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Hour of Slack #1427 - Live 2013-8-25 - Man, Marijuana, and The Man / Internet Hate

The piteous whining of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's prisoner is heard in the background of the live discussion involving Dave, Dr. Sinister, Stang & Doe. MANY subjects both topical and uber-trivial are discussed, including: 'Frop; cops harassing outdoor festivals; souls in canisters; brain eating amoebas; GTA IV as a murder weapon; the horrible racist trolls of the Internet and AM radio, versus reality; 'Frop; good news is no news; the Life After People golf course. Non-blabber includes two live Rainmaker songs, "There's a Frop farm Over Yonder" by The Mutant Mountain Boys, some mind-fuckery by The Large and also The Bishop; instrumentals by The Psycho Skeletons and Uncountable Fisted Tails of Connie. And of course, PR Gnus.

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