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Hour of Slack #1457 - Stang's Tree-Raping Problem

Stang got into one of his fits from reading the comments that follow Yahoo news articles, and interrupted the flow of Captain Beefheart songs covered by women, and collages by Xister, to once again read the actual words of Yahoo Yay-Hoos in various doofus accents. Luckily, Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in, getting Stang's mind off the death of Death Valley and back onto a bunch of insane nonsense. Also discussed: Velikovsky. Ancient Giants of Ohio. The secret SubGenius Nude Selfies facebook pages. "The culture of poverty" among rural whites. God Hates FAQs but invented math. Eating feet on Friday; consuming soles. Climate Science according to the Yay-Hoos of Yahoo.

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Hour of Slack #1456 - The Secret of Flight 370

Except for some nifty collages from Rev. Xister of Minute of Slack, this is a mostly live episode from WCSB Cleveland. Stang outlines his theory about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (still unexplained at this writing). Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and the usual incredibly convoluted discussion ensues. This one hinges on the question of whether we can be sure we have any more autonomous existence than do the characters in our video games and cartoons. Neal Stephenson gets mashed up with Robert Louis Stephenson. Both Dave's phone line and the station's had intermittent, unexplained, randomly occuring technical problems in the form of extra noise, which we of course tried to incorporate into the show using various ruses and sleights of tongue. Eventually Dr. Sinister walked in and joined us so things almost started to make a little sense just before the show ended with the Devo song, "Fountain of Filth".

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Hour of Slack #1455 - Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Space

Back in 1994, Hour of Slack originated in Dallas, but we used a lot of material recorded whenever Rev. Stang visited Cleveland and sat in on the late Chas Smith's show, "ESO Radio/Brain Rot Theater" on WCSB. One of the best chunks of one of the best of those shows, "Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space," comprises the majority of this episode. Many listeners thought it was SCRIPTED! The only thing that was scripted however was the intro to the ESO show tapes, detailing the truly dire deadlines and circumstances of The SubGenius Foundation in late 1994. (We had two weeks to finish our half-finished book REVELATION X, and we had just moved (most unfortunately, as it turned out) from our funky old house into a brand new custom home.) Also in the show is music from Nenslo, The Rudy Schwartz Project and Doktorz 4 "Bob".

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Hour of Slack #1454 - Snip the Evil Wire or the Good Wire?

The original plan was to worship various guitar players of the Church of the SubGenius, but Stang's attention was snagged just before leaving for the station by something else: not the Academy Awards, which were happening that night, but the intensely jealous comments from "the peanut gallery" following a Yahoo news article about the red carpet getting rained on. Amazing how the most trivial subject matter still leads inexorably to vehement dissertations about the evils of the Negro President and climate science. So, Stang & Doe read the Yayhoos of Yahoo again. Despite this distraction, Time Control is discussed at length with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, along with every other damn thing, especially the Conspiracy. The episode opens however with a kick-ass major collage by The Large plus some great LeMur bits and PR Gnus. Musical guests: The Psycho Skeletons and The Rainmakers. The background music for the live yakking is a great jam recorded at 9X-Day Drill involving The Amino Acids, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei.

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