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Hour of Slack #1554 - Dr. Sinister's Big Shtick

Again we scavenge Radio Synaesthesia by "phoning it in" from Texas but also sewing Dr. Sinister's talk show with SubGenius media barrages (by Dok Cosmac this time) and music from Rural War Room, The Fantastic Plastics, and a brand new Bobsong by Rev. Spalbort Xylexyzkell. Subjects covered: Surrealist jokes. Durian fruit. Stang has become normal lab rat like other Americans by watching TV and getting a smart phone. The new X-Files, SyFy Channel shows. Neural implants and motion sickness. Old folks and video games. Who'll be Inside The Dome, who'll be out. Trump's Wall around WCSB. "They won't respect ya unless ya kill 'em!" Dr. Sinister campaigns for President. Also starring Lonesome Cowboy Dave, No Money Mark and The Management.

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Hour of Slack #1553 - The Self-Terrifying Whites of Dumbassica

For some odd reason this episode ended up being basically about fascism. It didn't start out that way, and the show itself probably didn't want to be that way, but it kept returning to that subject one way or another. In fact it did it on and off for three weeks of Rev. Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in to Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia on WCSB Cleveland (Stang being away in rural Texas all December). We compressed those three shows, flensed out the worst drunk callers, and interspersed it with a powerful SubGenius media barrage by Rev. Cool Hand Chris Blatter plus a song by The Fantastic Plastics. Open carry in Texas, The Technocrats, selling dumb stuff to rich people, creating news events, goat fascism, Second Amendment and nuke silos, GovMart, armed Amazon drones, St. Penisburg, Legos, Minecraft and fascism, The Dobbshead Magic 8-Ball, these and other delicate subjects are broached and tackled or at least tickled. For a feel-good climax that's only on the Internet version of this episode, we tacked on a refreshing piece of political incorrectness from the 1970s: DOLEMITE FOR PRESIDENT by the late great St. Rudy Ray Moore, SubGenius Saint of Poetry.

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Hour of Slack #1552 - New Slogans and Killing "Bob"

Despite being away from Cleveland for over two months, we have managed to continue doing weekly shows by calling in from Stang Ranch in Texas to Dr. Sinister's Radio Synaesthesia on WCSB-Cleveland. This show is a mash-up of the December 6 and December 20 Synaesthesia shows, with the most egregiously drunk callers edited out and Lonesome Cowboy Dave left in, along with Stang and Doe. There's also new PR Gnus by LeMur and a great collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie on killing "Bob" (a main feature of the discussions as well). We also hear classic SubGenius songs about J. R. "Bob" Dobbs by Little Fyodor and Rev. Tony Bower and a new mind-splitter from Rural War Room. 

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Hour of Slack #1551 - BURN, "BOB," BURN

On the last Radio Synaesthesia show after 18X-Day, among many other things we talked about a terrible deed that we had collectively committed at the very climax of that fateful Drill. This week, our lawyers have advised that we can finally reveal the recordings of the "event" to prove it really happened, and to settle the rumors regarding just how bad it was. You can almost smell the meat cooking when you hear it! Disgusting, certainly, and yet unquestionably mouth-watering. Following that scandalous yet strangely appetising portion of the show, Rev. Andrew Genus calls in and helps us gently to the end of all of the 18X-Day Hours of Slack. We made the 18X-Day shows last from July "2015" to January "2016"! Praise "Bob"! It signals a New Year as well as the immediate need for a 19X-Day web page on SubSITE.

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