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Hour of Slack #1197 -- Live with Bishop Joey, 1st Church of the Last Laugh - 2009-03-22 We are kept jabbering live on the mics much more than usual by the presence of, pardon the expression, "SPECIAL" GUEST Bishop Joey from the First Church of the Last Laugh, aka Ed Holmes of the San Francisco Mime Troupe (not THAT kind of mime) and also of The Puzzling Evidence Show. He's the closest thing we have to a professional entertainer in the Church of the SubGenius radio spectrum, outside of Dr. Hal. There is no way to specify the subject matter, as every single aspect of human endeavor is covered in this single one-hour show, although the accent is on SubMarines. (Holmes, I mean Joey, was a Navy submarine engineer in the previous century, and has many a salty tale to tell.)
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Hour of Slack #1196 -- Robert Anton Wilson and "Bob"; Priestess Pisces & Rev. Carter LeBlanc at Baltimore Devival Pope Robert Anton Wilson preaches about "Bob" in this episode, from a RAW tribute episode (#23) of the Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast. Rev. Stang and others explain the close connections between RAW, Bob Shea and the Church of the SubGenius. But first, from the Baltimore Devival of 2008, Priestess Pisces preaches on Bobbies and Rev. Carter LeBlanc sermonizes on the Xists and the "sticky-trap" of the Conspiracy. Drenched in LeMur sauce with sprinkles of The Large and Rev. Sweetness McGee.
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Hour of Slack #1195 -- Who Washes the Washerwomen? - Live show, 3-8-2009 Opens and closes with collages, Watchmen-related bits and a favorite old cartoon song, but mostly this show is live yak from the WCSB studio, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and Rev. Stang. We read some recent interesting letters to the Church, an ad for BeRock O'Boner male enhancement pills, spam for the upcoming SubGenius History Online Class ( ), make funny jokes about the unfunny economy, and find ourselves unable to stop referring to THE WATCHMEN no matter how hard we try. Other topics include the Yoga of Fear, "Bob's" genitals, LOST, the New World Order, and SubGenius halal cuisine.
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Hour of Slack #1194 - Preaching to the Pagans / IGAZUM Brainwashing Videos Along with the usual unusual collages by LeMur, and clips of the Puzzling Evidence show, this episode features much "New Age Bashing" taken from Rev. Stang's most recent sermons at Starwood and Winterstar festivals. By way of playing soundtrack excerpts, we also announce a new SubGenius DVD of short animations called "SubGenius IGAZUM Cerebral Reformatter." (Search "IGAZUM" on YouTube or Google Video and you'll find samples.)
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