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Hour of Slack #1567 - Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Hell

We're busy packing to move the Bulldada Time Control Labs back to Cleveland Bluffs for the summer, so it's (still) rerun time. Luckily, this particular rerun is one of the best of the 1990s ESO/SubGenius live radio collaborations, from ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB Cleveland. Chas Smith still had his life, and his original band, and you hear them playing along musically with wherever Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave go -- which was primarily to Hell and back. It is a torturous route, but it has a happy ending: Dave saves the world, and Chas covers a Residents classic.

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Hour of Slack #1566 - Stang Ranch Special

Our first show recorded and mixed at the Dokstok Mountain studios in the 9th MegaFisTemple Lodge at Stang Ranch, Stangsville, Stang County, Texas. In fact, all of this show except for the credits -- and the music -- was recorded outdoors. The music is all new: a fresh and topical "Bob" hymn by Dr. Morgan Gutentag, two truly horrifying cover songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project (from the new CD "Sunshine Supershits"), two from Rev. Jimmy Ryan and a wild instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. The ranch location recordings feature fossil discoveries, bone wars, and the debuts of the Stang Ranch Goats and the StangDoe grandchildren.

Stang Ranch drone video #

Stang Ranch and environs "normal" photos

Stang Ranch panorama shots


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Hour of Slack #1565 - Live Time Control Show ( from 2006)

A cosmic and lively live show from late 2006, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave in the WCSB studio with StangDoe and a movie score (THE TIME MACHINE). The convoluted discussion involves speculation on identity, time travel, and the nature of belief and religion. HEAVY STUFF! Lots of collages by LeMur and Rev. Norel Pref. Hopefully this will be the last of the old reruns; next up is a new show produced entirely outdoors at Stang Ranch.

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Hour of Slack #1564 - OTE/HoS/PuzEv Combo Pt. 3

Part 3 of an epic live show recorded on Jan. 5, 2007 at the KPFA studios in Berkeley, with Over the Edge host Izzy Izzint of Negativland (the late Don Joyce) and Puzzling Evidence host Doug Wellman. SubGenius Doktors participating included Dr. Hal, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Ivan Stang, Rev. John Shirley, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Michael Peppe, Princess Wei R Doe, Rev. Kaosmic Bobcat Drummond, Rev. Phineas Narco, K-ROB, somebody named Walter, the Ubergoober Booby Baby, and Bishop Joey from the First Church of the Last Laugh. Opening and closing title bumpers are by Fernandinande LeMur.

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