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Hour of Slack #1449 - An Orange Colored Sky - Wake Up, Sleeple! - Live "2014"-1-26

The first half is newly contributed songs, music, and collages, and the second half is a weird live session with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. Music by Cult of Zir and The Psycho Skeletons provide a suitably spooky "rug" which sometimes becomes a "ceiling" for the live talk with Stang, Dave & Wei as they discuss a little bit of everything. Music in the first half includes both a rock song and a cover of a Rudy Schwartz Project instrumental by Purple Johnson Blimp Situation. Also, we have songs on a SubGeniusly theme by Del the Funkier Homo Sapien and by The Rainmakers (from a recent live concert DVD). Some collages are by LeMur but there are many new ones by Rev. Xister including a Papa Joe Mama rant remix.

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Hour of Slack #1448 - Xister Cram-Ups! + Live "2014"-1-19

Rev. Xister (of Ministry of Slack infamy) sent us a massive collection of collages and mashes and froptunes, and the shortest of those form the first 15 minutes, and the end, of this show. In between, well, Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in and it's groin carrions all the way down after that. "Sleep on Through to the Other Side" - "Old SubGenius Home" - "Dick is a Problem" - "Muffintop Brain" - these and other fab tracks are coming right up!

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Hour of Slack #1447 - DEVO COVER BANDS (Rerun of #753)

This is a rerun of a show from 2000, inspired by the then-recent first DEVOtional Day of Atonement event, held in Akron that year. Many rare DEVO clips are featured along with interesting (to say the least) covers of their work. A classic ESO radio show is strung throughout, and a Puzzling Evidence show from The Day is likewise scavenged, as is a Cleveland devival. Some songs come from a compilation by blnkrboy and some come from Mike Water's collection of DEVO covers. 

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Hour of Slack #1446 - Drugs Special Pt. 2 (Rerun of #52)

All except Lil's "So This is Frop" and the ESO sequence are from Hour of Slack #52 & 53, the Anti-Anti-Drug Specials, from 1986. This pro-'Frop follow-up to the previous week's Anti-Anti-Drug Special has a similar cast of dozens of the early main SubGenius Doktors such as Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, G. Gordon Gordon, Mark Mothersbaugh, The Swinging Love Corpses and DK Jones. Stang reads from THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS (this was not long after it was published!) Rare, hideous recordings from an actual Dokstock (the Church's "acid tests") are included as examples of just HOW far it can go.

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Hour of Slack #1445 - Drugs Special Pt. 1 (Rerun of #51)

A legendary 1986 episode! Seriously. For some reason, at least three major-league SubGenius Doktors have told us that the single thing that initially got them seriously interested in The Church of the SubGenius was this specific episode (or maybe its follow-up, which we'll play next week). It evidently hit a number of listeners where they live. The subject was drugs, as well as the War on Them and how it has affected the SubGenius Race. It has a cast of hundreds. There are some scathing sermons interspersed with amazing Media Barrage tracks by Byron Werner, Puzzling Evidence and others, and great D.K. Jones music. The mix was slightly altered when we reran it as #788.

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