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Hour of Slack #1392 - Rerun #926, BACK ON "BOB"

This is truly an old-school "Bob"-centric episode: SubGenius "back-to-the-Pamphlet" fundamentalism, with everything from the oldest Glassmadness Dobbs hymns to more recent Dobbsedelia by LeMur and Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Well, recent by Church History standards; this rerun is from 2004. Includes Stang rants, Heart Ignition, Norel Pref, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Nenslo, Zappa, nu-monet and the one-man band, MAN (now "Man, Incorporated.") A mouldin' oldie, in other words, yet as fresh today as it was in 2004, give or take 8 years or so.

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Hour of Slack #1391 - SubGenius Ultimate Xistlessnessmess Mix Rerun Special

What are the holidays without reruns? This is the hoary old annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of #867 (& 921 and 1026, 1077, 1129, 1236 and 1338), which was itself a condensation of some ancient year's 3-show "Best of Xmas Sickness" compilation, which were themselves the concentrated best-of from 15 years' worth of previous Xmas SubGenius and other Xmas weirdo collections. Includes over 66 separate tracks/songs/bits! And no, not one bit has been changed in all these years.


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Hour of Slack #1390 - SubMusic by SubMen and UberFemmes

Best of the Friday and Saturday night concerts at 15X-Day. Bands include Several Fisted Tails of Connie, The Slot Rods, Andrew the Impaled, Evolution Control Committee, Amoeba Knievel. Rants by Papa Joe Mama, Stang, G. Gordon Gordon. Collages by LeMur, Slackmaster Sarcastro, Byron Werner. Also: Puzzling Evidence, The Rudy Schwartz Project, and Mister Sister sings the Tro Lo Lo song! Special thanks to Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw for recording so much of this.

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Hour of Slack #1389 - Live 2012-11-25 - The Maya Prophecy

This live episode is largely centered around two subjects: songs about stupidity, and the Maya prophecy of the world ending on Dec. 21, 2012. The music includes The Rudy Schwartz Project, Jonathan Coulton, Wei's new "discovery" Ted Ganger, and even ZZ Top! LeMur and The Large collages round it out. As usual, the live parts with StangDoe and LoneCow Dave are all over the place, but there's much discussion of the Maya in general and the famous prophecy, including Stang reading from IN THE COURT OF THE SUN and THE SACRIFICE GAME by Brian D'Amato (HIGHLY recommended black-humor historical science fiction). Also: the tragic end of The Onion mailing print copies to subscribers signals potential mass killings at Post Offices. The Internet version of this show includes an extra 8 minutes of StangDoe chatting with Dr. Sinister while waiting for him to take over the controls and start his show, Radio Synesthesia.

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Hour of Slack #1388 - Fire & Water: The Bobtism and The Burning

A little of everything this time. Dr. Hal and Dr. Drummond return from 15X-Day and talk about it on the Puzzling Evidence Show. Their critiques lead to songs by various bands (Evolution Control Committee, Amoeba Knievel, The Slot Rods, Andrew the Impaled, The Amino Acids, Several Fisted Tails of Connie) as well as to Stang's edit of the Naked Bobtism ceremony and the Bonfire Burning of "Bob" location recordings. Collages by Rev. Phineas Narco and LeMur help stir the pot. Also: mini-sermons by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon and music by The Psycho Skeletons and Jonathan Coulton.

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Hour of Slack #1387.5 XXX-Rated - 15X-Day Internet-Only Special

This is one of our rare Internet-Only shows, composed of audio that would be pointless if rendered fuckless and shitless for broadcast radio. Aside from Legume's reworking of the infamous Shelley Dankert rant and the LeMur titles, it's all from 15X-Day, with rants by Dr. Philo Drummond (WARNING: "Who We Hate" is not very "p.c."), Rev. Pockets, Rev. Suds Pshaw, and Rev. Stang, plus much excellent improv doktor jamming with disgusting and filthy vocals by Rev. Angry Larry, Phat ManDee and especially Priestess Pisces. First of two XXX-X-Day episodes.

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Hour of Slack #1387 - Rerun of #942 - The Invisible Collage

With this rerun we buy time to give the last of the 15X-Day recordings the attention they deserve. This is a live show from 5-9-04 with Princess Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and Stang in the station, but it's also the premiere of "The One-Liners Collage" v 01.1 -- an intense collage of collages, mostly by Fernandinande Lemur but also with great cut-ups by Norel Pref, Rev. nu-monet, Rev. Artemia Salina, Heart Ignition, iDRMRSR and others. There are songs by The Bonzo Dog Band and Hank Flloyd & the Swerving Headlights, and music by Norel Pref.

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Hour of Slack #1386a - WCSB Pledge Drive - Live 2012-11-11

We're putting two shows online this week, because it was pledge drive time at WCSB, which meant that for the other broadscast stations we had to provide a rerun. And it's one of the best reruns. That's #1386b. However, we're putting 1386a online too, because both funny and sad stuff happened. And, hey, both WCSB and the Church will take your donation even if it doesn't come from Cleveland! Imagine that! What a surprise! (There's a donation button on the home page of SubSITE and Hour of Slack donation/subscription buttons at: ) P.S. We feel we should let the too-empathic (and/or the gullible) know that Rev. Stang's insane nervous breakdown near the end is just a performance. Well, MAINLY a performance. There's SOME truth to it.

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Hour of Slack #1386b - Rerun of #984 - SubGenius Album Sampler

We're putting two shows online this week, because it was pledge drive time at WCSB -- meaning that we had to provide this rerun for the other broadscast station. And it's one of the best reruns. The description of it from 2005 applies perfectly well this year too:

I was falling behind on Hour of Slack, yet there's a TITANIC MASS of new material to sort through. Only way to catch up was to FORGET THE NEW, for this week, and use what was already digitized and "prepped" - like for instance all the SubGenius albums! So I grabbed one or two sound files each, whichever I remembered being especially true to "Bob", from the following SubGenius CD albums:

Bobsongs 1 through 6

Media Barrages 0, 5, 10, 11, 12

Hour of Slack Classics

Best of Hour of Slack/ESO live radio

It turned out so well that we sell this collection as a CD too!

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Hour of Slack #1385 - ELECTION RESULTS SPECIAL - Live 2012-11-4

"I'm Tired of Bronco Bomney!"

Time Control! On November 4, we already knew who would be President both before and after the recount! So in this special live show, we celebrate America's great new destiny under our glorious leader, as well as the terrifying changes it will bring as it shuffles toward Bethlehem Steel. Also: Rev. Jannus Blackseed's sermon from 15X-Day, pertinent songs by Rev. Phineas Narco, Devo Dan and Jonathan Coulton, killerlages by LeMur, G. Gordon Gordon mini-rants. SUPER-MONSTER-GEEK QUIZ: Can you identify the background music and sound effects? Winner gets to sleep with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and briefly make him just plain Cowboy Dave.

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Hour of Slack #1384 - The Atheist Evangelist Vs. Puzzling Evidence

We devote 30 minutes to the last third of Brother Sam Singleton's amazing rant as The Atheist Evangelist at 15 X-Day. Much of the rest of this episode comes from the Puzzling Evidence show of July 20, when Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal had returned from X-Day to deposit their reports and sarcasms. As usual the show is spiced with collages by LeMur and, in this case, short rants by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, some music from the thing that was not a "rave," and some Doktormusic and Byron Werner cut-ups from the 1985 SubGenius album, "Bod Doktors."

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Hour of Slack #1383 - A SubGenius Wedding & Mighty Yeti Bands

This episode enjoys the advantage of having a lot of Rev. Angry Larry's and Rev. "Suds" Pshaw's guitar work all over it. There's also excellent cuts from live X-Day performances by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee and Amoeba Knievel. Like DEVO and Little Fyodor, Tommy epitomizes the lone weirdo yowling in the wilderness. We hear a poem from the baby voice-pipes of Rev. Baby Bear, and lots of collage by LeMur. Dr. Hal, Philo, GGG and Stang build up anticipation for the climax of the show, the romantic wedding of Rev. Gorgon Mylar (mispronounced by Stang as "Millar") and Princess Squirrel-Face. This was the next-to-last day of the festival and a discerning listener can tell that the Old Preachers are getting a mite rough around the edges by then.

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Hour of Slack #1382 - The Wit & Wisom of Yahoo News Commenters (Live 9-7-12)

We try to avoid Pink human politics, but we'd be remiss not to stink it up at election time. After some good music by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee, and Tommy Amoeba's new band Amoeba Knievel (plus some fine old and new collages, mostly by LeMur), the live part starts. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to the station, and then he, Wei and Rev. Stang read through a selection of "LIBTARD AND OBUMMER HATERS," all enacted word-for-word from actual -- and, sadly, extremely typical -- comments culled from the ends of Yahoo News articles. We understand that the Libtards aren't angels. But they also aren't as eager to share their grammatical expertise with the world as the Romneyites, especially following the infamous "47 %" blurtings. Music by The Slot Rods and an old timey Stang rant help wash out the filth afterwards.

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Hour of Slack #1381 -- Your Night in the Barrel of the Bands (15X-Day)

After Herculean effort we have tweaked and titled our recordings of many top notch superweirdo and nerd-spazz-rock bands that took the stage at 15X-Day weekend: Amoeba Knievel, The Evolution Control Committee, The Slot Rods (close personal friends of The Amino Acids), Andrew the Impaled, and more; the aforementioned have a song or two each in this show, broken up by a live "radio" panel with preachers Dr. Hal Robins, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Rev. Stang. Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist, delivers part 3 of his amazing and searing rant. LeMur provides PR Gnus; and The Psycho Skeletons offer a new song (albeit recorded in their studio rather than in the wind at 15X-Day). Rev. Baby Bear joins the Hour of Slack vocal cast with this show.

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Hour of Slack #1380 -- The Slot Rods Vs. Parasite-Flavored Ice Cream

For this episode, Dr. Philo Drummond, G. Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal, and Stang  are the main blabbermouths from the Wisteria stage  "Hours of Slack" at 15X-Day. Stang also does much signifying on a pretty decent interview conducted by the New World Manifesto team for their video documentary. We also hear Part 2 of the great Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist. Luckily, lots of media barrage collage (by Stang and LeMur variously) and some great instrumental surf-punk by The Slot Rods break up the spoken word sections. The New World Manifesto video can be seen here. 

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Hour of Slack #1379 - Live 9-9-2012 - Hottest Mistresses of Presidential Candidates

Typical of shows recorded live from the WCSB studio, we start with 15 minutes of music and collages by The Large, LeMur, The Psycho Skeletons, and ancient Media Barrage clips from the pre-Hour of Slack 90-minute SubGenius collages of yore. The Duke of Uke closes the show. In between, it's thousand-mile-a-minute yammering by "Bob's" three old stooges, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Rev. Ivan Stang. The upcoming elections are discussed at length. The recording of the very first alien abduction of Philo and Ivan (from the late '70s) is replayed for the first time in a few decades.

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Hour of Slack #1378 -- The Day The World Didn't End (with Sam Singleton Part 1)

Some very new, some very old! Lots of collages by The Large and LeMur are interspersed with songs, Part One of an amazing rant about religion by Sam Singleton, The Atheist Evangelist (more to come in the weeks ahead), and a live show from the Wisteria café with Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces, G. Gordon Gordon and Rev. Stang. We hear music by The Duke of Uke, Phat ManDee with Dr. Hal and Wei. Also included is an extremely old-school Stang rant about X-Day and a very bizarre clip of Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave on ESO Swamp Radio from the olden days.

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Hour of Slack #1377 -- THE BUTTHURT OF THE SUBGENIUS - Dr. Legume, Papa Joe Mama Holocaustal MegaSermons

We proudly present two of the best SubGenius hellfire sermons ever, both delivered on July 5 "2012" at 15X-Day Drill. Dr. Legume delivers "The Butthurt of the SubGenius," truly a tour-de-force, and Father "Papa" Joe Mama preaches "The Diet of Worms," written on the spot mere minutes before. A reading from St. Palmer Vreedeez' WORLD WITHOUT SLACK starts off the show, which is riddled with shorter songs, clips and rants from Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Several Fisted Tails of Connie live at 15X-Day (pisces on vocals), PR Gnus, The Psycho Skeletons, and X-Day radio from the Wisteria stage with Rev. Stang, Dr. Hal and Papa Joe. Further muddying the mix, we pour in UFO-and-Apocalypse-related collages from the olden days of the Media Barrage tapes and rants from late-1980s Hours of Slack. This kick-ass guitar work heard throughout the show is by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw and Rev. Angry Larry, with Bishop Stick on bass stick. 

Hundreds photos from 15X-Day at

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Hour of Slack #1376 -- The Horror of 7 a.m., July 5 / Rev. Susie the Floozie Rant

The centerpiece of this episode is the edited recording of the events that took place on the Wisteria field, in the middle of the huge stone circle, at 7 a.m. July 5 (in a year that turns out to definitely NOT be 1998), followed by a heart-rending sermon by Rev. Susie the Floozie. Songs by The Mutant Mountain Boys and mini-rants by G. Gordon Gordon bracket the show, which also includes the last of the live radio done from the Wisteria café stage the day before the world ended, in this case with Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces, Dr. Legume and Rev. Stang. There's some actual "Doktor" music, plus a touching song by Pisces and "Suds" Pshaw (with apologies to Leonard Cohen), recorded about 2 hours after they were married. Mr. Fernandinande LeMur presents fresh PR Gnus.

Hundreds photos from 15X-Day at

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Hour of Slack #1375 -- Live Radio at 15X-Day on July 4, "2012" with Dr. Hal, GGG, Pisces

Starts with The Mutant Mountain Boys live at 15X-Day. Another song by them closes this show, which, except for PR Gnus by LeMur, is entirely composed of an Hour of Slack delivered , in the wind, before a live audience of the undead at Wisteria Campground on July 4 during 15X-Day. The panel participants include Dr. Hal, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Priestess Pisces and Rev. Ivan Stang. All possible subject matters are covered thoroughly, then washed and put out to dry, then carefully folded and burned.

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Hour of Slack #1374 -- The Day Before the World Ended

Most of this was actually recorded several days before the world ended, at WCSB Cleveland's Radio Synaesthesia of July 1; the rest was recorded at Wisteria campground on July 4 or else is "new." (Or old Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Philo Drummond.) The new includes the return of the REAL P.R. Gnus by LeMur and a Psycho Skeletons tune, as well as background music by DJ 2Beans. The "live at X-Day" includes two great gospel songs by The Mutant Mountain Boys and a Rev. Angry Larry/Priestess Pisces song-jam, "The Price of Slack." The long stretches of Synesthesia feature Dr. Hal, host Dr. Sinister, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, caller Dr. Zirroneous, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Rev. Ivan Stang. All manner of non-SubGeniusly subjects are discussed, such as the real-life Woman with Two Vaginas as well as the notorious Candiru fish.

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Hour of Slack #1373 -- 15X-Day Rants, Bands & Jams from July 4, "2012"

Night Before X-Day is always fraught with insanity, creativity and also inebriation. This episode is composed primarily of that selfsame totally Dobbs-inspired, trance-spouted ranting, jams and songs, all delivered from the main stage at Wisteria. Ranters, musicians and bullshitters include ancient co-founding Hierarch Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, nerd beauty queen Popess Pantiara Evokavitch, mighty shemergentile Priestess Pisces, driven guitar maestro Rev. Angry Larry of The Amino Acids, evil genius Rev. "Suds" Pshaw, sex goddess Rev. Pockets of Ministry of Slack, wise man/retard Rev. D. Lister, and occasionally the resigned Rev. Stang. Bishop Stick on bass throughout. Dobbs-frying gospel hymns by the devoesque bulldada blueweed band The Mutant Mountain Boys bracket the show. This one is also marked by the return of the authentic PR Gnus by Mr. Fernandinande LeMur, and believe it or not, a brief resurrection at 15X-Day by the late King of Rock and Roll, performing a SubGenius version of the classic song "My Way."

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Hour of Slack #1372 -- July 3 Live Show (Pt. 2) & Ask Dr. Hal from 15X-Day at Wisteria

We are still breaking down recordings from 15 X-Day Drill -- hours and hours of bands, Bobtisms, sermonizing, effigy-burning,etc. This is part two of the first (2-hour) "Live Hour of Slack" recorded at X-Day, before an audience at the Caffeina's café in Wisteria campground -- right after the whole southern half of the state was hit with freak high winds and heat that knocked out the power almost everywhere BUT Wisteria. In fact, about 20 minutes into this show you hear lightning hit maybe 100 yards from where we were gathered. At this July 3 show, the main ranters were Papa Joe Mama, Dr. G Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal Robins, and yours truly, Rev. Ivan Stang, with help from Priestess Pisces.

NOTE: Facebook shut down our original Slack Hole page because photos of penii had appeared on it (the breasts -- mostly from X-Day photos -- didn't seem to bother any people or robots). So it has been replaced, and in many ways improved (thanks to Rev. Pockets!)

NEW All-Purpose SLACK HOLE 2.0 SubGenius Facebook page

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Hour of Slack #1371 -- First Live Show from 15X-Day at Wisteria (Part 1)

We are going through recordings from the 15 X-Day Drill chronologically -- until I get time to mix it up more. This is part one of the first Hour of Slack recorded at 15 X-Day, before a live audience at the Caffeina's café in Wisteria campground -- right after the whole southern half of the state was hit with freak high winds and heat that knocked out the power almost everywhere BUT Wisteria. At that July 3 show, the main ranters were Papa Joe Mama, Dr. G Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal Robins, and Rev. Ivan Stang. But first are three highly appropriate songs by Hank Floydd, Rev. Mojo Nixon and NOFX.

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Hour of Slack #1370 -- Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave July 8 Post-X-Day live show/ GGG Rant on Batman Movie Massacre

This, to me (Stang), is a better than usual Hour of Slack, because I as show host was lucky enough to have both Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave in the studio at WCSB -- and, halfway through the show, Dr. Sinister. You cannot get much more pure audio Slack than that -- unless you also have Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, who emailed us a topical (!) short rant about the Batman Movie Massacre, inserted near the beginning. (Technically, Dave was phoning in, but since he's generally the only person ALLOWED to phone in, he might as well have been in the studio.) The conversation between the Doktors of the Air ranges from 15X-day, which had ended earlier that very day, to DAMNED NEAR EVERYTHING ELSE, such as, for instance, Fleischer cartoons and how the "human blockhead" sideshow act is done. Both Dr. Hal and Dave turn in STERLING performances. We still have almost 3 more hours with these worthies from Dr. Sinister's show, and our hope for upcoming episodes is to intercut that material with the location X-Day recordings of rants, music and "radio shows" -- a truly daunting editing task, the thought of which makes me (to quote Little Big Man) "shrivel like a spider on a hot stove."

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Hour of Slack #1369 -- Radio Synesthesia with Dr. Hal, Stang, LCDave

On July 1, the night before leaving for 15X-Day, Dr. Hal and I, Stang remained at the WCSB studio after Hour of Slack to continue our Sacred Spouting on Dr. Sinister's Radio Synesthesia -- for two hours, with breaks (Part 2 of that and Part 1 of X-Day recordings proper will be next week's show). Lonesome Cowboy Dave remained on the line, and we had many callers, some of whom are good examples of why we don't take callers on Hour of Slack but instead edit them down from Synesthesia -- not that this one is heavily edited; it had to be assembled and mailed out on CD while we were still at Starwood Festival. We are now home and ready to plunge into the hours or maybe days of recordings from 15X-Day, which was extremely successful from a performance standpoint, with excellent music, ranting and gabbing by special guests like Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Philo Drummond and G. Gordon Gordon. (We just have to pick which of 3 different recordings of each event is the best sounding, piece by piece). NOTE: Facebook shut down our original Slack Hole page because photos of penii had appeared on it (the breasts -- mostly from X-Day photos -- didn't seem to beother any people or robots). So it has been replaced:

 NEW All-Purpose SLACK HOLE 2.0 SubGenius Facebook page

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Hour of Slack #1368 -- July 1 Uncut Live Pre-X-Day Special with Dr. Hal

I, Stang, am posting this from Wisteria campground in Southern Ohio during Starwood Festival, just having finished X-Day Drill #17 (or 15 X-Day, if you prefer). We recorded so many sermons, band performances, live shows, human blockhead acts, weddings, Giant Dick-Eating Spider fights, and embarrassing private conversations during X-Day that it'll require 15 Hours of Slack just to play the BEST stuff. The very first recording was a good omen. We did this WCSB studio show -- and two subsequent hours on Radio Synaesthesia -- the night before we left Cleveland. Our Church Brain Trust and Master of Secrets, Dr. Hal, was in the studio with us as well as Dr. Sinister, and LoneCow Dave by phone; we covered MANY scientific and doctrinal points of confusion and argument, all the while preparing to head to a campground which happened that week to be in a part of the country just declared a National Emergency Area by the Feds due to violent storms. Ironically, our goal, the SubGenius festival area, Wisteria, went completely unaffected by power outages, water shortages, or any other end of the cataclysms that were afflicting all cities in several states AROUND Wisteria for the entire week. In fact we recorded 8 hours or more of live Hour of Slack at Wisteria with many great Beautants from among the old-school original SubGenius preachers. One highlight of this show (safely recorded in the Cleveland studio, unbeset by the violent weather actually heard in the location shows to come) is Dr. Hal's vivid description of his expedition into the Arizona Sonoran desert to capture a Bufo alvarius or Colorado River Toad, a creature whose venom, when scraped, dried and smoked, makes you high as a lord, capable of seeing "Bob" on the off chance that he might choose to appear.





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NOTE: We are releasing TWO shows this week, because the world ends next week.

This show is a real cross-section of SubGenius audio history from 1980 to the present, almost all of it concerned with the upcoming WORLDWIDE X-Day event (not the campout). Toward the end we describe how deceased Mormons such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young have been turned into due-paying SubGeniuses, postmortem, by Rev. Just John. Mostly, it's "media barrage-style" cuts, hundreds of them, from things like Dr. Legume and Rev. Stang preaching at devivals, to unidentifiable but somehow classic monster movie soundbites. Most impressive of all are some clips from the Futuramas of LAST WEEK (S07-E01,02) with uncanny correspondences to both X-Day and the Canobitian research concerning the secret 1953 switch of "Earth" and "Mars." Stang preaches from that chapter of THE BOBLIOGRAPHON. Two songs each by THE AMINO ACIDS and HANK FLOYD are played through, but there are bits of many songs we can't identify now because they came from collages created by the late Prof. Chas Smith for his ESO Swamp Radio show. Near the end, Rev. Stang provides a few survival tips for those Left Behind in the coming Rupture. In other words, this show covers a LOT of temporal ground. Recorded June 24, "2012" at WCSB Cleveland.

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Hour of Slack #1366 - Combination of Shows Show #13013

Things are getting so hectic as X-Day closes in that we are using up every last smidgen -- well, almost -- of the various bits and bytes recorded last Winter while Princess Wei and Rev. Stang were visiting our fellow SubGenius Radio Preachers. (Besides, reruns are almost as much trouble as fresh shows.) Guest callers this time include Rev. Phineas Narco and Rev. Michael Peppe, along with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. In-studio hosts and guests include Dr. Philo Drummond. Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Sinister, Dr. Hal and Ministry of Slack (from their podcast, actually). Mister Rogers opens the show.

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Hour of Slack #1365 - Dumbass-Baiting Special: Stang Retires, Legume/Pisces Now In Charge

We had hoped to keep the "Stang Retires, Leaves All to Legume and Pisces" hoax going, but circumstances forced our hands. Oh well, the prank was probably played out anyway. Butthurt and ragequitting happen very quickly on the Internet, especially among saps, chumps, dipshits, the undiscerning, and especially the wishful thinkers. We're sure that this episode, and the transparent hoax from which it sprang, will cause hundreds of dense Bobbies to quit the Church who never joined in the first place, and has lost us many dollars that we never would have seen anyway from the many whining GimmeBobs. Dr. Legume and Priestess Pisces guest with Lonesome Cowboy Dave in mockery of those who fell, EAGERLY, for the latest in a 30-year history of SubGenius Bobbie-Outing pranks. This one was the best yet, judging from what we're hearing from anybody who had enough sense to realize that "Stang retiring" and "Legume as New Fascist Overlord" was an utterly preposterous gag meant to flush out the rats in the Church sewers. It worked perfectly. A big change of pace, and an excellent farewell-to-the-chumps for our X-Day celebrations at Wisteria.

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our of Slack #1364 - Puzzling Evidence Vs. The New Rules, "YBSC," and a Sprained Ankle

With a few fun exceptions by Ministry of Slack, The Swingin' Love Corpses, Popess Lilith, Rev. Cosmik Debris and Rev. Royal deCapitator, this episode is mostly taken from The Puzzling Evidence Show, KPFA-Berkeley, from Feb. 10, Con Year 2012. This show happened to be the first one attended by Rev. Ivan Stang after The Rock That Wants You to Sprain Your Ankle finally caught up with him at Capitola Beach. Host Puzzling Evidence and Dr. Hal, however, themselves fell victim to a plan by Dr. Philo Drummond and his brainwashed captive, Stang -- but mostly Philo -- to force RULES on The Show -- a rather pointless and ridiculous plan, impossible by definition, but a plan nonetheless.

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Hour of Slack #1363 - Live 2012-6-3: Past Vs. Future / Easter Island

Right after a short opening about Recent African Origins by the host of the show before ours at WCSB, Charleston Okafor, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon reveals the meaning of life -- seriously! -- in 2 minutes. That one rant justifies the whole rest of the show. Opening collages are mostly by Rev. Royal de Capitator and Ministry of Slack, with a nice instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. (The Deadwood soundbites sound a LOT different on the broadcast version, by the way.) The next 46 minutes are live studio yak (Lonesome Cowboy Dave on phone) with a lovely background "rug" (as we sound people call background music) from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new album. The conversation rambles all over the place, although the subject of history repeating itself, well, repeats itself in various ways. There's a lot about Early African Origins and recent DNA-related advances in paleoanthropology connecting Neanderthals and Denisovans to modern non-African humans. Stang provides a brief history of Easter Island, which suddenly captured our interest the day before this show. The swiftly increasing superstition and gullibility in mass media and its audience is addressed with disgust disguised as humor. You can find the complete log in the radio page of

New SubG blog by Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Rev. John Shirley

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Hour of Slack #1362 - More ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang, Zero Boy

In February, 2012, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and I, Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first broadcast -- and three Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn about other Hours of Slack, along with collages, songs and location reports, with more of all that to come when we regain our Time Control. However, this legend-shrouded second Hal show, just excavated from a layer of the archives, has not been chopped up and categorized, and, best of all, with only a few edits wass Hour-of-Slack-ready. Also, a guest on this show was an entity known as Zero Boy, an advanced expermental improv robot. I cannot wait to hear the next model.

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Hour of Slack #1361 - The ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang & Zero Boy

As X-Day looms, Sacred Scribe Rev. Stang has less time to put into complex mixes. One option in such cramped periods is to use uncut, or slightly cut, live other SubGenius shows recorded elsewhere. Last February, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first one -- and 3 live Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn among other Hours of Slack, along with our usual unusual collages, music and vacation reports, with more to come when we again achieve Time Control. However, the second Ask Dr. Hal show, just re-discovered, was Hour-of-Slack-ready and then some. About halfway into the show, a creature known as Zero Boy arrived. We suspect his machine-like vocal sound effects will blow your mind as they blew ours.

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Hour of Slack #1360 - THE THING? / Great Rest Stops of the Great Southwest

I fret that our current spate of "SubGenius Travelogue" episodes is self-indulgent. Don't worry, they end at the point where The Rock That Wants You to Sprain Your Ankle finally got to me, and I sprained my ankle. That's coming soon, in an entire show about breaking rules and ankles. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to intersperse the educational-sounding travel and historical anecdotes with weird and good music, and clips from the other SubGenius shows that we invaded during our travels. The travel narration this time is from Chiricahua National Monument near Willcox, Arizona. The entire first ten minutes of the show is a The Large collage which, for some reason, includes an actual pretty song. The other music is from Einstein's Secrety Orchestra (live in 2000) and a weird old song by a "Janet Green" confusing Communism with Fascism (they are technically more like opposites, although both often lead to totalitarianism). Some very old LeMur collages and new Rev. Royal DeCapitator collages are included, and new PR Nooz. Special thanks to The Puzzling Evidence Show, The Ask Dr. Hal Show, Radio Synaesthesia, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Oh, and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe.

StangDoe Photos of Chiricahua National Monument and Environs

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Hour of Slack #1359 - National Parks: Referees in the Pinks Vs. Nature SemiFinals

This episode features even more location recordings than do other recent ones of Stang & Doe describing various aspects of their winter travels through the Southwestern deserts. Despite these motormouth recordings being edited down to about 5% of their original lengths, it's still a large percentage of utterly unscripted ramblings, even for The Hour of Slack -- although they do build into rants near the end. We have therefore attempted to provide relief and variety in the form of strange and wondrous music by Carlo Serafino, a horrible Unknown English Lady, The Psycho Skeletons, and The Swinging Love Corpses. We also continue to mine The Ask Dr. Hal Shows and Puzzling Evidence of last winter, and The Firesign Theatre from a winter 42 years ago. ((Can that really be possible?!?))

The New Mexico State Parks described in this episode are City of Rocks and Rockhound State Park, both near Deming, New Mexico. Our edited (and Photoshopped!) photos of City of Rocks and Rockhound State Parks


We suggest reading "The Suggestions."

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Nature lovers will love this show, and nature haters will love it too. We keep telling ourselves that, BECAUSE it is true. In the beginning, after mind-butting collages by Rev. Cozmik Debris, Rev. deCapitator, Ministry of Slack, The Large and others, we hear Stang and Wei on location, griping bitterly about vacation disappointments in West Texas, followed by fabulous discoveries MADE POSSIBLE by those very disappointments. A classic Texas "GILF" is discussed in a sexist way, despite our respect for her as an artist. We restart our bi-annual SWINGING LOVE CORPSES salute, and wallow in audio collages by the aforementioned arteests. Some extremely rare Firesign Theatre is unearthed, as well as more Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr, Hal, plus the Ask Dr. Hal podcast. "Al Swearengen" from the show Deadwood -- Stang's latest ShorDurPerSav -- is also excerpted at length in His Wisdom. Try to imagine how the censored versions of these brutal rants sound on the paying for-real broadcast stations. Can't be done, but we did it. During this show, we referred to photographs that would soon be available on SubSITE, and they now are.


 Try to notice and follow the instructions!

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Hour of Slack #1357 - Live 2012-4-15 - Protozoan Sex, Etc. With Dr. Sinister

The first 15 minutes of the show are wonderful collages and music, by DEVO (new and mostly unreleased), Rev. Royal de Capitator, The Large, The Deathbillies, The Psycho Skeletons, Rev. Cozmik Debris (with NEW "PR NOOZ!"), Dr. Slackjaw, the Ministry of Slack and The Horror of Party Beach. Then the "ON AIR" display lit up, Dave called in, and, well, you know. We went off on some tangents. Then Dr. Sinister entered the studio, and he added more tangents. A great motherlode of tangents, contradictory as that may seem. We enjoyed it, but it took 6 hours and much movie viewing to slow down and go to sleep after performing this live show. I, Stang, was somewhat agitated and worked-up for some reason, probably the return of health after an ankle injury during our 3 months of travel.

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Hour of Slack #1356 - Argyle Hour of Slack #1

This episode was Made In Germany With American Parts. Rev. Bucky Argyle, who lives in Germany, unexpectedly sent us this completed show (in both X-rated and PG versions!), leaving a couple of instrumental breaks for credits, which were added in Cleveland as best we could from his rough list of tracks. His source material ranges from 1981 SubGenius tapes with Dr. G. Gordon Gordon to mysterious brand-new tracks snagged from YouTube videos, with a little of everything in between, like oddball songs, devival preaching, and kook clips. A true Media Barrage in the spirit of the early Pleistocene pre-Hour of Slack church tapes. Some of it is Olde SubGenius "best-of" while other audio treasures are completely new to the rest of us. The rant by (?) at the end is a must-hear.

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Hour of Slack #1355 - 15X-Day's A-Comin' / SubAustin, Texas

This episode just seems to spew pretty much all over the place. Dr. Slackjaw, also known as Rev. Royal de Capitator, Rev. Xister and Rev. Sweetness McGee of the Ministry of Slack show podcast all provide godzillions of collages. We experience The Puzzling Evidence show from KPFA Berkeley last February, with hosts Puzzling, Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, and special guests Kaosmic Bobkat, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Princess Wei, and Rev. Ivan Stang. X-Day is a-coming, so that gets addressed at length, with a short side-trip to Austin, Texas from the winter's SubGenius Family Vacation. Radio Synaesthesia of WCSB Cleveland is abused from afar. Badfilms get discussed and invented.

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Hour of Slack #1354 - Live 2012-03-25 - Stang's Hilarious Terminal Cancer

Firstly, our Facebook post on April 1 about the Church shutting down was an April Fools Day joke. I am truly sorry that we have to spell that out.

We sure had fun with this live show from March 25, 2012. Long ago the True SubGenii abandoned the Usenet forum called "alt.slack" to the PinKooks it had attracted, and started a new, Members-only group called ScrubGenius. This severely upset the left-behind, Stang-hating, "Bob"-disparaging, SubGenius-despising individuals, who were few but who also hate each other more than they ever hated the rest of us OR The Conspiracy. A couple of them fantasized online that Rev. Stang had come down with prostate cancer. They eagerly believed each other on this point. The actual SubGeniuses, observing from the Yetinsyn-only ScrubGenius forum, took full advantage of this mob delusion and did their best to confirm the lie in order to prompt ever more entertaining outbursts of mistaken gloating. In truth, Stang was perfectly healthy (aside from a broken toe), and encouraged the hoax. This episode of Hour of Slack was produced, even while the hoax was ongoing, to demonstrate how gullible any generic "hater" is. We SubGenii, plotting fairly openly on another forum, set up these jealous bastards expertly, and they fell for it with a passion. By the time they hear, or hear-tell-of, this Cleveland broadcast, it will be 2 weeks after they'd started making fools of themselves. The first 20 minutes of the show, thankfully, are a series of very well edited collages by the main Ministry of Slack hosts, and also included in the show are some songs by The Deathbillies, Fist of Kindness (our literary agent's band!), and a mystery band, "SC77". Likewise offered are some good health-related and X-Day-promoting clips of The Puzzling Evidence Show from the weeks that Stang was held captive by Dr. Philo Drummond in the San Francisco area.

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Hour of Slack #1353 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 3:  Death, Sickness and "Bob"

The Texas vacation theme in this episode kept mutating into a "vacation from health and life" theme for some reason. That's just how the material sorted itself out. Sometimes that happens. We offer two songs by The Deathbillies, one from The Psycho Skeletons, an excerpt from Fever in the Funkhouse live, and clips from Radio Synaesthesia, The Ask Dr. Hal podcast, The Puzzling Evidence Show, and, well, Deadwood. There are also a large Large collarge, two rare Firesign bits (both by Rev. David Ossman), Dr. Philo Drummond, and a whole bunch of goats. A rather candid recording of the Rev. and Princess Stang-Doe chatting as they stroll through the grounds of Stang Ranch in Texas provides some hidden surprises to those who listen closely.

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Hour of Slack #1352 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 2: The Ensickening

The one's a mixture of Stang & Doe's Location Road Trip Reports -- they were looking for America, and found it sprawled all over the place -- and miscellaneous SubGeniusness, songs, sermons, and collages. Includes: Sermons with Suds, by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw; The Large; Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB Cleveland, Puzzling Evidence from KPFA Berkeley, The Ask Dr. Hal Show podcast, the all-Zappa show of Krell and Pope Sternodox in Little Rock, rare Firesign Theater, The Psycho Skeletons, and Popess Lilith (added at the very end at the last minute, and thus uncredited). Rev. Stang and Princess Wei report from the secret hide-outs of Rev. Pockets and Dr. K'taden Legume, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and Pope Sternodox. Note: Stang was no longer spreading contagion after depositing one last dose on Rev. Susie. However, he did not stop TALKING about it, and thus continued to make others sick.

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Hour of Slack #1351 - Early Mourning Memorial Party for the Late Saint Peter Bergman

One of our heroes died: St. Peter Bergman of The Firesign Theatre, inspirators for all "old-school" SubGenius radio and a goodly portion of SubGeniusness in general. He pre-boarded the Saucers on March 8, 2012; this show was assembled on March 10 & 11. Most of it features especially Bergmanesque clips from one of hundreds of weekly Firesign radio shows, in this case their foutrth, from Feb. 15, 1970 -- which we copped from Rev. Taylor Jessen's great book and Firesign radio compilation, "Duke of Madness Motors" (available from We've also included some better-known short classics from the albums, an interview with Phil Proctor about Peter, and much commentary posted by various SubGeniuses as read by Rev. Ivan Stang. Of special interest are three promos for a Firesign monthly show on now-defunct XM Radio, co-written and produced/performed by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy with The Firesign Theatre a few years back. The ending is a real tear-jerker, so if you're an old TFT fan, be prepared. If you're a "new kid" who has never heard of them, catching up on their work probably wouldn't hurt you.

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Hour of Slack #1350 - SubGenius Family Vacation Pt. 1: Typhoid Ivan, Penn Jillette Vs. God

While Princess Wei and Rev. Stang made their trek from Ohio to Texas, L.A. and San Francisco, and back, spreading disease, climbing rocks in national monuments, and breaking limbs all the way, they recorded daily road reports for HOUR OF SLACK. While these too-honest reports admittedly required strenuous editing, interspersing them with "regular" abnormal SubGenius material (such as rants about religion, stupidity and conspiracies) has made them at least seemingly more seemly. Other contributors include Mr. F. LeMur, The Large, Rev. Penn Jillette, Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw, Dr. Sinister, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, The Firesign Theatre and Dr. Philo Drummond. Incidentally, the March 11 episode of the NPR show "To the Best of Our Knowledge," we are told, will feature interviews with Rev. Stang along with Howard Stern, Camille Paglia, Jack Abramoff and others. The theme is "Scoundrels!" ( )

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Hour of Slack #1349 - Battle of the SubGenius Shows Pt. 3 - Bohandas is Back

The only contestant missing from this Battle of the SubGenius Radio Broadcast All-Star series is Rev. Susie the Floozie's show, but her show stayed in Atlanta while Hour of Slack drove to San Francisco (and promptly sprained one of its four ankles). Rev. Ivan Stang, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Dr. Hal did a total of five two-hour broadcasts recently, and by phone joined WCSB's Radio Synaesthesia for yet a sixth show with Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Dr. Sinister drawn into the mix. (While in California, Stang was also interviewed for the NPR show "To the Best of Our Knowledge, to air March 11, last we heard.) The first 23 minutes of this episode include the report of the SubGenius Pope of China, Rev. Shining Path of Least Resistance, to the Puzzling Evidence show regarding his recent tour of NORTH KOREA. (A copy of the SubGenius movie ARISE! is somewhere in North Korea now.) That's followed by a rare DEVO cover of a NIN song, an amazing overdub of the Gary G'broagfran song "Bohandas Man," more of our favorite moments from the various shows -- especially one with Rev. Kaosmic BobKat (Mrs. Drummond) also in the studio -- and two priceless calls by the great Rev. Michael Peppe to Puzzling Evidence. Next week, we will begin mixing this "all-star show battle" material with more traditional (sic) Hour of Slack-type clips, plus the first of StangDoe's dozens of SubGenius Family Vacation audio reports.

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Hour of Slack #1348 - Lucky Charms in 13 Steps

Last month, our show went wild in San Francisco and collided with several Puzzling Evidence and Ask Dr. Hal radio shows, as well as making emergency phone-ins to Radio Synaesthesia in Cleveland. We have attempted to categorize the endless clips from these 10 hours of SubGenius all-star radio, and one result is this peculiar episode. Listeners will notice that, maddeningly, Dr. Philo Drummond, Master Manipulator, keeps steering the various conversations back to two subjects. Stang is heard going berserk in reaction, on two different shows. Guests and hosts include Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Dr. Sinister, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Ivan Stang, Phineas Narco and many mysterious callers. Future episodes will include some devastating reports from yet other callers, as well as location recordings of this year's ankle-breaking and truncated SubGenius Foundation Family Road Trip Adventure.

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Hour of Slack #1347 - Battle of the SubGenius Shows Part 1: Cleveland Vs. San Francisco

While in San Francisco for three weeks recently, Hour of Slack became intertwined with three of The Puzzling Evidence Shows from KPFA Berkeley, two Ask Dr. Hal Show podcasts on Radio Valencia, and a Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB Cleveland. This particular episode had to be assembled quickly, so it is comprised of the best/longest clips from several of those shows, the ones that needed the least editing. Spouters include Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Dr. Sinister, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, Dr. Gary G'broagfran, Rev. Ivan Stang, Phineas Narco and many mysterious callers. When we have time to sit down and do some serious editing, future shows will include appropriate clips from the aforementioned, mixed with location recordings made by StangDoe, including reviews of many national monument, state park and rest stop restrooms.

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Hour of Slack #1346 - Rerun, #844 - Indevival 2002 with Papa Joe Mama

Here we offer highlights from one of the best devivals ever, the one sponsored in Indianapolis in 2002 by the Quijibo Cartel. Pope Phred's M.C.-ing glues together performances by StAllio, Saint N and Hellena Handbasket, Stang with a variation on SubGenius 101, and the classic Papa Joe Mama rant called "Reparations." Clips from live ESO and Puzzling Evidence radio shows spice it all up, along with some LeMur and other collagery.

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Hour of Slack #1345 - Rerun, #798 -- Media Barrage 11, Bulldada Music

This is a GREAT rerun. Hearing it again shocked even me, and I, Stang, assembled it myself back in 2001. "The Suicide Song" at the beginning, alone, justifies the whole show. There are also two classic Captain Beefheart songs as well as music by some all-time greats of the novelty/bulldada/doktor genres, especially The Swinging Love Corpses. Many excellent clips from olden ESO radio shows (WCSB) feature Rev. Televangela calling in to be abused by Stang, Dave and Chas, and the excerpts from Media Barrage 11 are all good ones, as holy now as they were then -- that is, not very holy, but pretty funny. Rev. Alex Thompson's best X-Day rant -- the one he did at age 14 -- is included, as is an adjusted song by Little Fyodor, recorded live at the same 4X-Day Drill of yore. Puzzling Evidence/Dr. Hal/Glassmadness of 1983 vintage tops it off.

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Hour of Slack #1344 - "Bob," God, Money and Drugs (Rerun of #843 (2002))

We have had no time to edit the hours of location recordings from our SubGenius Road Trip, much less the Puzzling Evidence shows from its midpoint, so we're again presenting an especially good rerun -- at least, the label on the master had a scrawl on it in Stangwriting saying "Good one!" (I, Stang, have not actually heard it since 2002!) We know from the log however (seen at that it has a fine Pater Nostril collage from devivals and other things, music by Saint N and Hellena Handbasket, lots of clips from good old Media Barrage Tape #5 (1982), LeMur, Nu-Monet, and Artemia Salina collages, much best live ESO Swamp Radio with Dave, Chas, StangDoe and callers, Puzzling Evidence, a Glassmadness classic "Bob" hymn, and even RastaBillyBob and "Zeeza." MANY of these contributors are now dead or vanished! So it MUST be good!

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Hour of Slack #1343 - Rerun of #485 (1995) "CONSPIRACY"

The Church Audio Monks in Dobbstown unearthed this excellent fossil episode at a dig in Vault Canyon -- this was found at the Cassette Tape Masters layer, dating it to around 1995 or 1996. These were the "Golden Shower Years" of the SubGenius/ESO Swamp Radio shows (WCSB, Cleveland), when Prof. Chas Smith led Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang through maze-like live shows -- with live musical accompaniment by Chas and other ESO musicians). Pieces of those were then scavenged for Hours of Slack, interspersed with songs, collages, and weird radio history clips, in this case including Rev. Mojo Nixon, a memorable Papa Joe Mama Sermon from a Pittsburg devival, Rev. Bill T. Miller's Out of Band Experience (OBE), a reading by Stang from his BIG BOOK OF CONSPIRACIESintro, the one and only Joe Auffrict, Cleveland Satanist, in clips from an interview before his comedy career, Philo's little brother Sphinx on Puzzling Evidence, Stang reading the greatest Nenslo SubGenius Conspiracy rant. Begins with clips from Rev. Bleepo Abernathy and Rev. Nick Nolin. Doesn't end.

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Hour of Slack #1342 – Atheism and The Conspiracy, with Penn Jillette, Ship of State 2, More Wor

Rev. Penn Jillette -- yes, a real SubGenius Minister -- wrote a book (partly about atheism) called "God, No!" and in this episode we excerpt the first chapter of his audiobook. It simply kicks ass. Some discussion about the late Christopher Hitchins from a recent Radio Synaesthesia ties into it, as does Part 2 of Rev. Xister's "Ship of State" media barrage. Bits of Puzzling Evidence, The Large, and a sermon by Rev."Suds" Pshaw work themselves in, and the show climaxes with a touching Xmas "Bob" hymn by Popess Pantiara Evokavitch. This episode was produced somewhat "on the fly" at Stang Ranch, Stangsville, Texas just before Xistlessnessmess 2011, so some subject matter (such as Kim Jong Il's death) may seem unseemly and untimely. Well, that's Time Control for you.

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Hour of Slack #1341 – Ship of State - Media Barrage by Rev. Xister

This episode is all one fantastic old-school media barrage by the hard-working and very talented Rev. Xister, normally heard weekly on our fellow SubGenius show, The Ministry of Slack. It’s a collage about The Conspiracy, using what would be to him older movies and music, and harkens back the carefully-arranged media barrages that we used to splice up on reel-to-reel tape back in the 1980s before Hour of Slack was born. I don’t think “Bob” or SubGenius are mentioned at all, but it is PURE SubGenius. It’s 90 minutes long too, so this is only Part One of SHIP OF STATE by Rev. Xister.

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