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Hour of Slack #1371 -- First Live Show from 15X-Day at Wisteria (Part 1)

We are going through recordings from the 15 X-Day Drill chronologically -- until I get time to mix it up more. This is part one of the first Hour of Slack recorded at 15 X-Day, before a live audience at the Caffeina's café in Wisteria campground -- right after the whole southern half of the state was hit with freak high winds and heat that knocked out the power almost everywhere BUT Wisteria. At that July 3 show, the main ranters were Papa Joe Mama, Dr. G Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal Robins, and Rev. Ivan Stang. But first are three highly appropriate songs by Hank Floydd, Rev. Mojo Nixon and NOFX.

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Hour of Slack #1370 -- Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave July 8 Post-X-Day live show/ GGG Rant on Batman Movie Massacre

This, to me (Stang), is a better than usual Hour of Slack, because I as show host was lucky enough to have both Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave in the studio at WCSB -- and, halfway through the show, Dr. Sinister. You cannot get much more pure audio Slack than that -- unless you also have Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, who emailed us a topical (!) short rant about the Batman Movie Massacre, inserted near the beginning. (Technically, Dave was phoning in, but since he's generally the only person ALLOWED to phone in, he might as well have been in the studio.) The conversation between the Doktors of the Air ranges from 15X-day, which had ended earlier that very day, to DAMNED NEAR EVERYTHING ELSE, such as, for instance, Fleischer cartoons and how the "human blockhead" sideshow act is done. Both Dr. Hal and Dave turn in STERLING performances. We still have almost 3 more hours with these worthies from Dr. Sinister's show, and our hope for upcoming episodes is to intercut that material with the location X-Day recordings of rants, music and "radio shows" -- a truly daunting editing task, the thought of which makes me (to quote Little Big Man) "shrivel like a spider on a hot stove."

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Hour of Slack #1369 -- Radio Synesthesia with Dr. Hal, Stang, LCDave

On July 1, the night before leaving for 15X-Day, Dr. Hal and I, Stang remained at the WCSB studio after Hour of Slack to continue our Sacred Spouting on Dr. Sinister's Radio Synesthesia -- for two hours, with breaks (Part 2 of that and Part 1 of X-Day recordings proper will be next week's show). Lonesome Cowboy Dave remained on the line, and we had many callers, some of whom are good examples of why we don't take callers on Hour of Slack but instead edit them down from Synesthesia -- not that this one is heavily edited; it had to be assembled and mailed out on CD while we were still at Starwood Festival. We are now home and ready to plunge into the hours or maybe days of recordings from 15X-Day, which was extremely successful from a performance standpoint, with excellent music, ranting and gabbing by special guests like Papa Joe Mama, Dr. Philo Drummond and G. Gordon Gordon. (We just have to pick which of 3 different recordings of each event is the best sounding, piece by piece). NOTE: Facebook shut down our original Slack Hole page because photos of penii had appeared on it (the breasts -- mostly from X-Day photos -- didn't seem to beother any people or robots). So it has been replaced:

 NEW All-Purpose SLACK HOLE 2.0 SubGenius Facebook page

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Hour of Slack #1368 -- July 1 Uncut Live Pre-X-Day Special with Dr. Hal

I, Stang, am posting this from Wisteria campground in Southern Ohio during Starwood Festival, just having finished X-Day Drill #17 (or 15 X-Day, if you prefer). We recorded so many sermons, band performances, live shows, human blockhead acts, weddings, Giant Dick-Eating Spider fights, and embarrassing private conversations during X-Day that it'll require 15 Hours of Slack just to play the BEST stuff. The very first recording was a good omen. We did this WCSB studio show -- and two subsequent hours on Radio Synaesthesia -- the night before we left Cleveland. Our Church Brain Trust and Master of Secrets, Dr. Hal, was in the studio with us as well as Dr. Sinister, and LoneCow Dave by phone; we covered MANY scientific and doctrinal points of confusion and argument, all the while preparing to head to a campground which happened that week to be in a part of the country just declared a National Emergency Area by the Feds due to violent storms. Ironically, our goal, the SubGenius festival area, Wisteria, went completely unaffected by power outages, water shortages, or any other end of the cataclysms that were afflicting all cities in several states AROUND Wisteria for the entire week. In fact we recorded 8 hours or more of live Hour of Slack at Wisteria with many great Beautants from among the old-school original SubGenius preachers. One highlight of this show (safely recorded in the Cleveland studio, unbeset by the violent weather actually heard in the location shows to come) is Dr. Hal's vivid description of his expedition into the Arizona Sonoran desert to capture a Bufo alvarius or Colorado River Toad, a creature whose venom, when scraped, dried and smoked, makes you high as a lord, capable of seeing "Bob" on the off chance that he might choose to appear.





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