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Hour of Slack #1353 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 3:  Death, Sickness and "Bob"

The Texas vacation theme in this episode kept mutating into a "vacation from health and life" theme for some reason. That's just how the material sorted itself out. Sometimes that happens. We offer two songs by The Deathbillies, one from The Psycho Skeletons, an excerpt from Fever in the Funkhouse live, and clips from Radio Synaesthesia, The Ask Dr. Hal podcast, The Puzzling Evidence Show, and, well, Deadwood. There are also a large Large collarge, two rare Firesign bits (both by Rev. David Ossman), Dr. Philo Drummond, and a whole bunch of goats. A rather candid recording of the Rev. and Princess Stang-Doe chatting as they stroll through the grounds of Stang Ranch in Texas provides some hidden surprises to those who listen closely.

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Hour of Slack #1352 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 2: The Ensickening

The one's a mixture of Stang & Doe's Location Road Trip Reports -- they were looking for America, and found it sprawled all over the place -- and miscellaneous SubGeniusness, songs, sermons, and collages. Includes: Sermons with Suds, by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw; The Large; Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB Cleveland, Puzzling Evidence from KPFA Berkeley, The Ask Dr. Hal Show podcast, the all-Zappa show of Krell and Pope Sternodox in Little Rock, rare Firesign Theater, The Psycho Skeletons, and Popess Lilith (added at the very end at the last minute, and thus uncredited). Rev. Stang and Princess Wei report from the secret hide-outs of Rev. Pockets and Dr. K'taden Legume, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and Pope Sternodox. Note: Stang was no longer spreading contagion after depositing one last dose on Rev. Susie. However, he did not stop TALKING about it, and thus continued to make others sick.

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Hour of Slack #1351 - Early Mourning Memorial Party for the Late Saint Peter Bergman

One of our heroes died: St. Peter Bergman of The Firesign Theatre, inspirators for all "old-school" SubGenius radio and a goodly portion of SubGeniusness in general. He pre-boarded the Saucers on March 8, 2012; this show was assembled on March 10 & 11. Most of it features especially Bergmanesque clips from one of hundreds of weekly Firesign radio shows, in this case their foutrth, from Feb. 15, 1970 -- which we copped from Rev. Taylor Jessen's great book and Firesign radio compilation, "Duke of Madness Motors" (available from We've also included some better-known short classics from the albums, an interview with Phil Proctor about Peter, and much commentary posted by various SubGeniuses as read by Rev. Ivan Stang. Of special interest are three promos for a Firesign monthly show on now-defunct XM Radio, co-written and produced/performed by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy with The Firesign Theatre a few years back. The ending is a real tear-jerker, so if you're an old TFT fan, be prepared. If you're a "new kid" who has never heard of them, catching up on their work probably wouldn't hurt you.

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Hour of Slack #1350 - SubGenius Family Vacation Pt. 1: Typhoid Ivan, Penn Jillette Vs. God

While Princess Wei and Rev. Stang made their trek from Ohio to Texas, L.A. and San Francisco, and back, spreading disease, climbing rocks in national monuments, and breaking limbs all the way, they recorded daily road reports for HOUR OF SLACK. While these too-honest reports admittedly required strenuous editing, interspersing them with "regular" abnormal SubGenius material (such as rants about religion, stupidity and conspiracies) has made them at least seemingly more seemly. Other contributors include Mr. F. LeMur, The Large, Rev. Penn Jillette, Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw, Dr. Sinister, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Puzzling Evidence, The Firesign Theatre and Dr. Philo Drummond. Incidentally, the March 11 episode of the NPR show "To the Best of Our Knowledge," we are told, will feature interviews with Rev. Stang along with Howard Stern, Camille Paglia, Jack Abramoff and others. The theme is "Scoundrels!" ( )

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