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Hour of Slack #1444 -- Least Planned Show Ever

"The Truman Bentley Hour" - Live at WCSB, 2013-12-15 - This live broadcast took place during an exceedingly hectic week, and we went in with ZERO preparation. Luckily, because our beloved listener Rev. Niholas Johnson had mailed them to us, we had the bizarre newsletters of TRUMAN BENTLEY to read on the air. Stang also read some strangely SubGeniusly bits from Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. Then Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in and everything went to Helle (as opposed to "Hell"). Near the end is some shocking gossip by Stang: anecdotes about the sex lives of that New Wage band, The Devos. Much of the background music is by Christian Blatter.

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Hour of Slack #1443 - SubGenius Ultimate Xistlessnessmess Mix Rerun Special

What are the holidays without reruns? This is the hoary old annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of #867 (and 921 and 1026, 1077, 1129, 1236, 1338, etc.), which was itself a condensation of some ancient year's 3-show "Best of Xmas Sickness" compilation, which were themselves the concentrated best-of from 15 years' worth of previous Xmas SubGenius and other Xmas weirdo collections. Includes over 66 separate tracks/songs/bits! And no, not one bit has been changed in all these years. We are ON XISTLESSNESSMESS VACATION from Hour of Slack! 

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Hour of Slack #1442 -- SubGenius at Burning Man

In the year 2000, we must have had a lot more time for editing audio documentaries, because this is one TIGHT mix of location recordings from Burning Man 2000 (with Burners and Rangers Dr. Hal, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond, Ray Hey and others) -- interwoven with Stang's rather excited reports on it as blurted afterwards on WCSB's ESO Swamp Radio to Lonesome Cowboy Dave, host Chas Smith, and caller Rev. Ed Strange. Not only was this Stang's first trip to Burning Man but also one of the first digitally-edited Hours of Slack (as opposed to cassette-mastered shows of the 1980s and 1990s). The stereo recordings are pretty evocative. We went back to BM in 2001 with Princess Wei, and that was the last time for everone but Dr. Hal, who alone is still a BM fixture. We would still love to do Burning Man again but the logistics of our own festivals, X-Day and Starwood, and the costs, have made that unlikely. Thus we are thinking globularly but acting loco-ly. 

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Hour of Slack #1441 -- The Shocking Truth About "Bob's" Dick

They never should have let ANY of us on the air this week. "Us" being Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei, Rev. Stang, Puzzling Evidence, Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Phineas Narco, The Amino Acids, Mr. Fernandinande Lemur, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and especially G. Gordon Gordon. 

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