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THIS EPISODE IS NOT BROADCAST-RADIO-FRIENDLY! Broadcast stations are welcome to it, but you'd better have a finger on the bleep button.

I, Stang, am writing this blurb. I did not, however, create this episode. It was the idea of Rev. peas, who solicited contributions from any listener who would listen, and I believe it was edited by Rev. Fidd Chewley. IT IS AMAZING! It's full of songs and rants that I never heard before, and I was indeed honored to hear it. I was honored THE HELL OUT OF IT! Nobody provided a list of the contributors, but it's a lot of old-timers and newcomers. My favorite clip is Nenslo talking about what a jerk I am. Papa Joe Mama's closing statement is also extremely... climactic. (Wait for it...) Anyway, Happy New World to everyone.

When I decided to end my weekly torture sessions last June, that gave me TWENTY HOURS OF FREE SLACK PER WEEK, and let me tell you, it's been GREAT!!! I used all those hours for Slack, yes I did. For one thing, I became a Graphic Artist again... a graphic RIP-OFF ARTIST, using these amazing new A.I. art toys that drive so many real artists mad with anger. But see, the kind of artist I have always been is a BULLSHIT ARTIST. So these apps are perfect for me. I occasionally post the results on my personal Facebook page or on, but mostly I'm just having fun. Playing in the new sandbox.

My health has improved too. My bad back has improved since we started walking the dogs and cats again... four dogs on leashes and three cats skulking furtively like ninjas in the woods around us. That was one of my main goals: just being able to walk the dogs around the ranch again. We had a TERRIBLE summer, with record heat and drought, and no rain for 3 months, and WeiMawMaw, Princess Wei's mom, boarded the Saucers at age 93. Actually that was not terrible -- she was good and ready. What a great Mom she was.

I'm still filling SubGenius orders, being the Sacred Scribe, answering emails, and coming up with lots of funny bulldada with my old pals on our own little Old Fellers forum, but posting this show is the first time I've turned on my ancient radio-making machines in six months! Luckily, I got a new phone and repaired hearing aids with an extra gizmo, so I was able to actually hear this tribute show -- IN STEREO YET, something that hasn't been possible for some time, because I was basically one-eared for years. My social media activity is mostly restricted to people I know personally now. "I gave at the office" and I'm taking it easy now.

Rev. Dr. Uncle Onan Canobite will be Sacred Scribe #274 when I croak or go into an iron lung or whatever, so, when that happens, do what he and Philo say, unless DObbs tells you otherwise.

THANKS FOR LETTING ME RANT! Thanks for HELPING me rant! Thanks for ranting and bullshitting along with me! I don't want to get all weepy, but gol durn if I could possibly imagine a more fun, surprising and interesting life and career. If I could change anything, I wouldn't. PRAISE "BOB" and all the SubGeniuses I know thanks to him!!!

And special extra thanks to my oldest old bud, Dr. Philo Drummond! -- without whom NONE of us would know "Bob"!


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