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Hour of Slack #1193 - Zombies & The Depression / First All-Talk Episode This entire show is one phone conversation on Radio Synaesthesia, the mutant call-in talk show that follows Hour of Slack on WCSB in Cleveland. Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang called in to join Dr. Sinister and his other guests, and then they never shut up. (Thus, no scissor-space to cut to anything else.) Topics include, among many other things, the economy, Tycho Brahe's nose, feeding and feeling one's own brain, brine shrimp as tank-brain food, zombies and the stimulus, The Four Humours, The Masons, Orwellian vs. Huxleyan, beating up old people, the 4-Leaf Cloverfield Monster, and the Church tradition of watch-smashing.
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Hour of Slack #1192 - SubGenius Marriage & The Forbidden Topic / Winterstar 09 Half of this was recorded on Valentine's Day at the SubGenius devival at Winterstar Symposium, Feb. 14 2009, Rev. Ivan Stang at the pulpit. A mass SubGenius marriage is performed near the end, but mainly it features a completely new rant called "The Forbidden Topic" by Onan Canobite. The other half is new songs and collage, and radio, by Puzzling Evidence, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Sweetness McGee, Mister F. LeMur, The Large, Dr. Sinister, the British show Right Where You Are Sitting Now, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. And an all-star broadway cast. Winterstar was a gas, by the way. Great place to spend Valentine's Day.
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Hour of Slack #1191 - Rev. Susie's "INAUGURAMUS" Farewell Bush Show This has got to be one of the greatest works of sheer editing, of ANY kind, EVER. In this case it happens to be sound editing. What it really is, is magic. Rev. Susie the Floozy created this unbelievably complex mix for her recent 752nd episode of "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse (midnights Saturday at WREK FM Atlanta), and it is truly jaw-dropping, brain-slamming and ear-waxing. HEADPHONES ARE RECOMMENDED! I, Stang, know how she does it, and that makes it even more stupifyingly impressive. We would have to kick her out of the Church for her brilliance, were she not so fucking weird. It is about the change of power in January, 2009.
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Hour of Slack #1190 - Rerun of #457: Lonesome Cowboy Dave In Space Back in 1994, Hour of Slack came from Dallas, but we used a lot of material recorded whenever Rev. Stang visited Cleveland and sat in on the late Chas Smith's show, "ESO Radio/Brain Rot Theater" on WCSB. One of the best chunks of one of the best of those shows, "Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space," comprises the majority of this. Many listeners thought it was SCRIPTED! What was scripted however was the intro to the show, detailing the truly dire deadlines and circumstances of The SubGenius Foundation at that time. Also includes music from Nenslo, The Rudy Schwartz Project and Doktorz 4 "Bob".
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