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Hour of Slack #1466 - Are You a Terminator Too?

We couldn't resist comparing classic SubGenius rants with the pompous YouTube rant of spree-shooting Pink Boy Elliot Rodgers. His preaching sucks. Papa Joe Mama's sermon, "Are You a Terminator Too?" was a perfect match. We SubGeniuses will let the aliens or "Bob"," or God, do our dirty work for us, thank you very much. Early in the show is more of Rev. Susie the Floozie's Dobbs-centric collage work and some good old-timey "Bob" hymns. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in the conversation veers all over the place, occasionally returning to the subject of weekly American shooting sprees and conspiracy theories about them. Obama is blamed for pretty much everything. There is a fascinating discussion of Dave's punk youth as well as thrilling details about the old-world ancestries of Dave, Rev. Stang, and iDRMRSR, and the royal treasures they are owed.

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Hour of Slack #1465 - Getting Out of the Hospital with "Bob"

The first third of this episode is Part One of a trippy ALL-"BOB" SPECIAL from Rev. Susie the Floozie's show, "Bob's" Slacktime Fun House, originally broadcast on WREK Atlanta. After that we're live in the WCSB studio. Dave calls in and everything goes to Hell, because the main subject matter ended up being the recent injuries and illnesses that seem lately to have been hitting damn near everyone we know. Perhaps we should announce that listening to The Hour of Slack brings bad luck. On the other hand it might simply be LACK OF FAITH IN "BOB," although we kinda doubt that. Anyway, lucky for us, misery is apparently funny.

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Hour of Slack #1464 - A Pineapple Corer for Your Head

We again harvest the classic rants of Papa Joe Mama and the new album from The Rudy Schwartz Project (of which the outgoing WCSB show host asked, "Is that Zappa?"). We also hear some old ESO Radio from when StangDoe and LCD had younger-sounding voices, and some old Puzzling Evidence. But then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and, well, there's just no way to summarize that conversation. It truly went all the hell over the place.

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Hour of Slack #1463 - Headlines + Rudy Schwartz Project

Apparently one obese phone repair guy with the crack of his ass showing is more powerful than a vast army of vindictive spirit-world prank-callers. (A jealous kook informed us that WCSB's phone problems of last month were caused by his imaginary spirit-buddies' anger at us.) "Don't EVER mess with the blue collar ass crack!!" -- Rev. Heathen. Anyway, we play another great Papa Joe Mama sermon, three more brand new songs from The Rudy Schwartz Project, a little Puzzling Evidence, and then the rest of the show is the Stang-Doe-LCD Jabber Machine. Stang recites many funny headlines off the site, which specializes in gathering examples of poebucker dumbassitude from Christian TV preachers, extremist political "pundits" and other folks wearing Mockery Bull's Eyes on their foreheads. About half of the dumbassery comes from Fox "news" show hosts and panels. We should probably be ashamed of ourselves, because, well, it's TOO EASY. "These gags write themselves." 

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