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Hour of Slack #1289 - rerun of 872 - Over the Edge / SubGenius Executive Retreat 2003

"The Church of the SubGenius: The Next 100 Years" -- The first uncut hour of a marathon historic weekend conference of high-ranking SubGenius officials (except Dr. Hal) at Sulphur Palms Resort, MCed by Bud Good of the Universal Media Netweb (with Don Joyce, Negativland), broadcast on KPFA, Berkeley, California, Dec. 27 2002. Conference participants include LIES, Puzzling Evidence, Bishop Joey of Church of the Last Laugh, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Gary G'Broagfran, Princess Wei R. Doe, Rev. Ivan Stang, Rev. Michael Peppe, Rev. Rob on the Organ.

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Hour of Slack #1288 - DEVOtional/Collage Special #2

It's all collages and we're all DEVO. We return to the DEVOtional to exploit the live recordings (and studio Cds) of the many bands and weirdos influenced by DEVO -- interspersed with earbone-wrenching collages from several newer contributors. We think SubGenii will enjoy the non-DEVO covers by new bands like Nervous Energy, FarBarf and International Espionage! Jerry Casale rants with The Spudboys! And there's even a Captain Beefheart cover, added just BEFORE we learned of the recent death of that great BulldadArtist.

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Hour of Slack #1287 - SubGenius Ultimate Xistlessnessmess Mix Rerun Special

What are the holidays without reruns? This is the annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of #867 (& 921 and 1026, 1077, 1129 and 1236), which was itself a condensation of some ancient year's 3-show "Best of Xmas Sickness" compilation, which were themselves the concentrated best-of from 15 years' worth of previous Xmas SubGenius  and other Xmas weirdo collections.

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Hour of Slack #1286 - The Toilet Zone: Tea Baggers Vs. Frankenstein

This live show from Dec. 5 opens with a string of collages utilizing especially pertinent old Twilight Zone shows, some colLARGEs and a new song by Phineas Narco. Then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, and some extremely quirky background music goes on. Dave, Wei and Stang explore the similarities between current talk radio, Hitler, and Dennis Hopper playing an American Nazi in 1963; doktormusic; patriotism; the Members-Only ScrubGenius forum; bulldada; naked wet shaved dogs; and Stang reads selected passages from the ancient novels FRANKENSTEIN and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, in a special way. Persons who are sensitive to psychotomimetic drugs should be careful when using this episode.

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Hour of Slack #1285 - TIME MADNESS (rerun of #863, 2002)

This episode of The Hour of Slack is a rerun, but a MYSTERIOUS one. Our friend St. David Bachner has gone to the trouble of digitizing almost all of the first 1,100 Hours of Slack, transfering them from cassette tape to MP3, and making them freely downloadable on his website. We have been inspecting the logs of the downloads and noticed a couple of very strange things. Firstly, a suprising number of old shows are being downloaded by people in Russia and China. Secondly, while most of the old show have been downloaded by an average of from 200 to 400 people, ONE of them has been downloaded almost 20,000 times! Our new shows get an average of like 3,000 downloads a month or so, but this one old show has been downloaded 20,000 times! We looked it up to see what was so special about it. It's Hour of Slack #863 from the year 2002, titled "TIME MADNESS," and it has some great stuff on it, but... damn if I know why this show out of all our 1200-odd shows has been copied by 20,000 people. Maybe YOU, dear listener, can figure it out. Please let us know, if you do.

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