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Hour of Slack #1427 - Live 2013-8-25 - Man, Marijuana, and The Man / Internet Hate

The piteous whining of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's prisoner is heard in the background of the live discussion involving Dave, Dr. Sinister, Stang & Doe. MANY subjects both topical and uber-trivial are discussed, including: 'Frop; cops harassing outdoor festivals; souls in canisters; brain eating amoebas; GTA IV as a murder weapon; the horrible racist trolls of the Internet and AM radio, versus reality; 'Frop; good news is no news; the Life After People golf course. Non-blabber includes two live Rainmaker songs, "There's a Frop farm Over Yonder" by The Mutant Mountain Boys, some mind-fuckery by The Large and also The Bishop; instrumentals by The Psycho Skeletons and Uncountable Fisted Tails of Connie. And of course, PR Gnus.

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Hour of Slack #1426 - A Beloved Dobbs-Approved Episode from 1986

Fossil SubGenius at its best. Being a rerun of Hour of Slack #61 (late 1986), it features: Classic Explanatory Media Barrage 5 and "Intro Barrage" mix; Young Puzzling Evidence solo; Stang's report on the first Hour of Slack volunteer meeting; Dr. Philo Drummond "On the Road"; Palmer Vreedeez' World Without Slack scene with Jesus and Jim Jones, read by Stang; Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger's "The Mutron" educational lecture (shortened due to an accidental broadcasting of the word "fucking"); Stang making excuses for the "fucking"; the touching ""Bob" Cleave" song by early Drs. 4 Wotan (Sterno, Satellite Weavers, Stang); Dr. Hal and Gary G'Broagfran operate on Puzzling Evidence; Stang's long "Drunk Tank" spirit-filled rant (over "The Final Squirt" by The Swingin' Love Corpses; Rev. ann's UFO Radio tape; "Bob" & Dad's Sex Education; the renegade priest from The Poseidon Adventure; The Baab; The Drunken Preacher;and the song "Froppin'" by The Swinging Love Corpses.

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Hour of Slack #1425 - The Conspiracy is Out-SubGeniusing Us!

Pisces' inspiring improv rant at 16X-Day starts things out… no wait, The Rainmakers doing their greatest '80s hit (a couple of months ago) starts this out. Then it's "Best of X-Day" all the way down. St. Andrew impales gun nuts; Evolution Control Committee controls magnetism; The Mutant Mountain Boys whip it; Phat ManDee out-Hendrixes Hendrix; The Slot Rods ram it home; and Dr. Onan Canobite (via Rev. Stang) explains why the important thing is to SHOW UP. Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang, and Dr. Sinister, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, do various radio bits, real and unreal

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Hour of Slack #1424 - When Dinosaurs Ruled The Hour of Slack

There is more about osteoderms in this episode than in most Hours of Slack. Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang were live, in front of an audience, doing Hour of Slack using Tarzan's Radio Station on July 2, the second day of 16 X-Day Drill, in Caffeina's cafe at Wisteria campground. And that's where we are for most of this show, which includes performances by Evolution Control Committee, The Mutant Mountain Boys, The Slot Rods, St. Andrew the Impaled and an extra special bowel-tearing rant by Rev. Tao Joannes with Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie. The only bits NOT from X-Day are PR Gnus and collages by LeMur. And Stang's hastily-recorded credits and garbled explanations. The show ends with a RIPPING recording of The Mutant Mountain Boys doing "May Your Records Be Unbroken."

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Hour of Slack #1423 - Dr. Hal, Dave, StangDoe & Callers on Syn

...(and the Near-Death Experiences of Moles) 2013-6-30

'Twas the Day Before X-Day Week, and we took over Dr. Sinister's Radio Synesthesia at WCSB Cleveland. There were several callers (including a very special guest caller!), and needless to say the subject of X-Day veered off into discussions on the Near Death Experiences of animals (moles, for instance), the tragic tale of Little Johnny Suck-a-Thumb, the identity of The Fifth Beatle, Pittsburgh as the new Portland, and the typhoon that was raging outside the radio station the whole time. SubGenius callers include Dr. Zirroneous, Rev. Tawdry Milquetoast, and Jannus Blackseed, plus No Money Mark and other Syn regulars. But can you identify the secret special caller? There is no music in this episode, nor live tracks from 16X-Day, because we're readying ourselves for the Detroit Devival and short on edit-time.

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