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Hour of Slack #1411 - The SubGenius Video Game / Live 2013-4-28

This episode isn't ONLY about the SubGenius Video Game, but that project is discussed in detail on a recent Puzzling Evidence show. We play more new songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and an El Queso oldie, some new/old collages, and much live chatter by StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave phoning it in, as it were. (His BUZZ is GONE!) We had no idea what we were going to talk about going in, and we ended up disecting the movie Upstream Color, the new "Bob" Hates Pinks movement, sex trends at X-Day Drills, rival cults, and scaly-legged hippie lizards. Stang reads a bit from THE PSYCHLOPAEDIA OF SLACK.

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Hour of Slack #1410 - Puzzling New Rudy Schwartz Evidence

 The Rudy Schwatrtz Project has a new album in distribution, Full Frontal Klugman, and we premiere here three golden tracks (including a cover of SLC's "Pick A Booger") plus a SubGeniusly special promo. Much of the rest of the show, interspersed with LeMur barrage and other chunks, is from the February 22 Puzzling Evidence Show recorded at KPFA, Berkeley, when Wei and I, Stang were visiting. (Dr. Drummond was engaged in an important medical experiment that night/morning.) Subject matters include the "Bob" department store chain, the SubGenius video game and abusement park, and speculation about who would win -- Hitler or Jesus? A Psycho Skeletons cover of a Nirvana song closes the show.

It's a good thing that our contributors spend so much time crafting their segments. We at Tarzan's Radio Studio in Cleveland Heights, where Hour of Slack is assembled, must perforce swing hurriedly from show production to show production; for instance, the credits for this were recorded "on the run" in the Slackermansion bathroom.

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Hour of Slack #1409 - Jonathan Winters Tribute - Uncensored Rare Recordings

For those who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, the late Jonathan Winters was THE sick weirdo comedian. (We were too young for Lenny Bruce, and The Goon Show was only in England.) For many of us in the USA, Winters was our first exposure to true improvisation and stream-of-consciousness surrealism. So, Winters' recent death was my excuse to a) file an extension on my taxes and b) cram all of my Rare Winters collection into one show. Except for short calls from TWO Daves (!), the whole show is Winters performing, not on stage or TV, but for his friends. Much of it is out-takes from recording sessions for commercials, some of it is phone messages left by Winters to his agent Jim Smith. We know that younger folks think of Jonathan Winters as that fat guy who played grandpas in sitcoms, but long before that he was planting seeds of Slack through Insanity into the brains of young mutants. Incidentally, we could make another whole Hour of Slack out of JUST Winters talking about UFOs, one of his favorite subjects. But we won't.

The Internet-only version of this show has an extra 6 minutes at the end -- Winters doing some racially based humor that we suspect wouldn't be properly understood in context by some radio listeners.

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Hour of Slack #1408 - Live 2013-04-07 - Back Out of the Saddle

Upon our return to the Cleveland Heights Slackermansion after a four month road trip, we did an old-fashioned live show at WCSB with collages, music, Puzzling Evidence clips and the buzz that sometimes comes when Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. We plan to buy Dave a cell phone. Collages this time are mostly by Rev. Baby Bear. Songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and Jonathan Coulton. Background music by Cult of Zir and The Psycho Skeletons. Subjects covered include: Desert Hiking Hints. We Need a New iEverything. Things that Novelty Dinosaurs are Made Of. Pest Western and the Roach Motels of America. Forbidden Geology and the New Names for Crazy Rock Formations. Rain in Death Valley and tortoises who pee themselves to death.

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Hour of Slack #1407 - Complete Nerd-Out with Philo, Stang, Peppe, Wellman & Hal

Herein we present the last hour of the Ask Dr. Hal Show of 2-15-2013. It opens with an exceedingly, perhaps even painfully in-depth disection of the movie SON OF KONG, the actual fate of Skull Island, and very large butts (hence the JoCo cover of "Baby Got Back"). Other topics covered: eating frogs; Bobbies and X-Day; Zappa sucks; Hose vs. Hos and HoS; Winterstar and Prof. Chas Smith; giant pills; drugs and listeners; Radio Carpal Tunnel; Manopause; Jack Kirby comic book monsters and their underpants; kindergarten meth heads; Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle; demigods of X-Day; hiding from reality.

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