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Hour of Slack #1150 -- X-Day is Coming Over and Over and Over An episode devoted entirely to the wonders and promise of X-Day, the annual SubGenius End of the Human World. Excerpts from Puzzling Evidence (KPFA) and John Hell's Pirate Cat show, San Francisco; Rick Barber's KOA-Denver AM talk show; Stang's sermon at Winterstar Symposium, and Radio Synaesthesia (WCSB Cleveland). New songs by The Attery Squash and Doctor Steel. Plan 9 Vs. The Mist.
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Hour of Slack #1149 -- Live 4-13-08 - A Bunch of Nonsex A live broadcast from WCSB Cleveland, in which Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang and Princess Wei attempt to adjust moment-by-moment to the Rural War Room background music. The subject matter is primarily sex, sexual issues, and fluids that issue from "Bob." A rare 1929 SubGenius recording is played. Deluxe extra texture by LeMur, Norel Pref.
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Hour of Slack #1148 - Religion and Rubber Gloves God, Jesus, "Bob," Crowley, Satan, and upcoming events, from Puzzling Evidence (KPFA) and  John Hell's Pirate Cat show, San Francisco, and Stang at Winterstar Symposium. Also: Lemur noises, Noam Chomsky and Norel Pref sounds, climaxing in the next-to-last recording by the late Prof. Chas Smith.
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Hour of Slack #1147 -- Frankencoffee Vs. Frankenjenkem All on the subjects of health, coffee and jenkem, from Puzzling Evidence (KPFA) and  John Hell's Pirate Cat show, San Francisco, and Radio Synesthesia (WCSB Cleveland);  Stang reads from THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS at Winterstar Symposium. Also: dopest and dopiest Lemur noises and Norel Pref sounds.
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