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Half live show from July 25 with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in, half collages plus one of our favorite moments from 13X-Day Drill: Pope David Lee Black's rant over the Sunday night jam band (6 Fisted Tails of Connie). Collages are by LeMur, The Large, Mr. Rection and Heart Ignition. Subjects covered in live portion: Oil Drill Spills as weapons; dentist drills; X-Day Drills; the Abortion of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs; "Bob" knows pickin'; "Bob" as a Nut Job; goats; ear hairs. Finally, a Phineas Narco "Bob" song.

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Hour of Slack #1266 - 13X-Day Special with Dr. Hal, Philo Drummond & Pisces live

Four live Hours of Slack were recorded at the stage during the 13X-Day Drill, along with three Ask Dr. Hal sessions, five bands and a dozen preachers. The bulk of this episode is the first of the outdoor Hours of Slack, recorded July 1 with Rev. Stang, Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces and Dr. Philo Drummond. Interspersed with that are impromptu songs by 6-Fisted Tails of Connie (the X-Day Drill jam band) and collages by Lemur, Sweetness McGee and the returned maestro, Heart Ignition. We also hear some clips from the Shanghai Devival, first big SubGenius show in Asia. Praise Pater Nostril for making the 13X-Day recordings. (Jam-band musicians include Rev. Angry Larry (The Amino Acids), Dr. Sinister, Dr. Philo Drummond (The Swinging Love Corpses), Rev. Phil, Rev. Suds Pshaw (Munky Hyv), Priestess Pisces, Rev. Bunny Day, Senator Speck, DJ Shaver and others.)

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We returned from 13X-Day Drill (and Starwood Festival, which followed on its heels) with so many hours of great recordings that merely the labeling alone will take a week. Meanwhile, to buy ourselves more editing time, we present one last X-Day related rerun, a classic episode of Rev. Susie the Floozie's "Bob's" Slacktime Fun House from WREK Atlanta, her Post-X-Day Special. It's heartbreaking -- heartbreakingly good. Next week will begin a series of Hours of Slack combining "live" shows we did with Dr. Hal, Philo Drummond and many others, and crazed new bands and ranters, all recorded at the 13X-Day stage, Starwood and environs.

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