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Hour of Slack #1302 - Monsters-Rants and New Old Firesign Theatre

A good old-fashioned all-purpose Hour of Slack with many of our top contributors, plus something very special: rare clips from very early radio shows by The Firesign Theatre, only recently unearthed. (Firesign fans who thought they'd heard it all are in for a GOLD MINE of "new" stuff!) Lots of ranting from X-Day 13, Radio Synesthesia, and Puzzling Evidence; music by Rainbow, SODDI, DEVO, Phat ManDee, Christian Blatter, and The Amino Acids.


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Hour of Slack #1301 - Starwood 3 + Live on Gadhafi 3-20-2011

This week we deliver the promised ECC mash-up of JoCo's "Code Monkey," some other ECC, the question-and-answer session with Stang plus a Wei-Phat ManDee duet from Starwood 30 (2010), some Puzzling Evidence and colLarge. The second half of the show is live from the WCSB studio with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in to discuss War #3 in Libya. Stang reads some revealing sections from Moamar Gadhafi's "THE GREEN BOOK" as well as a short new rant by Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite. The upcoming 14 X-Day is discussed at some length. The show ends with an extremely catchy song by International Espionage! probably recorded at the DEVOtional of 2010. Special thanks to Paul Mavrides for the Gadhafi-head (from 1987!) and to Rev. Carter LeBlanc for Gadhafi's "THE GREEN BOOK."

New 14 X-Day promo pages (adults only):

A nice shot of the Gadhafi-Head Football discussed on the show, from 13X-Day:

There are some photos of Starwood 30 at Wisteria at:

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The Starwood Festival as seen through the ears of Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei, with commentary by Dr. Sinister and songs by: Corissa Bragg, The Evolution Control Committee, Jonathan Coulton, Electric Junkyard Gamelon, Phat ManDee and about 500 drummers. The centerpiece is Stang's review of the Starwood Guide Book, read selectively and with added gags and stray ramblings to the Starwood audience. Ends with a sing-along by Wei dedicated to the new X-Day and Starwood site, Wisteria.

There are some photos of this event at:

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Hour of Slack #1299 - SubGenius 101 at Starwood 30

This week we start using recordings from Starwood 30 -- mainly Ivan Stang's "Introduction to "Bob"" sermon, and some chatter about the new X-Day/Starwood venue, Wisteria -- and music from many new CDs and other sources. Upcoming 14X-Day guest The Evolution Control Committee's new release is featured, along with new music by SODDI, Rev. Just John, Girl Talk, Slack-T and Jonathan Coulton.

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Hour of Slack #1298 - Live 11/2/27: SubGenius Family Vacation

We would like to apologize to all our listeners for subjecting them to an a capella SubGenius parody by Stang and Wei of "The Oldest Established" from the classic musical, "Guys and Dolls" by Frank Loesser. We had to do it, and we had to do it live in the WCSB studios. Luckily, it is preceded by a dozen wonderful collages by The Large (and one by Rev. Slanderbob) as well as clips from Puzzling Evidence involving The Large as a caller (presumably; The Large remains mysterious to us). Following the excruciating but X-Day-related "song," Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to comment on Ivan Stang and Princess Wei's hopefully humorous observations about highway travel, Quaint America and its denizens following a two-month "working vacation" that was considerably more vacation than work.

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