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Hour of Slack #1241 - Live Jan. 24 - The Greatest Buzz Possible This episode was broadcast live from WCSB, Cleveland, on Jan. 24, 2010, the 26th anniversary of the first assassination of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs -- an event which is never acknowledged during the show, out of respect. A slew of Lemur cuts and some Local Color presage a mottered-up mess in the WCSB studio with Rev. Stang, Princess Wei, and the unusually powerful buzz of Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Everything important is covered, thoroughly. Less significant matters are merely touched upon, or skirted. Complete impunity is exercised across the board, and The Conspiracy is baldly exposed. DON'T TELL ANYBODY.
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Hour of Slack #1240 - Avatar Meets Puzzling Evidence About half of this episode is yanked from the womb of KPFA-Berkeley, The Puzzling Evidence Show, of January 8, 2010. Puzzling and his guests Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Phineas Narco, Justin Credible and Empress Zoey drag the show across battlefields and through jungles, ever striving to reach "Bob." Or escape him. The movie "Avatar" is discussed. The other half of the show involves music, collages, and music/collages by Rural War Room, Mark Hosler, LeMur, The Psycho Skeletons, Local Color, frequent caller Bernard, Rev. Wilhelm Stahlhelm, and Rev. Outa Spaceman.
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Hour of Slack #1239 -- Live 01-10-10 - "Live Yourself to Death" Is Slack wrong? This and many other subjects of crucial interest to SubGeniuses are covered in this hour by Rev. Stang, Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Includes: Wei retired. Matter over mind. Upcoming SubG events. Take Care of Your Brain. Dr. Legume's heart attacks. Not intelligence but sanity. Internetry. Pump up your sanity. We dropped -- microlife report. Old cave-coders, napping out code with flint. Pappy and links. Monsters hear my prayers. Manswers = Ow My Balls. Underpants bomber. Alex Jones will die with the sheeple. Jealous of Unhappy People - "If only I could get rid of this Slack!" Also: all-new music by Thigmotactic (Negativland), Rural War Room, Gadgetto; new collagist Local Color.
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Hour of Slack #1238 - Rerun of #462 (1994) - Work Hate Rants by Susie, Hal, Stang


Rerun of a classic from December 6, 1994 - Hour of Slack #462. Dr. Hal rants on money management and giant crabs, Rev. Susie the Floozy sermonizes on quitting your job from her show (with a great song by her brother's punk band!), an ancient but lively Starwood Festival sermon by Rev. Stang. Includes an amazing Led Zeppelin medley by The Swinging Love Corpses recorded live at DragonCon.

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