechanics, Buddhist philosophy, global climate change, abortion, 2012, and even "Old Sequa," the monstrous thousand-year-old snapping turtle living in the depths of the Wisteria Bobtismal Pond. Every subject of any possible interest to nerds, scientists, religious fanatics, professional athletes, monster fans or highly attuned New Age Secret Masters is also covered, albeit sometimes in code. The important thing is that this was an hour that I, Stang, didn't have to edit much, thus granting me an entire WEEK of Slack to spend on experiences entirely unrelated to any of the above, such as the laundry.

 Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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Hour of Slack #1322 - Music, Sex, Rants, and Slack-Drugs of X-Day 14

The first half of the July 1 live stage "Hours of Slack" by Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Hal and I, Stang, interweaves through various main-stage X-Day music recordings, such as an improv mash-up by The Evolution Control Committee, a lesson/sing-along led by Pisces but with innumerable special contributions by the audience. Careful listeners may be able to detect cuts within "songs" between Stang's ambient recordings as he ran up and down the ramp from stage to audience, and the board recordings by Rev. "Suds" and Wisteria sound mixer Elliott. There's a song by Little Jack Melody And His Young Turks, from the CD "My Charmed Life," which had nothing at all to do with X-Day or SubGenius, but fit just right. (Thanks to Rev. Zafod for that one.) We also hear unscripted rants by Dr. Purge (a brand new Minister from Florida), and Rev. Sweetness McGee of SubG podcast THE MINISTRY OF SLACK fame. At some point Stang reads a short rant by Dr. Phineas Narco, a SubRadio Doktor who expected to be at the Drill but ran into problems.

There is no real theme to this episode, but it's representative of the second and third days of that X-Day Drill festival innacurately named the 14th. (It is actually the 16th Drill, as these started in 1996 with an idea by Dr. Legume and Jesus.) This episode climaxes, as it were, with an impromptu live duet by Priestess Pisces and Rev. Ennie, "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?". We had no idea she could sing the blues like this. Princess Wei was also involved. The song is related to something Frank Zappa composed originally. Musicians Stick, Thatan and "Suds" seemed to be familiar with the Zappa song (I wasn't), or faked it well.

Updated Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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Hour of Slack #1321 - 14X-Day: It's All Pisces' Fault

This episode starts with two of the funniest rants every recorded at any Church event, ever, and they deal directly with The Butthurt of the Banned (or "The Church of the Butthurt"). Luckily for me, Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw did the fuck-cutting, and there was a lot of it; otherwise we would only have been able to use it on an X-Rated Internet-Only show. They were actually two of the very last rants delivered the night of July 4. They are followed by a half hour of "live at X-Day Hour of Slack" with Stang, Dr. Hal, and Papa Joe Mama from the June 30 session. The show ends with a sexy song about True Yeti Mates and an unusually sincere rant by Stang about why SubGeniuses should not kill themselves just because they aren't getting laid yet, have not found their True Yeti Mate, or feel otherwise Slackless.

Newly Updated Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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Hour of Slack #1320 - 14X-Day Music/Live@WCSB 7-31-11

For this live show broadcast from WCSB-Cleveland (with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in), Stang and Wei describe their favorite 14X-Day Drill events and play some of the most broadcastable songs by various bands that played there. Featured are Evolution Control Committee, Tommy Amoeba, The Duke of Uke, Cult of Zir, Fat Free and Phat ManDee with Munky Hyv. Also heard are the Bobtism of Rev. Susie the Floozie and a poem about the prior X-Day by Rev. Hazel of the Windmills.

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