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Hour of Slack #1237 - Live SubGenius New Year Special - Lonesome Cowboy Dave & StangDoe predict 2009 Recorded live on December 13, 2009 at WCSB-Cleveland. We start with some Christmas-y songs and collages, and then pretend that it's already 2010. Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei R. Doe and Lonesome Cowboy Dave recap the major news events and deaths (and extinctions) of 2009 in surreal detail. Contains news of upcoming SubGenius and roller derby events, Stang's microlife update, semi-lucid banter, SubGenius Xmas songs, and the first known recordings of the actual voice of Tater Gumphries. Batteries not included. Some assembly required. Action figures sold seperately.
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Hour of Slack #1236 - SubGenius Ultimate Xistlessnessmess Mix Rerun Special What are the holidays without reruns? This is the annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of #867 (& 921 and 1026 & 1077 & 1129), which was itself a condensation of the previous year's 3-show "Best of Xmas Sickness" compilation, which were themselves the concentrated best-of from 15 years' worth of previous Xmas SubGenius  and other Xmas weirdo collections.
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Hour of Slack #1235 - Live Radio Synesthesia with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang, Dr. Sinister December 6, 2009 - Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Ivan Stang phoned in to Dr. Sinister's talk show, Radio Synesthesia, on WCSB Cleveland, and breathlessly talked for an hour about everything. EVERYTHING. All human cultures, their languages, and their general historical upshots are thoroughly covered in this hour. Not one single stone on any beach on Earth is left unturned. Guest caller No Money Mark also chimes in. While most Hours of Slack consist of 30 to 50 discreet tracks, this one consists of 4.
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Hour of Slack #1234 - Surreal SubGenius Muzaak Special Some of the stranger and/or more proficient music by SubGenii that has built up in the Show Stash is featured in this episode. We also present unusually long excerpts of movie dialog from some equally unusual movies that might otherwise escape the notice of many weirdness connoisseurs. Music sources include: The Psycho Skeletons, The Attery Squash, The Duke of Uke, The 180 Gs, Stang/LeMur, SODDI, and Witch Disco (descendants of Einstein's Secret Orchestra). The last remaining shreds of Rev. Stang's rant from Starwood Festival 2009 are included along with collages by LeMur and Phineas Narco.
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Hour of Slack #1233 -


A good old-fashioned Hour of Slack -- albeit all-new. This one features a little bit of everything and everybody, with the accent on "Bob" Dobbs on the one hand, and The Conspiracy of the Normals on the other. Collages by all the masters, music from The Attery Squash, The 180 Gs, Stang/LeMur, Wilhelm Stahlhelm, Gadgetto, and others, and rants from various devivals and radio shows by old and young stalwarts, accent on the warts. And the discerning few will crap profusely when they hear the opening promo.


Portland Devival photos, videos, and detailed report:

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Hour of Slack #1232 - Portland Cyclone of Slack Devival 1 We have some GREAT new music (The Attery Squash, SODDI, Mutant Mountain Boys, Kenneth Jonsson, The Duke of Uke, and the grand southern mission of the first thing that came into my bobslack) and some of the best ranting from the Portland Cyclone of Slack devival from last October: Dr. Hal, Rev. Crawford Smith, and Dr. Onan Canobite. There's also a goodly stretch of Radio Synaesthesia, involving Lonesome Cowboy Dave. It's all peppered with wonderful ear-humping collages by LeMur, Phineas Narco, Rev. Sweetness McGee, Rev. Eric, The Large, and Wilhelm Stahlhelm.
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Hour of Slack #1231 - SubGenius Pledge Drive - live show Every year, the great Cleveland station WCSB has a pledge drive or "Radiothon," and we at Hour of Slack love this one single time each year, when we are able to legally grub for money just like regular Christian evangelists. You see, the stations that carry Hour of Slack are all public-supported and thus we can't exactly advertise. Even during pledge drives, we can only grub money for the station. And boy, do we! Because this episode may be aired by other stations, and because the WCSB pledge drive is already over, we have reversed or cut the Cleveland phone number for pledges from these copies. But, if you want to pledge, the phone number is: 216-687-6900. Or, you can always mail or Paypal your pledge to, aka SubGenius, PO Box 181417, Cleveland Hts OH 44118. Or (and this is probably easiest) just buy something from Praise "Bob."
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Hour of Slack #1230 - Rerun of #374 - Revelation X Uncut This is a rerun of episode number 374 from early 1993, when we were still in Dallas. We have lots of recordings on hand from the recent devival in Portland, but we are in the middle of a somewhat larger SubGenius project and rather than edit those new cuss-filled rantings, we're saving time with this fine rerun, which includes readings from REVELATION X, the SubGenius book that was in progress at the time. Incidentally, there is now an archive of mp3s of hundreds of old, uncut Hours of Slack from the 90s, free for downloading, and if you want to check those out, see and click on the RADIO button in the upper left. That will show you links to the old shows, hundreds of newer shows, and text logs of every track on every show. You can even... subscribe. There is a Church devival in Detroit on Nov. 28, with The Amino Acids and many more, and weekly subrants by Pope Mike Flores in Chicago every week of December -- for info see the EVENTS page at
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Hour of Slack #1229 - Show Collision - Rerun of #344 from 1992 17 years ago! This one is a mix of recordings from various SubGenius shows at various stations, including KPFA's Puzzling Evidence and Cleveland's WCSB from long before the SubGenius Foundation moved to Cleveland! You'll hear people who have long since been unpersoned, and much younger voices of people you now think of as old. There's also some great kook, prank-call and Bad Music material for the bulldada collectors. Hopefully you will be inspired to donate to the pledge drive coming up next week. We could all use a donation, actually. DID I MENTION that there is a SubGenius devival with the Amino Acids in Detroit this November 28, and weekly devivals in Chicago all through December? No? Well, see events for details. And with that, we hop into the wayback machine and vanish, backwards!
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Hour of Slack #1228 -- Balloon Boy Live Special 10-18-2009 For once, Hour of Slack offers a news scoop. It turns out that in 2002, the son of Stang (now a director in Hollywood) was employed by Richard Heene, father of the kid known as Balloon Boy. This live show (featuring guest cowpoke Lonesome Cowboy Dave) is a look into the minds, such as they are, of the Heenes, with rather revealing recordings of their 911 calls, testimony about them by young Stang and another former employee of the Heenes, and numerous poems by the writers of alt.slack that were composed during the hoax-news event. We also delve into kookdom in general and the relationships of various kooks with the mass media. A big song by Little Fyodor caps the show.
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Hour of Slack #1227 - Starwood Festival 2009 Pt. 2 We return to Starwood Festival with Rev. Stang's sermon to the pagans, an interview from Right Where You Are Sitting Now about Starwood, and several bits of location recordings. Little Fyodor and Babushka contribute a song from their new album, and the show is generally punctuated with collages by LeMur and others. Puzzling Evidence is represented. Our frequent caller Bernard is again featured, and we close with the late Prof. Chas Smith's classic "Jaguar Night," performed at Starwood by Witch Disco (the descendant of Chas Smith's band, Einstein's Secret Orchestra).
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Hour of Slack #1226 - Starwood Festival 2009 Pt. 1  
First of two shows centered around the 2009 Starwood festival, utilizing Stang's sermon to the pagans, clips from an episode of Right Where You Are Sitting Now with Stang guesting, Radio Synesthesia from WCSB Cleveland, and location recordings of various Starwood events. Collages by The Great LeMur, The Large and signal2noise, and new songs by Little Fyodor and The Attery Squash help immeasurably in muddying the spiritual waters. Bernard continues to leave important messages on The SubGenius Foundation answer machine.
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Hour of Slack #1225 - High Weirdness Last summer, Rev. Ivan Stang was interviewed by the British radio show RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SITTING NOW. The main subject was Stang's old book about extremists of all flavors, HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL. We intercut some of that show with all manner of miscellaneous kook-related music, and audio samples from the actual kooks themselves. Also: New songs from Little Fyodor, The 180 Gs and Ricardo Autobahn.
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Hour of Slack #1224 - DragonCon Stang Rant, Susie Show, DEVO-Ween & Negativland Vs. Babushka A good old-fashioned brand-new Hour of Slack, with a little of everything: Stang's SubG 101 rant to SRO crowd at DragonCon, great clips from Rev. Susie's classic live Fun House show during DragonCon weekend with Byron, Pisces & Stang, DEVO-killing DEVO covers from the latest DEVOtional collection, Little Fyodor & Babushka covering Nancy Sinatra, even weird covers of Negativland and Ween songs! LeMur is used as seasoning and preservative. Contains artificial colors.
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Hour of Slack #1223 - Rev. Susie & Pisces Vs. Stang & Byron - live BSTF/HoS Melding 2 Princess Wei R. Doe considers our recent WREK Atlanta recordings to be the FUNNIEST SubGenius radio ever. Rev. Susie the Floozie hosts and guest DJ St. Byron Werner (Rural War Room, Famous Potatos) mixes while Rev. Ivan Stang and Priestess Pisces try to keep up. Also included: new and tear-jerking "Bob" hymn from The Mutant Mountain Boys, new music from The Attery Squash and The 180 Gs, plenty of new LeMur collage, and Rev. Susie the Floozie's stage rant from DragonCon 2009.
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Hour of Slack #1222 - DragonCon Pt.1 - live "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse/Hour of Slack Melding Rev. Susie the Floozie hosts this amazing blend of SubGeniusry. Many SubGenii were in Atlanta for a devival at the huge weirdo convention DragonCon, and Susie snuck a few old-timers into the studios of WREK at Georgia Tech to record 2.5 hours of bulldada. The main blabbermouths are Rev. Susie, Priestess Pisces, St. Byron Werner (Rural War Room), and Rev. Ivan Stang. In this episode we also hear as much of Pisces' rant as is possible to play on public supported stations, plus a Negativland cover by The 180 Gs, location recordings of amusing DragonCon events such as the SuperVillain Contest, and something . . . catchy.
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Hour of Slack #1221 - Weird Covers of DEVO, Negativland, Joni Mitchell (DEVOtional Report 2) Here we have DEVOtional Report #2 plus misc. weird covers of everything from Nancy Sinatra to Negativland, with new material from Little Fyodor, Rural War Room, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, The Mutant Mountain Boys and a whole bunch a really good bands that we heard at the DEVOtional or else the latest NNBBM collection. A visit from Rev. Mark Hosler resulted in our acquisition of a whole album of Negativland covers by "The 180 Gs" of Detroit. There is also a 1950s German cover of "El Paso" by Lolita.
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Hour of Slack #1220 - DEVOtional & Live Show 8-30-09 We attended and recorded the 2009 DEVOtional in Cleveland, devoted to all things DEVO. Part of this episode covers that, and features several novel covers of DEVO songs by various bands along with some unusually bran-splitting collages (largely by The Large). The bulk of the show was recorded live at WCSB-Cleveland with StangDoe in the studio and Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. The subject matter for that part pretty much runs the gamut. There are photos from the DEVOtional at (events section).
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Hour of Slack #1219 - New Music and 12X-Day H - Fairy Tale Friday An influx of brand new music from various highly twisted artists allows us to start gradually weaning ourselves away from the 12X-Day recordings. This episode features startlingly different songs by Devo Dan, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, The Attery Squash, and Rural War Room, plus some oldies from ESO and Rev. Oroborous Rex. The spoken word section, however, is an unbroken series of readings at 12X-Day by various voice actors of FAIRY TALES, specifically four "Fairy Tale Frday" tales, all written by Rev. Ramona Back It On Up. Readers include Rev. Nickie Deathchick Wild, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Dr. Hal and Pater Nostril. Rev. Norel Pref and Mister LeMur also pop up.
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Hour of Slack #1218 - 12X-Day G - ASK DR. HAL / Bad Girls with Dildo Valerie and Rev. Bunny Day A chunk of this episode is some naughty sex advice from the brand new podcast of Reverends Bunny Day and Dildo Valerie, two young Connieites who made a big splash at 12X-Day (first heard there on DJ Shaver's ORKILLME Radio.) The whole last half is dedicated to the "Ask Dr. Hal" performance that took place at 12X-Day, with Priestess Pisces fielding the questions for Dr. Hal. The show is rounded out, or squred off, or disrupted, depending, by collages from LeMur and The Large, Puzzling Evidence, and the occasional pertinent movie soundtrack clips.
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Hour of Slack #1217 - 12 X-Day F - The Big Rock Candy Planet The secrets of the SubGenius world-ritual-exorcism called X-Day are finally revealed. After this broadcast, we probably don't need to produce any more shows. The deed is done. There is no turning back. Dr. Hal, The Amino Acids, LeMur, Norel Pref, Priestess Pisces, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Phat Man Dee, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Philo Drummond. . . what does any of it matter now?
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Hour of Slack #1216 - 12X-Day E - July 5, 7 a.m.: The Rupture While this episode features various other weird sounds, such as the Puzzling Evidence show, nice stretches of "live" Hour of Slack with Dr. Hal and Priestess Pisces, recorded on the Brushwood main stage, and music from 12 X-Day by The Amino Acids and Fat Free, much of it -- the heavily-edited parts that sound like they're recorded outdoors in the cold, cold wind -- are from a little recorder that was in Rev. Ivan Stang's preachin' jacket pocket during the morning of July 5, as the SubGeniuses awaited the arrival of the alien Escape Saucers and the end of the world. Also heard are the gathered SubGeniuses' reactions when things didn't go quite as planned.
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Hour of Slack #1215 - 12X-Day D - The Daughters of Noah / Secrets of The Amino Acids This is another "X-Day Drill Variety Show." With an opening collage by talented newcomers, its skeleton is a "Live Hour of Slack" performed from the Brushwood stage-studio in front of an audience, involving mostly Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Priestess Pisces, and a revealing interview with Rev. Angry Larry (grunt for The Amino Acids). Interspersed are songs by Phat Man Dee, The Amino Acids, John Deere Tractor Beam, actual secret recordings of the forbidden SubGenius bonfire and sacred-book-burning, insertions from the Puzzling Evidence show, and a great pulpit-pounding rant by new preacher Rev. Crazy Jim Jones. And Fernandinande LeMur is never very far away.
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Hour of Slack #1214 - 12X-Day C: The Horror of The Others For this Post-12X-Day special, we intercut the very first of the live-on-stage Hours of Slack (in this case starring Dr. Hal and Priestess Pisces) with rants by Rev. Carter LeBlanc and Rev. Stang, along with some of the music of X-Day: Phat Man Dee's torid torch singing, Fat Free's sex rock, a Hal/Pisces improvised gospel song, and John Deere Tractor Beam's rip-offs of The Amino Acids. We are even privileged to hear a Church ritual that is usually kept secret: The Launching of the Bleeding Head of Muammar al-Gaddafi.
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Hour of Slack #1213 - 12 X-Day B: The Naked Bobtism Report This unusual documentary episode captures one very sexy and exciting Saturday afternoon at X-Day Drill 12 (held at NY campground Brushwood). We intercut a "live Hour of Slack" sex education show held on the main stage (Dr. Hal, Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dave officiating), with an amazing series of reports by Dave and Priestess Pisces on the Naked SubGenius Mass Bobtism event -- which almost turned tragic when there occurred a sudden epidemic of sin sac near-rupturings. We also hear some excellent live John Deere Tractor Beam (personal friends of The Amino Acids) and bits of the SubGenius Gang Wars, as well as chunks of a post-12X-Day episode of Dr. Sinister's Radio Synesthesia (WCSB-Cleveland).
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Hour of Slack #1212 - 12X-Day A: God's Omnimpotence (or "Dr. Hal and Lonesome Cowboy Dave on Synesthesia") Episode 1212 is the FIRST of many more EDITED ones to come about 12X-Day, when the last shall be first. Because we're already behind on shows, and faced with several dozen hours of INSTOUNDING location audio to edit, we're FIRST starting with the LAST things recorded during the 12X-Day Drill: Dr. Sinister's uncut WCSB RADIO SYNESTHESIA show from July 5 night, broadcast right after Stang, Princess Wei and Dr. Hal and had returned from the great event, joined by phone by Lonesome Cowboy Dave. This otherwise unbroken recording is broken up by LeMur, new songs by Max Slack and Phineas Narco, and a bit of fresh Puzzling Evidence.
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Hour of Slack #1211 - Rerun of #951 7X-Day, 2004 Puzzling Evidence show from KPFA, 7-9-04, has Dr. Hal and Philo Drummond reporting on their 7X-Day adventures... from this skeleton we hung documentary recordings from 7X-Day. Some audio is from the StangCam and other is from Pater Nostril's soundboard. Clips from the 7X-Day shows at WREK Atlanta's "Bob's Slacktime Funhouse" with The Lymph Node Institute and Rev. Susie the Floozy further illustrate the promise and tragedy of X-Day.
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Hour of Slack #1210 - Live 6-21-09 Pre-X-Day Excitement, anticipation and severe brain damage mark this episode recorded live at the WCSB studio, as Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dav, Princess Wei and numerous collagiasts and singers prepare for the upcoming end of Pink Human civilization on July 5. Includes a marvelous collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie about "Bob" Dobbs, X-Day and the Church of the SubGenius. Odd note: this particular show was videotaped by a director who was in town getting footage for an authorized documentary about DEVO. At least, the part that happened in the studio was videotaped.
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Hour of Slack #1209 - All-Star New X-Day Hymns and B.O. AMAZING! Some NEW X-Day hymns (including one sung, yes, SUNG by Rev. Susie the Floozie!) are intercut with about 50 of our favorite bits and pieces related to the end of all normal human reality, scheduled for this July 5. We're getting ready to head for Brushwood in New York for the big blast-off party, so from here on out, except for a live show next week, The Hour of Slack will probably henceforth always be in reruns, forever. Unless we're stood up again by the Xists and "Bob." This is only the 12th time we will have gathered out there at 7 a.m., faithfully awaiting Their Arisal.
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Hour of Slack #1208 - Live May 31 '09 - Stang Reads from Sex Books Rev. Ivan Stang went to the station alone this night, alone but for a few collages, and read from his favorite dirty books until Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in. We forget what happened after that. Something to do with J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Church of the SubGenius, and the impending end of the world on July 5 at 7 a.m. Among other things.
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Hour of Slack #1207 - The Human Condition, Puzzling Evidence and Cool Band Names The May 22, 2009 Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA Berkeley with host Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond and caller Phineas Narco forms the skeleton for this episode. The meat draped over these bones includes collages by our old pals LeMur and Norel Pref, as well as The Kleptones and Cuttlefish, but the "organs" are some new songs (and one old) by Little Fyodor, Ari Sponge, Max Slack, and Nenslo. Yes, NENSLO! Dozens of new band names are invented.
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Hour of Slack #1206 -- Wallowing with "Bob" Praise "Bob," for here we have a truly all-purpose, no-theme/all-themes salad of SubGenius sources. We've been in reruns or live shows for so long that quite a nice stack of short clips by beloved Church of the SubGenius Audio Soldiers has piled up. This episode scavenges from Radio Synesthesia (Cleveland) and Puzzling Evidence (Berkeley), with collages from our favorite insane clip editors keeping the two SubGenius shows far enough apart that they won't squabble and get into fights. One solitary oldie, a gospel song by Rev. Onan Canobite, is the sole anchor to familiarity.
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Hour of Slack #1205 - Live Star Trek Spoiler Special - May 10 '09 After a 15 minute collage of collages that will make you feel like you're on serious hallucinogens, you'll be brought down to earth, and then a lot farther down, by a particularly meandering and burbling live show with Rev. Stang and Princess Wei in the WCSB studio, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave on the phone. The fake Star Trek spoilers are just the beginning. "Let's mince words and torture them until they talk! Waterboard them till they SPILL!"
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Hour of Slack #1204 -- Rerun of #257: 5 Year Anniversary (1990)/Homo Correctus This week we go even further back in time, to last century, with a rerun of Hour of Slack # 257, which was broadcast in 1990 and happened to be our FIVE YEARS ANNIVERSARY SHOW. The online SubGenius History and Cult-Management class is still running at Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic Academy,, so reruns are appropriate and necessary. Don't worry, we'll drag Lonesome Cowboy Dave and ourselves back into the studio soon. Meanwhile, you get to hear what the show was like in the olden times of the last millenium, when we actually wrote scripts for our rantings. This episode also features some pieces, especially one by Joe Paulino, that have become true classics in retrospect. We also get to hear Puzzling Evidence broadcasts from KPFA that are so old that St. Palmer Vreedeez, also known as LIES, was a regular. And near the end of this show is a lecture about current so-called Modern Man, delivered by a FUTURE man, Homo Correctus.
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Hour of Slack #1203 -- Rerun of #276: "Bob"/Gulf War (1991) We have indeed gone BACK IN TIME again. This is a rerun of Episode #276, from 1991. We're in Week 5 of the 8-week SubGenius History/How to Run Your Own Cult online class at MaybeLogic Academy, hence the reruns. Also, the Conspiracy has been keeping Dave from getting to the station. But these old shows have their own special charm. For instance, the George Bush you'll hear us refer to in this is actually the FIRST one -- not the relatively recent George Bush with the war, but an older one, with a slightly different war.
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Hour of Slack #1202 -- Rerun of #40/772: PRAIRIE SQUID SPECIAL remix This is an old favorite of ours, a complete documentary about the Prairie Squid. Half of this show is from Hour of Slack #40 (1986) with G. Gordon Gordon, Rev. Ivan Stang, and background music by DK Jones, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Onan Canobite. Interspersed with that hardy and informative classic fossil are Prairie-Squid-related songs by Champion Jack Codini, songs and rants from Stang/Wei/ESO Radio and devival collaborations, a little Puzzling Evidence squididity, plus everything on Napster with the word "squid" in the title (mostly from 2000-2001).
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Hour of Slack #1201 -- Jesus & X-Day Are Coming The "Bob" praisin' takes a temporary backseat to the promise of human-enslaving and rival cult bashing. X-DAY IS COMING! And we won't let you forget it, any more than the Christians will let you forget about Jesus. Luckily, we have on hand a solid mass of new material on both those subjects: superb collages, mash-ups and blabberclips from many fine audio arteests and bigmouths. Otherwise, this would have been a rerun, since we are still hard at work on the SubGenius Online Class at Maybe Logic Academy.
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Hour of Slack #1200 - Rerun of #530 - Dobbson Flies Vs. Dave Men (1996) The SubGenius History Class is a good reason for reruns, and this is one of our favorites, from the days when Hour of Slack merged with Chas Smith's ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB. Lonesome Cowboy Dave is razzed and tortured by Stang (and defended by Wei) while Chas plays his ass off on several synthesizers. (Two songs spontaneously generate themselves.) This episode is particularly skewed towards paleontology and paleoanthropology, because Stang and Wei had visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum earlier in the day. The museum actually does display the jawbone of a Yeti, incidentally, and the Dobbson Fly is a real insect.
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Hour of Slack #1199 - Rerun of #569 -- Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Hell (ESO Radio, 2-27-97) We're busy for the next 8 weeks with the online SubGenius History course (at, so it's rerun time. Luckily, this particular rerun is one of the best of the late-90s ESO/SubGenius live radio collaborations, from ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB Cleveland. Chas Smith still had his life, and his original band, and you hear them playing along musically with wherever I, Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave go -- which was primarily to Hell and back. It is a torturous route, but it has a happy ending: Dave saves the world, and Chas covers a Residents classic.
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Hour of Slack #1198 - Rev. Susie The Floozy & The Amazing Killagiastestes This episode spotlights new music from some strangely unheard-of ensembles, as well as The Kleptones; we hear the unforgettable, uncircumcised, incredibly passionate rant by Rev. Susie the Floozy from the Baltimore 2008 SubGenius Devival; and we hurt ourselves real bad with toxic kill-lage by Rev. Norel Pref and the great Fernandinande LeMur. This is a good one for headphones: very dense! -- and yet, unusually danceable! IMPORTANT NOTE to radio stations copping these free Internet show versions for airplay: Susie's rant has about 25 "fucks" in it. The $5 broadcast radio version has none.
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Hour of Slack #1197 -- Live with Bishop Joey, 1st Church of the Last Laugh - 2009-03-22 We are kept jabbering live on the mics much more than usual by the presence of, pardon the expression, "SPECIAL" GUEST Bishop Joey from the First Church of the Last Laugh, aka Ed Holmes of the San Francisco Mime Troupe (not THAT kind of mime) and also of The Puzzling Evidence Show. He's the closest thing we have to a professional entertainer in the Church of the SubGenius radio spectrum, outside of Dr. Hal. There is no way to specify the subject matter, as every single aspect of human endeavor is covered in this single one-hour show, although the accent is on SubMarines. (Holmes, I mean Joey, was a Navy submarine engineer in the previous century, and has many a salty tale to tell.)
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Hour of Slack #1196 -- Robert Anton Wilson and "Bob"; Priestess Pisces & Rev. Carter LeBlanc at Baltimore Devival Pope Robert Anton Wilson preaches about "Bob" in this episode, from a RAW tribute episode (#23) of the Right Where You Are Sitting Now podcast. Rev. Stang and others explain the close connections between RAW, Bob Shea and the Church of the SubGenius. But first, from the Baltimore Devival of 2008, Priestess Pisces preaches on Bobbies and Rev. Carter LeBlanc sermonizes on the Xists and the "sticky-trap" of the Conspiracy. Drenched in LeMur sauce with sprinkles of The Large and Rev. Sweetness McGee.
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Hour of Slack #1195 -- Who Washes the Washerwomen? - Live show, 3-8-2009 Opens and closes with collages, Watchmen-related bits and a favorite old cartoon song, but mostly this show is live yak from the WCSB studio, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and Rev. Stang. We read some recent interesting letters to the Church, an ad for BeRock O'Boner male enhancement pills, spam for the upcoming SubGenius History Online Class ( ), make funny jokes about the unfunny economy, and find ourselves unable to stop referring to THE WATCHMEN no matter how hard we try. Other topics include the Yoga of Fear, "Bob's" genitals, LOST, the New World Order, and SubGenius halal cuisine.
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Hour of Slack #1194 - Preaching to the Pagans / IGAZUM Brainwashing Videos Along with the usual unusual collages by LeMur, and clips of the Puzzling Evidence show, this episode features much "New Age Bashing" taken from Rev. Stang's most recent sermons at Starwood and Winterstar festivals. By way of playing soundtrack excerpts, we also announce a new SubGenius DVD of short animations called "SubGenius IGAZUM Cerebral Reformatter." (Search "IGAZUM" on YouTube or Google Video and you'll find samples.)
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Hour of Slack #1193 - Zombies & The Depression / First All-Talk Episode This entire show is one phone conversation on Radio Synaesthesia, the mutant call-in talk show that follows Hour of Slack on WCSB in Cleveland. Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang called in to join Dr. Sinister and his other guests, and then they never shut up. (Thus, no scissor-space to cut to anything else.) Topics include, among many other things, the economy, Tycho Brahe's nose, feeding and feeling one's own brain, brine shrimp as tank-brain food, zombies and the stimulus, The Four Humours, The Masons, Orwellian vs. Huxleyan, beating up old people, the 4-Leaf Cloverfield Monster, and the Church tradition of watch-smashing.
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Hour of Slack #1192 - SubGenius Marriage & The Forbidden Topic / Winterstar 09 Half of this was recorded on Valentine's Day at the SubGenius devival at Winterstar Symposium, Feb. 14 2009, Rev. Ivan Stang at the pulpit. A mass SubGenius marriage is performed near the end, but mainly it features a completely new rant called "The Forbidden Topic" by Onan Canobite. The other half is new songs and collage, and radio, by Puzzling Evidence, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Sweetness McGee, Mister F. LeMur, The Large, Dr. Sinister, the British show Right Where You Are Sitting Now, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. And an all-star broadway cast. Winterstar was a gas, by the way. Great place to spend Valentine's Day.
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Hour of Slack #1191 - Rev. Susie's "INAUGURAMUS" Farewell Bush Show This has got to be one of the greatest works of sheer editing, of ANY kind, EVER. In this case it happens to be sound editing. What it really is, is magic. Rev. Susie the Floozy created this unbelievably complex mix for her recent 752nd episode of "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse (midnights Saturday at WREK FM Atlanta), and it is truly jaw-dropping, brain-slamming and ear-waxing. HEADPHONES ARE RECOMMENDED! I, Stang, know how she does it, and that makes it even more stupifyingly impressive. We would have to kick her out of the Church for her brilliance, were she not so fucking weird. It is about the change of power in January, 2009.
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Hour of Slack #1190 - Rerun of #457: Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Space Back in 1994, Hour of Slack came from Dallas, but we used a lot of material recorded whenever Rev. Stang visited Cleveland and sat in on the late Chas Smith's show, "ESO Radio/Brain Rot Theater" on WCSB. One of the best chunks of one of the best of those shows, "Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space," comprises the majority of this. Many listeners thought it was SCRIPTED! What was scripted however was the intro to the show, detailing the truly dire deadlines and circumstances of The SubGenius Foundation at that time. Also includes music from Nenslo, The Rudy Schwartz Project and Doktorz 4 "Bob".
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Hour of Slack #1189 - Live 1-25-09 - SubGenius Hints in Pink Media, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame This live and lively show will probably sound to most regular listeners just like any other completely insane live Hour of Slack broadcast from WCSB in Cleveland. However, we have done a fairly good job, in behind-the-scenes editing, of hiding the fact that that particular Sunday night, there happened to be some startling new glitches in the brand-new studio CD players, glitches which made our carefully-prepared support recordings usable only in the most extreme SubGenius way. So it's a good thing we're SubGeniuses.
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Hour of Slack #1188 - Monsters and/of The Conspiracy We were planning to do a live Cleveland show this week, but the weather and the gods conspired against us. Luckily there was plenty of Puzzling Evidence -- the puzzlingest, from KPFA Berkeley -- and a confusion of the senses in Synaesthesia, from WCSB Cleveland, to which Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang could at least phone in. And we were able to reheat leftovers from devivals of 2008 such as Starwood's and Baltimore's. Phineas Narco helped too! Twice! New manglings of old media are committed by LeMur, The Large, Sweetness McGee, and Hercules.
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Hour of Slack #1187 - Happy New Economy 2009 and Its Puzzling Synaesthesia The Puzzling Evidence doctors performed a show in Berkeley the night of New Year's Day. The Cleveland quacks were all too broke to afford Chistmas, so instead they called Radio Synaesthesia to gripe. Those recordings were scavenged for this show. Sweetness McGee and The Large begin sharing some of the heavy collage burden that had been so nobly shouldered before mainly by Mr. Fernandinande LeMur, Rev. Norel Pref, and The Mighty Sons of Hercules. We are still awaiting the good recordings from the Balitomore SubGenius Devival, but this show has some short clips from the other ones.
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Hour of Slack #1186 - Kooks Galore, and German Silent SF Films Almost no music! All talk. Kooks (SubGenius, Christian, and otherwise) are discussed at Starwood, Radio Synaesthesia, and old Puzzling Evidence shows from the 1980s; Phineas Narco presents a masterpiece. Classic German silent fantasy films are also discussed in some detail by Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang.
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