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Hour of Slack #1401 - StangDoe on Puzzling Evidence 2-08-2013 Pt. 1 - The Crack In the Hole

End of the reruns! We're leaving the San Francisco Bay area after sitting in on a total of 12 hours of live radio on the Puzzling Evidence show (3 2-hour episodes) and The Ask Dr. Hal Show (2 3-hour episodes). Philo's description of Part 1 of the first of the Puzzling Evidence ones: "The Show regulars are joined by KROB and the STANGS (not a new bandname) in whirlwind food service performance that goes beyond the pail or bucket, as it were. In this Show, Church Secrets, Inside-Jokes, Overly Extended Concepts, Preposterously Loveable Conspiracy Theories, are killed while the callers fight desperately for a word. The Puzzling Evidence Radio Show on KPFA. Like an fine old chum bucket filled with half-baked concepts and sweet pickles in an arresting array of florid putrefication."

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Hour of Slack #1400 - Best of Media Barrage 5 - Rerun of #849

A favorite episode from the old days. Full of the best oldies from the revised Media Barrage #5 classic tape, mixed with startlements and wonderments from many far-flung contributors and "sister" shows -- all new, in 2002, anyway.

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Hour of Slack #1400.5 XXX - Internet-Only Triple-X Special

With this X-Rated Internet-Only episode, which shan't be broadcast on any of our beloved actual radio stations, we finish up the recordings from 15X-Day. Philo Drummond's "Boys Will Be Boys" is the centerpiece, surrounded by songs and anecdotes about Dr. Drummond and his 'Frop. Some music with unsavory lyrics by the X-Day ever-changing jam band (and ECC) spices the show, along with sideshow marvel St. Andrew the Impaled's self-and-others-mutilation patter, and a sick song by Dead Body Sects. We open however with two classic performances from Bro. Cleve "Donut" Dunkan from the 1985 SubG album "Bad Doktors," including The Brag of the SubGenius and SubGenius Alphabet. Thanks also to LeMur, S. Sarcastro and Ministry of Slack for collages.

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Hour of Slack #1399 - Rerun of #824 - A Good All 'Round Old Show

This one features lots of clips from our Media Barrage #5 album from the early 1980s, plus good ESO Radio, "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, and Puzzling Evidence that was current in 2002 and still holds up today despite a slight change in wars. Lymph Node Institute rants, Susie the Floozie collages, Two Beans music blips, a Midnight Voicejail classic ("Chap in the Hood"), and much "miscellaneous" packs the hour. This is from after we started doing the shows digitally (as opposed to on cassette tape) but before the Sacred P.O. Box was relocated to Cleveland.

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Hour of Slack #1397 - Rerun #981 - LeMurianist Peppe-paloozer

I, Stang have been too busy doing almost NOTHING AT ALL (lollygagging on vacation) to even listen to this rerun, so I hope it's a good one. The log indicates that it's at least half collages by LeMur and ranted-word masterpieces by Rev. Michael Peppe, so it probably is. There are evidently also clips from a Stang Starwood sermon, some Radio Synaesthesia excerpts and music by a few mysterious characters, including The Amino Acids crossed with The Swinging Love Corpses. This is mostly from late 2004. But don't count on reruns forever; lots of 2013 shows are in the works. We're just taking our time. "Slack comes first in the life of any Initiate." -- "Bob"

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