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Hour of Slack #1257 - SubSermons & Hymns New and Old (old from #371, 1992)

This episode mixes parts of an oldie (#371 from 1992, which is not yet in the ancient show archive) with new bits and a great Papa Joe Mama devival sermon from 2002. New is a Psycho Skeletons song, "Racist Lesbians on Drugs," and some LeMur and Mr. Rection. From 1992 comes more God-killing music by The Rudy Schwartz Project as well as Churchly bands The Swinging Love Corpses and The Klingons/Cloaking Device (from Germany), and Indian Rope Burn. Stang reads shocking cult news and some rants from REVELATION X (in progress at that time) with background music by Jay Cotton/ZomboFropLand. Vintage Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal are also represented.

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Hour of Slack #1256 - Kill for God

Some old, some new. We resurrect an all-time great rant by Father Joe Mama, and a lot of music from newly-reissued Cds by Rev. Joe Newman (The Rudy Schwartz Project). Also, plenty of new music, from Amit Lissack, Slobberbone, The Large, Jonathan Coulton and The Psycho Skeletons. Lemur does his usual, and near the end is a tour-de-force of editing by Rev. Susie the Floozy in which she turns a shout-out to everyone on [secret SubG newsgroup not shown here] while turning it into a charming story of the denizens of Kern's Holler.

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Hour of Slack #1255 - Rerun of #394 (1993) - Book Rants on God

A very good old-timey rerun from 1993 or so, with much basic SubGenius sermonizing (Stang reading from REVELATION X, which was then in progress) with some marvelous collages by various folks, great music (including John Bartles), a radio play from BRAIN ROT RADIO THEATER (L.C. Dave, Prof. Chas and Psycho Pathfinder on WCSB Cleveland) and a G. Gordon Gordon rant, all of it sounding remarkably timely considering its age.

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