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Hour of Slack #1142 - Rerun of #42 - 1986 Show Composed of Other SubGenius Shows A rerun of Hour of Slack # 42 from August 1986, first broadcast on KNON Dallas, with clips of SubGenius shows from WFMU in New Jersey with Syster Krys, from KPFA Berekeley's Puzzling Evidence show, from Rat Cave's Serious Abuse show from WBCE FM in Richmond VA; and the the SubG Asylum of AntiPinkness - which was Rev. Bleepo Abernathy and Ahmed Fishmonger in Boston, Massachusets.
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Hour of Slack #1141 -- Stang In China, 1986, Rerun of #33 Recorded in Beijing, and at KNON-FM, Dallas, in 1986 upon Stang's return from 6 weeks in China. Includes much Chinese SubGenius documentary material. Guest narrator: Li Li-jing. This was just about the last show to feature Rev. Buck Naked as an Hour of Slack studio participant.
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Hour of Slack #1140 -- Unseemly SubGenius Oral History in/on Hell Aside from the Lemurian, Norelian, and Mose Giganticusian material, this show is rife with goodly stretches of John Hell's "Season in Hell" show, with guests Stang, Dr. Hal, Puzzling Evidence, Loid Mongoloid, K-ROB, discussing ancient Church origins in some detail.
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Hour of Slack #1139 -- Bingo Gas Station Motel Cheeseburger with a Side of Aircraft Noise and You'll Be Gary Indiana Wallowing in The Pigsty of Pure Slack, they do more than come hither and yon. A mostly-live show with much talk about Snake Women, and cuts from the great bulldada 1972 underground Biblical Western, Greaser's Palace. Hamlet included. HOT.
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Hour of Slack #1138 - Crazy Sane Man's Season in Hell Much of this episode is taken from a December 2007 broadcast of John Hell's "A Season in Hell" by host John Hell. Guests were Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Loid Mongoloid. Also lots of new music and montage from Mose Giganticus, Norel Pref, F. LeMur, and Little Big Man.
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