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NOTE: We are releasing TWO shows this week, because the world ends next week.

This show is a real cross-section of SubGenius audio history from 1980 to the present, almost all of it concerned with the upcoming WORLDWIDE X-Day event (not the campout). Toward the end we describe how deceased Mormons such as Joseph Smith and Brigham Young have been turned into due-paying SubGeniuses, postmortem, by Rev. Just John. Mostly, it's "media barrage-style" cuts, hundreds of them, from things like Dr. Legume and Rev. Stang preaching at devivals, to unidentifiable but somehow classic monster movie soundbites. Most impressive of all are some clips from the Futuramas of LAST WEEK (S07-E01,02) with uncanny correspondences to both X-Day and the Canobitian research concerning the secret 1953 switch of "Earth" and "Mars." Stang preaches from that chapter of THE BOBLIOGRAPHON. Two songs each by THE AMINO ACIDS and HANK FLOYD are played through, but there are bits of many songs we can't identify now because they came from collages created by the late Prof. Chas Smith for his ESO Swamp Radio show. Near the end, Rev. Stang provides a few survival tips for those Left Behind in the coming Rupture. In other words, this show covers a LOT of temporal ground. Recorded June 24, "2012" at WCSB Cleveland.

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Hour of Slack #1366 - Combination of Shows Show #13013

Things are getting so hectic as X-Day closes in that we are using up every last smidgen -- well, almost -- of the various bits and bytes recorded last Winter while Princess Wei and Rev. Stang were visiting our fellow SubGenius Radio Preachers. (Besides, reruns are almost as much trouble as fresh shows.) Guest callers this time include Rev. Phineas Narco and Rev. Michael Peppe, along with Lonesome Cowboy Dave. In-studio hosts and guests include Dr. Philo Drummond. Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Sinister, Dr. Hal and Ministry of Slack (from their podcast, actually). Mister Rogers opens the show.

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Hour of Slack #1365 - Dumbass-Baiting Special: Stang Retires, Legume/Pisces Now In Charge

We had hoped to keep the "Stang Retires, Leaves All to Legume and Pisces" hoax going, but circumstances forced our hands. Oh well, the prank was probably played out anyway. Butthurt and ragequitting happen very quickly on the Internet, especially among saps, chumps, dipshits, the undiscerning, and especially the wishful thinkers. We're sure that this episode, and the transparent hoax from which it sprang, will cause hundreds of dense Bobbies to quit the Church who never joined in the first place, and has lost us many dollars that we never would have seen anyway from the many whining GimmeBobs. Dr. Legume and Priestess Pisces guest with Lonesome Cowboy Dave in mockery of those who fell, EAGERLY, for the latest in a 30-year history of SubGenius Bobbie-Outing pranks. This one was the best yet, judging from what we're hearing from anybody who had enough sense to realize that "Stang retiring" and "Legume as New Fascist Overlord" was an utterly preposterous gag meant to flush out the rats in the Church sewers. It worked perfectly. A big change of pace, and an excellent farewell-to-the-chumps for our X-Day celebrations at Wisteria.

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our of Slack #1364 - Puzzling Evidence Vs. The New Rules, "YBSC," and a Sprained Ankle

With a few fun exceptions by Ministry of Slack, The Swingin' Love Corpses, Popess Lilith, Rev. Cosmik Debris and Rev. Royal deCapitator, this episode is mostly taken from The Puzzling Evidence Show, KPFA-Berkeley, from Feb. 10, Con Year 2012. This show happened to be the first one attended by Rev. Ivan Stang after The Rock That Wants You to Sprain Your Ankle finally caught up with him at Capitola Beach. Host Puzzling Evidence and Dr. Hal, however, themselves fell victim to a plan by Dr. Philo Drummond and his brainwashed captive, Stang -- but mostly Philo -- to force RULES on The Show -- a rather pointless and ridiculous plan, impossible by definition, but a plan nonetheless.

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Hour of Slack #1363 - Live 2012-6-3: Past Vs. Future / Easter Island

Right after a short opening about Recent African Origins by the host of the show before ours at WCSB, Charleston Okafor, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon reveals the meaning of life -- seriously! -- in 2 minutes. That one rant justifies the whole rest of the show. Opening collages are mostly by Rev. Royal de Capitator and Ministry of Slack, with a nice instrumental by The Psycho Skeletons. (The Deadwood soundbites sound a LOT different on the broadcast version, by the way.) The next 46 minutes are live studio yak (Lonesome Cowboy Dave on phone) with a lovely background "rug" (as we sound people call background music) from The Flyin' Ryan Brothers' new album. The conversation rambles all over the place, although the subject of history repeating itself, well, repeats itself in various ways. There's a lot about Early African Origins and recent DNA-related advances in paleoanthropology connecting Neanderthals and Denisovans to modern non-African humans. Stang provides a brief history of Easter Island, which suddenly captured our interest the day before this show. The swiftly increasing superstition and gullibility in mass media and its audience is addressed with disgust disguised as humor. You can find the complete log in the radio page of

New SubG blog by Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Rev. John Shirley

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