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Hour of Slack #1375 -- Live Radio at 15X-Day on July 4, "2012" with Dr. Hal, GGG, Pisces

Starts with The Mutant Mountain Boys live at 15X-Day. Another song by them closes this show, which, except for PR Gnus by LeMur, is entirely composed of an Hour of Slack delivered , in the wind, before a live audience of the undead at Wisteria Campground on July 4 during 15X-Day. The panel participants include Dr. Hal, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Priestess Pisces and Rev. Ivan Stang. All possible subject matters are covered thoroughly, then washed and put out to dry, then carefully folded and burned.

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Hour of Slack #1374 -- The Day Before the World Ended

Most of this was actually recorded several days before the world ended, at WCSB Cleveland's Radio Synaesthesia of July 1; the rest was recorded at Wisteria campground on July 4 or else is "new." (Or old Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Philo Drummond.) The new includes the return of the REAL P.R. Gnus by LeMur and a Psycho Skeletons tune, as well as background music by DJ 2Beans. The "live at X-Day" includes two great gospel songs by The Mutant Mountain Boys and a Rev. Angry Larry/Priestess Pisces song-jam, "The Price of Slack." The long stretches of Synesthesia feature Dr. Hal, host Dr. Sinister, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, caller Dr. Zirroneous, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Rev. Ivan Stang. All manner of non-SubGeniusly subjects are discussed, such as the real-life Woman with Two Vaginas as well as the notorious Candiru fish.

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Hour of Slack #1373 -- 15X-Day Rants, Bands & Jams from July 4, "2012"

Night Before X-Day is always fraught with insanity, creativity and also inebriation. This episode is composed primarily of that selfsame totally Dobbs-inspired, trance-spouted ranting, jams and songs, all delivered from the main stage at Wisteria. Ranters, musicians and bullshitters include ancient co-founding Hierarch Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, nerd beauty queen Popess Pantiara Evokavitch, mighty shemergentile Priestess Pisces, driven guitar maestro Rev. Angry Larry of The Amino Acids, evil genius Rev. "Suds" Pshaw, sex goddess Rev. Pockets of Ministry of Slack, wise man/retard Rev. D. Lister, and occasionally the resigned Rev. Stang. Bishop Stick on bass throughout. Dobbs-frying gospel hymns by the devoesque bulldada blueweed band The Mutant Mountain Boys bracket the show. This one is also marked by the return of the authentic PR Gnus by Mr. Fernandinande LeMur, and believe it or not, a brief resurrection at 15X-Day by the late King of Rock and Roll, performing a SubGenius version of the classic song "My Way."

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Hour of Slack #1372 -- July 3 Live Show (Pt. 2) & Ask Dr. Hal from 15X-Day at Wisteria

We are still breaking down recordings from 15 X-Day Drill -- hours and hours of bands, Bobtisms, sermonizing, effigy-burning,etc. This is part two of the first (2-hour) "Live Hour of Slack" recorded at X-Day, before an audience at the Caffeina's café in Wisteria campground -- right after the whole southern half of the state was hit with freak high winds and heat that knocked out the power almost everywhere BUT Wisteria. In fact, about 20 minutes into this show you hear lightning hit maybe 100 yards from where we were gathered. At this July 3 show, the main ranters were Papa Joe Mama, Dr. G Gordon Gordon, Dr. Hal Robins, and yours truly, Rev. Ivan Stang, with help from Priestess Pisces.

NOTE: Facebook shut down our original Slack Hole page because photos of penii had appeared on it (the breasts -- mostly from X-Day photos -- didn't seem to bother any people or robots). So it has been replaced, and in many ways improved (thanks to Rev. Pockets!)

NEW All-Purpose SLACK HOLE 2.0 SubGenius Facebook page

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