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Hour of Slack #1453 - See You on the Saucers, Rev. Bob Casale

Contains VERY RARE DEVO. It's a bummer to think that I, Stang, wasn't prompted to discover just how many unheard DEVO songs I had preserved in the Bulldada Time Control lab until a member of the band suddenly and unexpectedly died -- a stern reminder that X-Day could come when you least expect it. Therefore: SLACK OFF AS IF YOUR VERY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! The other members of DEVO have always been supportive of the Church but Bob 2 and his wife Lisa were the only ones who actually ponied up the (then) $30 for Ordainment. Also he was a swell guy in person. All of the music in this episode is by DEVO and most of it gets heard only by the most devout DEVOtees -- many of whom we see every year at the DEVOtionals in Cleveland, and whence come our copies of some of this swell material. Thanks especially to Rev. Toth Wilder for extreme rarities.

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Hour of Slack #1452 - Evil Susie's Yard Sale of Secrets

We proudly present a recent episode of "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse: a true masterpiece by Rev. susie the Floozie, originally broadcast on WREK Atlanta. As she describes it:

"You know, people sometimes see me as being little more than a pair of jiggling boobs--but if they'd look up, they'd see a mirror image of the same seething bicameral action going on under my beehive hairdo, complete with brain cleavage to match! Personally speaking, I had a bit of a psychotic break...and with two years of failure and withdrawal reaching a boiling point, the only therapy I have is to closet myself up working on the FUNHOUSE. But oh, this Bataan Death March of an episode was precisely the wrong kind of show for someone whose personality was fracturing into madness to immerse herself in--because the ingredients of this show are precisely that, broken mirror-shards of me. For once, I feel appropriate describing this episode as being "totally insane"--because this excursion truly is the product of my absolute blithering insanity.

"In this episode, I use my own evil Recombinant Comedy(tm) devices on myself, blasting my own words into rubble and reassembling them into a scenario that takes its own form....but this time I'm not in the driver's seat. From the very start, Evil Susie started taking the plot into wildly apeshit left-field areas, leaving me feeling as if I were being dragged along behind a fucking rampaging tank. But what a goddamned ride she took me on! The soundcollaged bits began to form into madly veering fractals that twisted and pretzeled upon themselves, resulting in unforeseeable madness that gobsmacked even me. Flying dogs! Rump roast horrors! Dead sixth graders! As the hemispheres of my brain erupted in all-out hammer-and-tongs warfare, turning the simple premise of the Flooze and Evil Susie spending some idle time together into an orgy of shortsighted murderous mayhem, I found myself gasping with helpless laughter to the point of hiccups.

"So yeah...I suggest you strap yourself in good and tight for this dizzyingly gutsplitting romp, because tonight you will be pissing yourself in hilarious ecstasy as the two Susies expose shocking secrets, sidesplitting shames, and jawdropping passions!"

TONS of archived episodes of "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse are available here:

Help support "BOB'S" SLACK TIME FUNHOUSE. Donate here, or live in the shame of being a stingy stinkypink moocher.

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Hour of Slack #1451 - All About Holes - Live "2014"-2-9

Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang jam with Jimi Hendrix. (Also includes one live song by The Rainmakers and 2 LeMur collages.) Subjects: McMurphy's Law vs. Nurse Ratched's Rule. CHAOTIC FISHPONDS. America "cheese & fornication" bobalon. Class division humor. The football attached to the President's you know what. Harry Truman's shoes. Frankenfoods. Those aren't your neighbors. Dave's liberty seizures. X-Day 17. If you could ask "Bob" ONE QUESTION. Topology. Leaking from one's nozzle into one's 3rd nostril. Coffee fiends. Lobotomy humor. The Supernatural Bowl. Mind was once leather, now dry cracker. Bowl hole. Math porn. Stephen Hawking's sex life. Chimp armpit braiding. Mowing the lawn of cliches. The sausage sex goddesses at 1997 X-Day Drill.

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Hour of Slack #1450 - Sacred Hernia & Kidney Stone Special - Live "2014"-2-2

I guess it wasn't that horrible of a show after all. Driving home afterwards I (Stang) always remember them being horrible, especially this one, but, playing it back, I can't tell the difference anyway. Sacred or else funny songs are interspersed with live blabbertiyak at the WCSB Cleveland studio, our second favorite place to be when it's zero degrees below zero outside. Starts with collages by Dances With Rockets and Champion Jack Codini, and music by Mayan Ruins, Rev. Phineas Narco, Saint N and Helena Handbasket, The King, and Panting Antics. Somewhere in there is also a pretty gross (yet "clean"!) monolog by the great fat Harry White. Crop circles are discussed, as are the SubGenius Movie, the New Age vs. The Old Age, and some guy named "Bob."

 Music Video of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's song "THE PRESIDENT'S ON THE PHONE"

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