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Hour of Slack #1176 - Rerun of #100 from 1987 - Brother Cleve, Michael Peppe A rerun of the wizened old Hour of Slack #100, an unusually good oldie featuring classic Puzzling Evidence, Michael Peppe's rant called AD, a big ol' mess of Brother Cleve, Swinging Erudites and Iron Liver, our first lady radio preacher Sister Krys, and the UNFINISHED, uncut, temporary soundtrack for the subgenius video, ARISE!
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Hour of Slack #1175 -- Sex Lives of Gorillas and Demons / Music of Bob W. This episode is mostly music, especially the great songs of Bob Walkenhorst, and also new songs by Rev. Robin Renee and Rev. Max Slack. Sex and love among the gorillas and demons is the "theme;" Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang read the confessions of the audience at 11X-Day. Robert Anton Wilson spouts on conspiracies in government, and fresh collage from Norel Pref and Fernandinande LeMur dress the stage
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Hour of Slack #1174 -- The Eco-Econocataclysm The week we were producing this show, the stock market plunged about 10,000 points. We danced in the streets and spent money like it was going out of style. (Evidently it is.) Includes a brand new Bleepo mix, news songs by The Psycho Skeletons and Rev. Max Slack, and a recording of Senator John McTaint's appearance on the Ask Dr. Hal show in Berkeley, with his wife Sindy. Also, much Radio Synaesthesia and 11X-Day live show clips with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozy, Priestess Pisces, Rev. Stang. AND all the great Lemur and Preffish collages.
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Hour of Slack #1173 - DEVOtional 2008 - DEVO & "Bob" Music and rants recorded at DEVOtional 2007 and 2008, and Mongoloidapalooza '07, are interspersed with truly amazing covers of classic DEVO songs taken from the annual compilation, "Not Necessarily Beautiful but Mutated." The close relationship of DEVO and The Church of the SubGenius becomes all too hideously clear. Also includes original songs by The Attery Squash and The Mutant Mountain Boys. Photos and video of these events can be seen at:
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Hour of Slack #1172 -- Sick Little Hitlers Live at The Haunted Radio Station Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei and Rev. Ivan Stang pollute the clean air of Cleveland from the WCSB studio. New music by Rev. Max Slack as well as Bob Walkenhorst, a ton of old Einstein's Secret Orchestra, a Phineas Narco mash-up starring Hitler, and the soaring arfulness of Fernandinande LeMur's sound-chopper add their own special taints.
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