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Hour of Slack #1534 - Make Dobbstown Grate Again

We took a break from the canned X-Day shows for a live show featuring several new audio collage contributors: Dok Cosmak, Soren & Dr. Lanulos, and Dr. Italics; there's also new music by The Fantastic Plastics and The Psycho Skeletons. We also introduce a new feature, "Kids Say the Dangdest Things," this time featuring little Donnie T., age 7. The rest is the ever-morphing conversation with Lonesome Caller Dave. Stang peevishly addresses his numerous pet peeves. Conservatives, old hippies, and Zappa fans with thin skins might want to avoid this episode. The way the term "P.C." has flip-flopped is explored as is the problem of insane would-be domestic terrorists trying to explain everything on the SubGenius Foundation message-phone. Then everything else is explored or at least trivialized.

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Hour of Slack #1533 - Slack Cheese

Rev. Susie the Floozy and Rev. Faux join Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang for the first of two shows recorded at Wisteria on Thursday, July 2nd. Subjects discussed include the many activities that a Tyrannosaurus cannot do because of his tiny arms. (It's sad, really.) Other topics include weaponized war goats, self-aware cussing parrots, Sarah Palin and remote viewing, "Bob" suppositories, porn faucets of the Internet (amateur vs. pro), and The Conspiracy. Possible faults with SubGenius paths to success and riches are cautiously broached. Also, we hear a thankfully brief live clip of the third song ever performed by the band Poo Water Towel -- a cover of The Doktorz 4 "Bob" Theme.

Photos from 18X-Day are now at

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Hour of Slack #1532 - St. Byron Werner and Rural War Room

The great bulldada band Rural War Room came from Little Rock to Cleveland to perform at the 2015 DEVOtional. One of the members of Rural War Room is our old (and we do mean old) pal, St. Byron Werner, a very long-time SubGenius contributor of graphics, music, audio collage, you name it. He's also the originator of the musical genre term, "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music." After the devival we had him in the WCSB studio to rant and spin some whacky tunes by Rural War Room (incuding two "songs" recorded at the DEVOtional the night before) as well as other material from his very bizarre collection.

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Hour of Slack #1531 - Rev. Susie the Floozie & President Huckabee

 Listen, my children, and you shall hear

SubGenius broadcasts from "old Wisteer',"

In July summer, "2015."

Nary a Pink was on the scene

When these words were spoken, at the camp canteen.

-- Dr. Hal

 Total nerd-out. Old nostalgic monster fans will love this one. Special Bonus: scroll to the bottom of this page for the entire first issue of KONA MONARCH OF MONSTER ISLE:

 We're still hard at work organizing and editing the recordings of ranters and bands, but those will be forthcoming in good time.

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Hour of Slack #1530 - Your Slack Ends Where "Bob's" Fist Begins

This is the first Hour of Slack recorded on the second day of the 2015 X-Day Drill, with Rev. Susie the Floozy taking Slot 3 of our "studio" on a picnic table in an outdoor café at Wisteria Community campground. Sadists will enjoy Stang's struggles to make the primitive studio work. The Hitler Testicle Song's rare Verse 2 is recited. Classic and unclassic badfilms are discussed by experts Dr. Hal and Rev. Susie. At one point, Rev. 80 presents Stang with a package of 40 original art pieces, which so surprise the three hosts that they briefly describe each and every one of them. Luckily, this episode is interactive! While listening, you can view the amazing BULLDADA EYE CANDY - 40 Pieces of Visual Deprogramming by REV. 80 on the web at:

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