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Hour of Slack #1189 - Live 1-25-09 - SubGenius Hints in Pink Media, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame This live and lively show will probably sound to most regular listeners just like any other completely insane live Hour of Slack broadcast from WCSB in Cleveland. However, we have done a fairly good job, in behind-the-scenes editing, of hiding the fact that that particular Sunday night, there happened to be some startling new glitches in the brand-new studio CD players, glitches which made our carefully-prepared support recordings usable only in the most extreme SubGenius way. So it's a good thing we're SubGeniuses.
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Hour of Slack #1188 - Monsters and/of The Conspiracy We were planning to do a live Cleveland show this week, but the weather and the gods conspired against us. Luckily there was plenty of Puzzling Evidence -- the puzzlingest, from KPFA Berkeley -- and a confusion of the senses in Synaesthesia, from WCSB Cleveland, to which Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang could at least phone in. And we were able to reheat leftovers from devivals of 2008 such as Starwood's and Baltimore's. Phineas Narco helped too! Twice! New manglings of old media are committed by LeMur, The Large, Sweetness McGee, and Hercules.
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Hour of Slack #1187 - Happy New Economy 2009 and Its Puzzling Synaesthesia The Puzzling Evidence doctors performed a show in Berkeley the night of New Year's Day. The Cleveland quacks were all too broke to afford Chistmas, so instead they called Radio Synaesthesia to gripe. Those recordings were scavenged for this show. Sweetness McGee and The Large begin sharing some of the heavy collage burden that had been so nobly shouldered before mainly by Mr. Fernandinande LeMur, Rev. Norel Pref, and The Mighty Sons of Hercules. We are still awaiting the good recordings from the Balitomore SubGenius Devival, but this show has some short clips from the other ones.
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Hour of Slack #1186 - Kooks Galore, and German Silent SF Films Almost no music! All talk. Kooks (SubGenius, Christian, and otherwise) are discussed at Starwood, Radio Synaesthesia, and old Puzzling Evidence shows from the 1980s; Phineas Narco presents a masterpiece. Classic German silent fantasy films are also discussed in some detail by Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang.
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