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Hour of Slack #1254 - The Men Who Stare at the Vulcan Jedi Mentat's Lawn Mower Vs. the Space Goats (Live 2010-4-25)

After some audio collage and special movie dialog clips, and three unusual anti-drug songs, it's solid blabberjawed yakdomness from Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei R. Doe and insidious caller Lonesome Cowboy Dave. The general overall theme is, as the title indicates, The Men Who Stare at the Vulcan Jedi Mentat's Lawn Mower versus The Space Goats. Sub-subjects: sex, the fear of homophobes, remote viewing, drugs, the Yeti Taint, X-Day, the possibility that extraterrestrials are diseases, and the new DEVO album.

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Hour of Slack #1253 -- Bowel-centric Special

Two talk shows are interspersed with collage and music. One talk show is Puzzling Evidence (KPFA Berkeley) with Dr. Philo Drummond and Dr. Hal, talking about digestive disorders. The other is Rational Radio (Dallas) host Jack E. Jett & friends interviewing Rev. Stang. Music is by Rev. Max Slack, Rev. Joe Newman's The Rudy Schwartz Project, Perry-Kingsley, The Attery Squash with Rev. Diva Schematic, Thigmotactic (Rev. Mark Hosler), Rev. Phat Mandee and Tommy Amoeba, Slack-T, plus clips from ZZZ Top and The Fleischer 1939 movie of "Gulliver's Travels." Collages are by Mr. Rection, The Large, The Bishop, Rev. Stang, and, of course, the great Mr. Fernandinande LeMur.

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Hour of Slack #1252 -- Live 2010-4-11 - Yeti Diversity

Collages and music in the first 20 minutes and the last 5. In between, the rest is a yakathon by Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Lonesome Rev. Stang (Princess Wei was busy elsewhere that night). SubGects covered: X-Day - the horror of Yahoo News Comments sections - Dave's Mind Sap - Poles grieve - Nuclear Beer: prophecy fulfilled! - There's Nothing You Can Do That "Bob" Doesn't Want You to Do - NoThink  and BreakMind - X-Day got Farked - Computer memory and bad memories are cheap, good memories are dear - Devil in the Monastery - Audtralopithecus in WalMart - Yeti Diversity - Mutation - Pull the Wen Over Your Own Eye - Everybody gets an Empire eventually. Music by Pilgrim peakeasy, Jonathan Coulton. Much LeMurian collage.

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Hour of Slack #1251 - Rerun of #787 (2001 A.D.) -- All-Purpose Show

We'll probably be back live next week, or at least with a new edited show, but this month we've been finishing up Stage One of the huge secret SubGenius project that we so love to hint about... and we're behind on promoting X-DAY, the annual SubGenius festival to end this planet's dominance by humans, and to replace it with the duminance of SubGeniuses. This particular episode owes much to the late Prof Chas Smith's ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB Cleveland, which was practically half of Hour of Slack for about a decade. Starts out raunchy (with Fat Harry White), then goes to somewhat more serious Conspiracy-hating. Music is by Little Fyodor, St. N and Hellena Handbasket, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Lamprey Systems, The Morning 40 Federation, Artemia Salina.

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